Importance of Business Trademark Registration

by Zaara 04, Sep 2019

The moment a business ends up earning profit in the market, the amount of competition in the same business domain increases to a great extent giving birth to competitive rivals. To excel in the business, many at times fake products are built to divert the ultimate customers. Numerous strategies get built which affects the business organization who owns the original product. This complexity gave rise to trademark registration, which is a sure way to protect the goods and services a company holds in its basket. If you stand as a business owner or planning to set up a business in Dubai, then trademark registration is a must.

This guide will highlight the importance of the trademark registration, which will help you to protect your business. Let’s proceed.

Trade Mark Registration in Dubai

The Government of UAE is keen on inviting foreign investors who is keen to come forward and set up their business in UAE. Along with the company registration process, trademark registration has turned up to be a necessity, which companies are expected to follow. The Ministry of Economy turns up as the governing authority who issues the approval within a period of thirty days. Availing this intellectual property service will help your business to earn numerous benefits.

Why Trademark Registration is Important for Business?

To get better clarity, have a look at the following points to understand why trademark registration is essential for your business.

1.Exclusive Rights

Business entities required trademark registration to hold exclusive rights on the goods and services provided by time. The right possessed by them also help to sue for infringement in case of unauthorized use.


Once you get the trademark of your business registered, it can be licensed quickly. The issue of the business license in Dubai gets recorded in the trademark register, which gives legal authority to the business entities to institute the business operations successfully.

3.Helps in Expansion

Holding trademark registration paves out a way for business entities to expand their horizon. Be it a national or international expansion, and it gives weightage to the business entity. Moreover, it establishes a sense of confidence in the minds of shareholders.

4.Creates a Wall of Difference

Trademark registration allows you to create a wall between you and your competitors. Apart from this, it also helps you to keep an eye on the competitors’ goods and services and innovate new things.

5.Brand Control

Holding control over the goods and services provided by an organization turns out to be essential, and trademark registration gives you the right of holding the same on your company’s goods and services.

6.Increases the Sale Price

As stated, the inclusion of the trademark adds value to your business; it turns out to be beneficial in the case of company liquidation. The sale price turns out to be higher, ultimately building a space for profit.

7.Usage of ®

The symbol ® specifies “Registered”, and by adding this symbol to your company increases the value of your company.

Benefits of Outsourcing the Trademark Services to Experts

Specific benefits of outsourcing the trademark services to IP experts are stated below.

1.Information Regarding Market Insights

Professionals do come across multiple clients, dealing with different legal tasks. Their profession teaches them a lot more regarding the business scenario prevailing outside, and this helps turns out to be helpful for the clients as the market insights can be known easily.

2.Easy IP Registration Process

Submitting the necessary documents is not the only way to register a trademark. There are numerous steps like gathering approvals from the required Government Authorities, and legal experts get the required essential done in an easy way.

3.Legal Proceedings are Taken Care

The moment your handover the legal part of your company, it gets treated professionally. Legal consultants do have an extensive network of connections, which stands to be a plus-point to carry out the process in a faster way.

Protecting the company creations turns out to be a vital step for a business to meet the competitive edge. However, while dealing with the process, it needs to be kept in mind that there exists a considerable involvement of the legal proceedings which needs to be done carefully and in a hassle-free manner. A minor error might lead to the cancellation of the trademark registration process. The smart way that business owners and investors follow is to have a word with accounting and legal consultants and initiate the process. At Commitbiz Consultants, we help our business clients to protect their business assets and deal with the process in a hassle-free way. To have a word with our legal experts, do contact us today-we’d be glad to assist.