Innovation Arabia 2019 Annual Conference

by Zaara 08, Oct 2021

Innovation Arabia, the annual science and professional growth forum, is an outstanding demonstration of the University's desire to generate and exchange research, joint projects, best practises and success stories on four key areas: Quality and Business Management, Smart Learning, Health and Environment, and Artificial Intelligence.

The conference will also provide an analysis of research ideas for funding purposes. Alongside the summit, an exhibition will give the government and private organisations the ability to discuss connexions with universities and key organisations around the four critical segments outlined at the conference.

Innovation Arabia 19 will host a scientific conference and industry exhibition, including oral lectures by researchers and professionals on key topics in the fields of Quality & Market Administration, Smart Learning, Health and Climate and Artificial Intelligence.

The Innovation Arabia 19 exhibition provides another unique platform for government and private companies to congregate and discuss the ties between the university and business with key institutions.

In 2019, the conference theme was “Building Smart Communities: Balancing Innovation, Change and Transformation”.

Innovation Arabia 19 will consist of the following four tracks:

  • Quality & Business Management
  • Health & Environment
  • Smart Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence

Innovation Arabia 19 's unique forum to share leading ideas, address problems and seek strategies for the growth of sustainable economies in the Arab world through innovation.

More than that, it will allow researchers to foster collaboration that will lead to research and project funding. This sort of opportunity is closely associated with the HBMSU plan and the goals of rising and disseminating information in critical areas such as Quality & Market Management, Smart Learning, Health & Climate and Artificial Intelligence.

Innovation Arabia Features

1. Innovation Arabia Video Series

Special monthly video episodes shared by business experts worldwide to offer perspectives & expert opinions on exciting and challenging event areas for discussion

2. Virtual Conference on Exhibition

It explores the rise in this 'virtual economy of experience' and how this can allow a lasting change in market tastes and demands right after a pandemic. Not only has this driven more customers to go online, but we also expect to see an overall boom in the Experience Market – where experience will become the primary economic offering that people want.

3. U-Start Competition

U-START Competition is a national competition for new ideas and start-ups by the university and school students. The game invites student entrepreneurs with either a creative concept or a business startup/prototype to submit it to a jury of judges. It is a significant opportunity for students to compare their talents against those of their peers, socialise, gain valuable experience, win awards, and be open to the industry and future customers and company owners.

4. School Competition

It is a competition that helps the students to test their talents against peers, socialise, gain valuable exposure, win awards, and be open to the market and future customers and business owners.

Innovation Arabia helps address core issues and examines the immense capacity of Arab countries to increase the speed of socio-economic growth and progress. The conference also helps spread the culture of innovation around the world.

Innovation Arabia 14 will consist of the following five Subthemes:

  1. Crisis Management and Business Continuity
  2. Smart Future Enablers
  3. Learning for a Better Life
  4. Social Innovation Systems
  5. Virtual Experience Economy

1. Crisis Management and Business Continuity

The crisis is an occurrence that may arise in the future of an entity, whether expected or not and may lead to an adverse situation. This occurrence can take place at a small level, such as individuals and remote communities, or an intermediate level, such as cities and nations. In such cases, the situation could be at a higher degree, such as a regional or global level.

The current scenario as a result of the COVID19 Pandemic is a dramatic example of the worldwide crisis. The effect of any situation may include but is not limited to, economic impacts, geopolitical impacts, environmental impacts and health impacts. It’s less predictability of the case, the greater the magnitude of the effects.

Innovation Arabia 14 is an ideal place for researchers, experts and students to consult and explore the potential solution to applying corporate continuity and crisis management principles. Small and medium-sized firms are more susceptible to changes in diverse global market environments. Proper preparation and execution of business continuity will allow these organisations to be more robust by taking a versatile approach to coping with various unexpected circumstances.

2. Smart Future Enabler

The term "smart" can imply diverse perspectives and can be used to express many different situations depending on the meaning. It can mean productivity, technology, precision, pleasure. The strategy includes many projects which have been initiated since the start of the smart city strategy, such as the upgrade of municipal facilities to smart, free WiFi in public places, one-stop government service centres, smart parking, live traffic control.

The design of the smart future is done through several cascaded practises, such as stylish living, smart mobility, smart governance, smart people and the intelligent economy. The transition into a smart future is a must for any city wanting global attention to attract industry, tourism and investment. This transition into an intelligent lot includes the incorporation of state-of-the-art information and communication technology infrastructures in the sectors of artificial intelligence, big data processing and cloud computing and sensor networks.

Smart tools can be extended to promote the quality of life of people and stimulate the success of companies. Adopting the future of a smart future idea has several positive implications, such as making the experience more effective, reducing the ecological footprint, and mitigating the adverse environmental effects on the services available that can drive economic development in the city.

In the field of education, schooling can be successful when students save a lot of time by switching to school and attending school only when they need to do so. In essence, it would reduce the overload of existing health centres and hospitals by growing remote healthcare provision.

We need to be prepared for this shift, one of the drivers of a smart future is to be ready against potential adverse effects such as lack of privacy and data protection, lack of mobility and related illnesses, lack of social contact between people. Intelligent prospective enablers should also consider the prospect of mitigating potential adverse effects to ensure a seamless transition.

3. Learning for a Better Life

Learning is a lifelong journey. With the ever-fast emerging world, the skills required and learned along the way are continually evolving. We are continuously improving, whether through the development of hard skills such as specialised technical or academic expertise and preparation or the result of soft skills such as leadership, collaboration, the management or problem-solving. Learning for a better life requires the development of a diversity of skills to improve our expertise and contribute to our society. Learning for a better life often requires learning to adapt to transition and technological developments.

4. Social Innovation System

This track covers the idea of the social innovation mechanism as a relation between the growth, distribution and use of innovation on social problems or needs. The way seeks to solve social challenges by promoting inclusiveness and creativity in society. Design is central and vital to the settlement of today's social problems – solidarity, prosperity and poverty. The use of social innovation is essential to overcoming these problems. All use the perspective of invention, innovation for society or design for the company, summed up as social innovation. In this track, you will be motivated to get out of your comfort zone and begin to engage with the diverse spaces around you.

5. Virtual Experiencing Economy

As people around the world are practising social distances, with significant cancellation of activities, entertainment, and the closing of stores, customers have switched to online entertainment and past time when they sit at home. It has expanded the appetite for and supply of virtual activities and materials, such as live streams, online courses, Netflix series, virtual museum tours, and more.

This track discusses the increase in this 'virtual economy of experience' and how it can allow a lasting change in market tastes and demands right after a pandemic. Not only has this driven more customers to go online, but we also expect to see an overall boom in the Experience Market – where experience will become the primary economic offering that people want.

Innovation Arabia 19 to highlight the innovation platforms and to help respond to the challenges facing universities, business and government organisations.

The global Coronavirus pandemic has hugely influenced the environment of work. Threats to public health, economic and social upheavals endangered the livelihoods and long-term well-being of millions of people. Governments, employers and staff have played a crucial role in fighting the pandemic by ensuring the welfare of people and the continuity of industries and employment.

Innovation Arabia 19 will provide a forum for passionate communities pursuing a new level of innovation success. They will be able to determine the effect of innovation on organisations and draw up a roadmap for the potential demands of new generations.

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