Insights on Small Business Setup in Qatar

by Vidhya Sethuraman 30, Nov 2022

Every entrepreneur is constantly searching to set up a business or expand their horizon. If you are one of them and want to keep your hands on a new project, then a small business setup in Qatar is hands down the best option.

If you ask why Qatar, I would ask why not? With the constantly boosting economy, investor-friendly laws, and a huge ex-pat population that paves the way to many opportunities, Qatar's business setup stands more profitable.

The Best Cities to Start Small Business in Qatar

The nation in itself is suitable for business setup. However, let us see some of the best cities that are more beneficial to start small business in Qatar

  • Abu Thaylah.
  • Doha
  • Al Arish
  • Ad Dawhah al Jadidah
  • Abu az Zuluf

Benefits of Starting a Qatar Small Business

Qatar helps entrepreneurs in many ways. Company formation in Qatar free zone or otherwise offers a lot of benefits.

Benefits of the free zone include,

  • Economic and pollical stability
  • Developed infrastructure and supportive law
  • Educative workforce
  • Full foreign ownership of shares
  • No restrictions on foreign currency
  • No income tax, corporate tax, foreign trade taxes, and many more

The makes-free zone is the most sought-after location for business. Qatar Science and Technology Park allows businesses like manufacturing, education, technological development, etc., and Qatar Financial Centre allows banking, Finances, Brokerage, etc., a location of choice for most entrepreneurs looking to launch a business in Qatar. Technology, logistics, maritime, manufacturing, and even petrochemical companies are located in this area.

Documents Required to Start a Small Scale business-Qatar

Qatar's small-scale business requires the below-mentioned documents. They are.

  • Commercial Registration
  • Tax card
  • Trade license
  • Computer Card

Some of the Top Small Business Ideas in Qatar

Let us see some of the profitable small business ideas in Qatar

Home Delivery – One of the top Small Scale Business Ideas in Qatar

Home delivery is gaining popularity worldwide because of its nature to save time, effort, and money. People worldwide and in Qatar have busy lives, and starting a home delivery business can be very apt to the current scenario. It can also be done cost-effectively, which is a boon to someone looking for small-scale business ideas in Qatar.

Want to Start the Best Small Business in Qatar? Go for Service-based Businesses

There is nothing that is not on the internet. Everybody relies on the internet for everything, including home errands and other services. Instead of going for different vendors for each of their needs, if people find everything under one roof, that will be a sure shot hit. One such best small business in Qatar is starting a one-stop-shop home service app.

If plumbers, carpenters, electricians, painters, and cleaners were being harnessed under one umbrella, the public would not have to look for other vendors.

Food Business

There is nobody on earth who would hate food. It is one of the necessities for living, and everywhere around the world people want to try different foods every other day. To capitalize on this would be the best decision. Especially in a country like Qatar, with a huge ex-pat population, there is a huge opportunity to experiment in the food industry.

Event Management

There is a huge scope for event business in Qatar. Qatar aims to transform the country into an advanced society and gives opportunities to every venture. Starting a company that can support all events starting, from small to huge corporate events, can be more profitable.


What is the Required Minimum Capital to Start a Business in Qatar?

In Qatar, a minimum of QAR 200,000 is needed to start a business.

Where to register my small business in Qatar?

Register it with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOCI).

Is running a home company legal in Qatar?

Yes, it is legal.

Is Qatar beneficial for small-scale businesses?

Yes, Qatar with its growing economy and friendly laws supports small businesses

What are the documents required to start a small-scale business in Qatar?

Qatar’s small-scale business requires the below-mentioned documents. They are.

  • Commercial Registration
  • Tax card
  • Trade license
  • Computer Card