Industries To Invest in Qatar - 2024

by Zaara 31, Oct 2023

Qatar's economy is flourishing, and the country has enormous possibilities for investors. After the end of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, experts remarked that there is enormous business potential for both local and foreign enterprises. If you want to invest in Qatar, this is  the right time.

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Why Invest in Qatar?

Qatar has established itself as one of the most favourable locations for entrepreneurs wanting to invest and make a name for themself . Supported by their strong legal system and business compatible legislative framework, Qatar caters to corporate growth. 

For better understanding, here are a few important reasons to invest in Qatar.

  • Qatar has expanded to several business sectors like agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, education, health care, information technology, consultation services and many more.
  • The nation has improved the investment climate by implementing numerous large projects demonstrating the importance of public-private partnerships.
  • They offer very attractive financial incentives 
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Different Industries in Qatar to Invest

Qatar helps the joint venture participation on a larger scale by providing latest technologies,,huge number of investment options, large varieties of industries in Qatar to invest in and lastly their business friendly policies. 

Now that we have elaborated on the various factors that make business setup in Qatar so important. It is key to know the different industries where we can enter an investment with. Here is a list of various industries in Qatar where you can invest. 

  • Tourism. 
  • Education.
  • Agriculture.
  • Health care.
  • Manufacturing
  • Consultation services.
  • Information technology (IT).
  • Development of natural resources.
  • Other sports, culture, leisure, and distribution-related services.
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Perks Of Business Investment in Qatar

Listed below are the benefits of having business investment opportunity in Qatar

  1. For up to ten years, non-Qatari investors are excused from paying income tax.
  2. Importing relevant machinery and equipment may be excluded from customs for investors outside Qatar.
  3. A land parcel may be allotted for a foreign investment project through a long-term renewable rental agreement that lasts no longer than 50 years.
  4. Customs taxes on importing raw materials or partially finished goods required for manufacturing but not readily available on the local market may not apply to non-Qatari investors in the industrial sector.
  5. Part ownership in a public shareholder company in Qatar.
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Why Qatar Investment is Best for Expats?

Due to Qatar's new foreign investment rule, non-residents can now hold 100% of a business, Business opportunities in qatar exceedingly profitable. Qatar is open to foreign investors as part of the Qatar National Vision 2030 and is one of the world's freest economies.

A few areas of banking, insurance, security, and commercial agency activities are exceptions. Although the incentives offered to non-resident investors are not detailed in the new foreign investment law, we know that it is now simpler for non-residents to invest in Qatar.

The expats are allowed to invest once they have filed the necessary documents to the concerned departments. Which will usually take 10 - 15 days. The Ministry of Economy (MOEC) official website contains helpful information if you intend to launch a business in Qatar. However, many choose a consulting company that can provide them with end-to-end assistance. This is where Commitbiz comes into the picture. 

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Why Choose Commitbiz for your Qatar Investment

It's fascinating to invest in Qatar. However, you must first assess the advantages and hazards and do your research. At Commitbiz we have a team of experts who are well versed in this field and will be able to guide you through the whole process. We are a one-stop solution that can help you avoid this complexity. For more info feel free to Contact us 



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Which industry in Qatar is most significant for business?

Qatar is a wealthy city, and its GDP growth rate is accelerating quickly. As a result, it opens up many chances for beginning a financial services company.

Which industry is flourishing in Qatar?

The manufacturing sector is one of the biggest contributors to Qatar's economy outside the oil and gas industry.

Why is Qatar one of the wealthiest countries?

Qatar's current intentions to increase its liquified natural gas (LNG) output as part of the North Field development project are a significant component in the country's planned GDP growth.

Is Qatar a favourable location for business investments?

There are great business opportunities for everyone in Qatar; thus, it is a favourable location for investors.