Investment in Dubai’s Healthcare Industry sees Positivism

Investment in Dubai’s Healthcare Industry sees Positivism

by Zaara 06, Apr 2020

With all the world-class talent flowing in for the Expo 2020, and so many opportunities for businesses to get involved and engaged with delegates from all over the world, the industries in Dubai are growing rapidly, alongside the infrastructure to support these strongly founded frameworks.

There is no doubting the fact that Dubai has a massive inflow of tourists and people coming from all around the world, and it is a boon to the locals of Dubai and the ones setting up a business here to get the international exposure of clients and customers and to be able to boost their business.

Business Ideas To Start In Dubai

The tax-free nature of business in Dubai is a massive advantage for prospects who seek to set up a business in Dubai. The policies set up by the government are forward-thinking and progressive. The process for setting up a business is straightforward and easy to keep track of. Keeping the benefits in mind, some industries are considered to have the upper hand than the others, and establishing a business in any one of these, or more, might as well be an intelligent Investment.

1. Construction

Dubai is a well-known giant when it comes to Skyscrapers and innovative buildings. With each passing day, new structures and buildings stand tall in Dubai, as of now they are about to launch the tallest residential building, just 100 meters short of the tallest building in the world, making it the 4th tallest building in the world.

It is projects like these that Dubai takes up, which opens huge opportunities for people in the construction business as they get some valuable portfolio and insight.

2. Food

More than 70 per cent of the food imports of UAE is handled by Dubai alone. It re-exports these items to more than 160 countries. Dubai is also very innovative in the agriculture sector, producing their food for export and trading within the UAE. Dubai has also seen a lot of increase in business coming up with their unique food items, belonging to different countries or Dubai’s cuisine itself.

3. Financial Services

Many large scale businesses operate in Dubai, which creates the requirement for services like receptionist, Bookkeepers and accountants. A company that outsources people with these financial capabilities that are required by other companies are something that can fulfil a requirement.

4. Transport

Opportunities in Dubai for the transport sector is enormous, and there is an ever-high demand for transportation services. There are many options for investors to start a trans-city transport services company or a local taxi service.

5. Healthcare

The people in the UAE are health-conscious, like in other developed countries. The demand for professional healthcare services and facilities has increased because of its trend. The UAE is an excellent location if you want to establish a healthcare business.

6. Security

Individuals and businesses aren’t taking chances with their assets. There are fewer security concerns in the UAE compared to other developed countries. This has resulted in the increased demand for security devices as well as security guards.

7. Tourism

One of the most preferred vacation destinations in Dubai. Hence, there are many five-star hotels in the city. Several thousands of visitors are welcomed and hosted by the UAE every year, which opens vast opportunities for businesses that cater to tourists in one way or another.

8. Jewellery

The “Mecca of Gold” and “Dubai Diamonds” are famous throughout the world. You can plan to set up a jewellery shop either as a jewellery maker, jewellery merchant or bead maker.

9. Business Franchise

A new concept in Dubai, is working well for some years now due to a huge expat population as well as mixed preferences for the people living here. The food industry is one of the fastest-growing sectors in Dubai. You can get a business franchise in the fast-food industry.

10. Multi-Level Marketing

The opportunity for this segment is unlimited once you acquire the approval of your business. The concept of multi-level marketing is of network marketing, pyramid selling and all the marketing strategies that are involved for the sale of products or services.

Start A Business In Dubai - Important Facts You Must Know

If starting a business in Dubai can be considered a very lucrative and rewarding, it is also a risky venture if you are a foreign investor. You would need a citizen to partner within Dubai before you can be allowed to float a company being a foreign investor.

You must ensure that you play by the books if you intend to start your business in Dubai, else you will lose your investment. Follow these simple steps if you want to start your business in Dubai:

  1. Conduct Market Research and Studies
  2. Write Your Business Plan
  3. Seek Assistance from Local Business Partners
  4. Affirm Your Financial Commitment
  5. Leverage Free Zones
  6. Register Your Business
  7. Promote Your Business
  8. Network With People

Operating business in Dubai would be one of the greatest achievements you may have attained when you consult a management company who can guide you step by step with the procedure. Commitbiz Management Consultants is one of the great companies who have helped many of the citizens in setting up a business in Dubai. We have professionals who are highly experienced in the domain and would be happy to assist you. Contact us today to avail our exceptional and quality services.

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