Incorporation of Event Management Company in the UAE

by Zaara 18, Feb 2019


Event management is one of the growing business that stands on the pillars of creativity and celebration. While organising large-scale events like conferences, functions, formal parties, weddings etc. event management plays a vital role in the application of project management skills. Over time, the concept of event management businesses has been adopted by business investors and entrepreneurs at an international level. When it comes to the United Arab Emirates, it serves to be one of the highlighted destinations. Events like Expo 2020UAE Innovation, are one of the eye-catching attractions that grab the attention of the international audience. Incorporating a business in UAE, and collaborating with such projects opens a new path for an event-management company. Some of the core service areas are:

  • Organising Corporate Events
  • Activities related to Brand Activation
  • Working with Public Events
  • Entertainment
  • Corporate Conferences
  • Weddings etc.

Now, while working with clients, an event management company generally follows a series of steps that starts from:

Event Management Company

How to Set Up Event Management Company in the UAE?

Now, the process of setting up an event management company is straightforward. To incorporate a company, you can choose mainlandfree zone, or an offshore. The Emirates have got flexible options in each region. Click business setup in UAE  to get the complete information regarding the set-up process. Once you have incorporated, certain essentials are to be taken care of like:

1.Obtaining Event Management License

Obtaining a management license is one of the initial steps that you need to focus on after dealing with the registration process. Free zone companies need to get permits whereas mainland companies need to apply to the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM)

2.Office Space Requirements

Once you are done with the company registration process, you need to fix the office space. If you set up the business in a free zone, you don’t need to. However, to incorporate in the mainland and on-shore, you need to have an office.

3.Open a Corporate Bank Account

Opening a corporate bank account serves to be one of the most essential functions of a company. You need to open a bank account with one of the Arab Bank.

4.Opt for Visa Options

Now, as the company grows and if you want to hire international employees, you need to opt for an employment visa. Apart from that, you need to apply for visa services to get the same for your dependents.

We can say that starting an event management company in UAE turns out to be beneficial. Corporate entities seek out for partners who can handle their events in a hassle-free way through smooth execution and creative ideas. Now, let’s have a look at the upcoming events in UAE which can give you a better platform to indulge in different activities.

Upcoming Events in the UAE

Some of the forthcoming events in the UAE are:


The World’s Largest Food and Beverages Trade Show

2.Middle East Electricity Exhibition and Conference

Leading International Trade for the Power Industry

3.National Career Exhibition

Event specialised for UAE Banking and Finance Sector


An organised event that brings people together to share a Ted-like experience


One of the largest tech festival in the GCC region

Managing such events gives great exposure to an event-management start-up or even a well-established company. If you are looking forward to set up your own event-management company, then we at Commitbiz can help you in the establishment process. To have a word, do contact us today-we’d be glad to assist.


What are the benefits of incorporating events companies in UAE?

  • Visa options that are flexible
  • Demands for office space
  • Shareholders from different companies
  • Dependents of Sponsor
  • Setup is affordable.
  • Opening a business bank account is quick and straightforward.

What are the documents required for opening events companies in UAE?

  • Passport of the business owner and other partners
  • Photograph
  • Three trade name alternatives
  • Office Ferrari for Mainland licensing
  • Authorization letter of the current sponsor.

What are the benefits of opening events management companies in the UAE Mainland?

  • One time license renewal from the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM)
  • One can hold events anywhere in the UAE. 

How much time does it take to get an online license for an event company in UAE?

Less than 20 minutes.

Which activities are not permitted?

  • Performing any civil or construction work (e.g. building stages, scaffolding, exhibition stands, or extra construction work).
  • Buying and selling activities.
  • Training Exercises
  • Activities of a Talent Agency
  • Management of the venue.
  • Establish and support events that do not have the necessary approvals.