Importance of Online Media for Start-ups

by Zaara 30, Jul 2020

Venturing into the zone of entrepreneurship and starting a new business has always been a pre-determined goal for many aspiring entrepreneurs. To set up new business in the UAE and operate, it takes an immense amount of dedication; now collaborate that with a mixture of hard work and smart work in the right proportions and few years down the line, Voila, you have a sustainable company up and running. But catering to a consumer market and negotiating uptight deals with clients and investors is an easier said than done scenario. This is where the mammoth potential of online media comes into the picture. Gone are the days when market exposure and attention was gained through restricted means of print media and word of mouth campaigns.

Importance of Online Media for Start-ups

In today’s world, start-up firms can cater to either vast markets or niche targets based on how the firm’s marketing officials focus their online campaigns through content marketing as well as digital promotions. UAE is a showcase for a progressive business industry where using the right marketing strategies in locations like Dubai can gain the attention of valuable customers.  The knowledge vertical in the field of online media is never fulfilled when it comes to harnessing the medium for growing a business. Often questions regarding the direction of the business, the market's reaction, and the future of the company remain in a business owner's deep thoughts lingering like intriguing doubts, which can only be clarified as time progresses and as the business gains stability. Therefore, not only is it essential to clarify any doubts concerning the process of business setup in UAE but also to ensure that the information being gained is from an accurate source such as a professional consultant/consultancy specializing in the field.

Using the various methods of online media can help the firm in the following ways –

  • Gain consumer attention on a day-to-day basis as well as during peak sales season.
  • Helps to create brand identity in the online community.
  • Helps market special offers and deals during festive seasons.
  • Creates a platform to offer premium content based on subscription to regular consumers.
  • Multiple online payment options allow businesses to trade and transact not just on E-commerce websites but also on social media platforms as well as independent website/portal.
  • Strengthen the brand identity of the start-up firm by running interactive media campaigns attracting new customers.

Marketing using Online Media

1. Social Media Marketing -

Social media marketing involves connecting with customers on social media platforms where the scope for popularity and developing a fanbase is more. Almost all companies have social media handles where they advertise their campaigns and try to gain followers. Still, the variety and creativity of their campaigns determine who will be the game-changer in the market. The most popular social media marketing platforms are – Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and various indigenous platforms that are unique to certain countries.

2. Media Content Broadcasting -

Brand managers put in maximum efforts towards creating media content such as advertisements but later end up spending an excess of capital on vague media broadcasting, which yields fewer results in terms of converted customers. Therefore, companies need to allocate their financial resources in various channels with cost-efficient strategies to target the specific clients under focus. The multiple pathways that companies can use to allocate their advertisements and media content are –

  • Broadcast during significant viewership timings on online streaming platforms.
  • YouTube advertisements on prominent channels which relate to the target market. YouTube also provides the feature of paid or featured ads.
  • Instagram TV to feature short clippings to targeted consumers.
  • Facebook Videos to reach out to vast consumers.
  • Audio or Video podcasts are used for promoting and advertising the product through digital influencers on popular platforms like Twitch.

3. Influencer and Brand Ambassador Marketing -

Influencers are temporary ambassadors of a company on digital platforms where their popularity is prominent. Influencers are famous and young individuals on specific digital platforms that have a massive fan following either through their attractive appearances or specific talents that they portray to their audiences. Influencers are paid based on the number of promotions they conduct for a product or service or brand; therefore, they are not permanent brand ambassadors of a company.

Brand Ambassadors are long term representatives of a business that sign contracts with a company to stay exclusive to the company's brand for a specific time. Within this period, brand ambassadors like celebrities, renowned athletes and famous artists are expected to –

  • Appear in the brand’s advertisements online.
  • Promote the product on their personal social media handles.
  • Use the product or service to create a likeness among the customer base to accept the same.
  • Use merchandise with the brand's name on it when posting pictures online.

4. Digital Marketing -

Digital marketing includes harnessing digital exposure tools to create awareness for a company and ensure brand management for a company. The objective behind this is to increase viewership or traffic on the company website and online platforms to display product portfolio and influence buying decisions for the products and services. The various digital marketing strategies that consultants advise companies to follow are –

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay – per – click advertisements
  • Organic Search Rankings
  • Website Interlinking
  • Advertising on a relevant website’s inventory spaces.
  • Affiliate marketing by uploading website links on popular website directories.

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