Set Up an Internet Consultancy Business in Dubai

by Zaara 30, Jun 2021

The growth of various industries has led to many international investors coming to the UAE. The Internet consulting business is among such thriving sectors. Moreover, since Dubai is a primary center for tech start-ups, the Internet consulting sector is becoming one of the Middle East's most crucial development businesses.

It is promoted by the government of Dubai to streamline the emphasis on a technology-oriented lifestyle, where creativity churns Dubai to its best path. Continue reading to learn more about the setup of an Internet Consultancy Business in Dubai;

Start a Company in Dubai - Advantages of Setting Up an Internet Consultancy

Read the below information that says about the benefits of doing an Internet consultancy business setup in Dubai;

Dubai gives you options to do a company formation, such as;

Mainland Company Formation 

Freezone Company Formation 

You can do business anywhere in the UAE.

100% ownership (conditions apply*)

Tax Exemptions like nowhere

No personal or corporate tax.

100% ownership

100% repatriation

Dubai government has launched freezones completely dedicated to IT sectors, such as Dubai Media City (DMC), Dubai Silicon Oasis, and Dubai Internet City (DIC).

One of the major benefits is the quick and easy company setup in Dubai. Everything from the application process to the company incorporation is so easy comparatively, and to make it easier, here is Commitbiz to help you through the process. With us, you can get your consultancy license just in 2 working days.

Dubai’s modern and high-tech infrastructures enable companies to store their data in the cloud, which saves their storage capacity. This gives restricted access to your business, and you can work remotely from anywhere in the world.

Starting an internet business in a land where you have all the high technologies it will be easy for small businesses to grow and understand the market. The can move fast in initiating their business.

The developed technologies allow companies to communicate and lead the team better. Software used to communicate better will also improve the quality of remote working space.  

Technology development helps you to improve the revenue of your business. For instance, e-commerce has taken up the upper hand in the online market, and SEO and PPC are playing the role of support systems.

The increased number of tools will help you maintain your website designs whenever they must be changed or corrected.

How to Start an Internet Consultancy - Set Up a Business in Dubai

The below points explain the requirements to start an internet consultancy  and obtain your business license in Dubai

Step 1 - Decide the location of the company. Choose your jurisdiction wisely, depending on your business needs.

Step 2 - Choose the business type and structure.

Step 3 - Finish the registration process with the relevant authority. If it's mainland, get it registered with DED, and if it is freezone, get it registered with that particular freezone authority.

Step 4 - Final step is getting your license. After finishing all the required formalities, the relevant authority will issue you the license.

Step 5 - To start an Internet consultancy in Dubai, you need to have the following documents;

  • Passport of all the shareholder
  • Entry stamp in UAE Visa
  • The local service agent details and their neutralization book.
  • NOC from all the shareholders
  • The partnership agreement was duly signed in front of the notary.

End Note - Start a Company in Dubai with Us

There are various reasons to open an Internet consultancy in Dubai; even after, do you still feel the business setup in Dubai process is hectic? If the answer is yes, then hold hands with experts. Contact Commitbiz and take a back seat to watch us work for you. Your job is just to provide us with the required documentation.