How You Can Set Up Your Company in Dubai Creative Clusters Authority

by Zaara 15, Aug 2018

Dubai Creative Clusters Authority

Creativity is an inevitable tool to succeed in today’s competitive world. We can see that numerous jobs have been replaced by automation. Industries in every corner use automation to ease their business processes. On the other hand, creativity is irreplaceable. It’s a thought that persists in the human mind and it's a continuous series depending upon the thought process. The city of gold, Dubai is continuously working towards molding itself as the hub of creativity. It encourages creative industries and promotes them to incorporate a company in Dubai.

Dubai Creative Clusters Authority (DCCA)

To foster the growth and development of creative industries, the ruler of Dubai initiated the process of establishing DCCA in 2014. The authority is meant for a purpose of developing and encouraging the creative industries and to promote Dubai as one of the world’s largest platform for creativity. It builds a framework that collates private companies, government, international partners, and citizens to attain its goal. It also joins hands with Dubai Technology and Media Free Zone Authority.

Strategic Objectives of DCCA

Setting up a business in Dubai would help the city to grow in various domains. The Authority has got certain objectives that stress building Dubai as a creative hub. Let’s have a look at these:

  1. Provide a world-class infrastructure for the ease of doing business
  2. Maintain friendly business relations that help to grow internationally
  3. Stretch the talent and skill pool to fetch in fresh talent
  4. Foster entrepreneurship and SME’s to encourage new ideas
  5. Provide a dynamic industry ecosystem that matches the industry needs
  6. Deliver high-quality research and industry insights
  7. Optimization of organizational effectiveness
  8. Invest in people as they are the assets of the organization

Business Opportunities in DCCA

DCCA is a collation of 9 clusters targeting 7 industries, and it operates under the Free Zone of Dubai. The Authority provides a platform for multiple businesses to establish their business foundation in Dubai. DCCA is a home to various industries dealing with creativity. Let’s have a look at these industries and their suitable platforms to carry out business activities.



Media and Entertainment

Dubai Media City, Dubai Production City, Dubai Studio City

Information and Technology

Dubai Internet City


Dubai Outsource City

Higher Education

Dubai International Academic City

Human Capital Development

Dubai Knowledge Park

Life Sciences

Dubai Science Park


Dubai Design District

Benefits of Setting Up Your Business in DCCA

Dubai Creative Clusters Authority (DCCA) is a free trade zone. This becomes a key factor that attracts international investors worldwide as it provides multiple benefits. Let’s have a glimpse of the benefits that can be availed by setting up a business in this Dubai free zone.

1. 100% Ownership

This allows an international investor to enjoy 100% ownership benefits, being exempted from individual and corporate taxes at the same time.

2. World-Class Infrastructure

Tailor-made infrastructure in DCCA has been designed throughout keeping entrepreneurs in mind.

3. Friendly Business Rules and Regulations

Business-friendly relations have been establishing with multi-nations worldwide to ease out trade and commerce between nations.

4. Strategic Location

DCCA is centrally located in between the developed markets in Europe and developing markets in Africa. This positioning on the world map is ideal to capture a mass market.

5. Lifestyle Appeal

Dubai is a multicultural hub and a cosmopolitan city. It is a blend of people interacting from all over the world. The city provides humungous facilities and scope in various sectors like education, healthcare, entertainment etc.

6. Cluster Environment

Dubai serves as a home to various MNCs, startups, and SMEs. This helps the businesses entities to interact with each other and also opens the gate for mergers and acquisitions.

7. Platform for Startups and SMEs

Dubai is on its way to becoming an international hub for startups. This provides a platform for small businesses to get an international exposure. Dubai has launched many platforms for startups like Dubai Business Village, Dubai SME 100, etc.

How to Open a Company in DCCA?


Choose your Business Activity

Finalize your business activity in the DCCA zone at the first step. 

Select a Trade Name 

Coming up with a trading name can be a little tricky sometimes; however, it is required in the first place while setting up a business in the DCCA. 

Complete the Paperwork

Submit your required documents to the appropriate government authority and get your trade license.

Open a Bank Account

Opening a bank account is mandatory for the business formation to carry out the business operations. The conditions may apply, which can differ from one bank to another.

Apply for Any Visa

Lastly, apply for the relevant visa you will need for your business venture.

Services Offered by DCCA Free Zone

DCCA offers various services for existing businesses in Dubai. Let’s have a look:

  • License renewal
  • Registry and license amendments
  • Conversion of branch company to limited liability-free zone company
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • License cancellation and de-registration

International Festivals Hosted to Promote Creativity

Apart from company formation in Dubai in different domains, DCCA also takes an initiative to host international festivals that attract a mass audience from every corner of the world.

1. Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF)

Dubai International Film Festival was set off in 2004. It’s a platform provided to hunt the best filmmakers and talent. Last year, more than 120 films were featured in more than 34 languages. Over the year, DIFF has built a thriving film culture for the film industry worldwide. Apart from that, the International Film Awards are also presented every year.

2. Dubai Film and TV Commission (DFTC)

Dubai Film and TV Commission was initiated in the year 2012 with an aim to enhance career opportunities for producers, directors to come up with their own films, TV Commercials. This platform also helps in hunting fresh blood in the entertainment industry. The platform also helps in promoting Dubai as a media hub.

3. Dubai Design and Fashion Council (DDFC)

This platform was started in 2013, to promote growth and sustainable economy to the design industry prevailing in Dubai. DDFC takes an initiative for 5 different segments: Architecture, Fashion Design, Product Design, Interior Design, and Graphic Design.

Industry Highlights

  • DCCA has signed a partnership with the Ministry of Health and Prevention to promote and boost the pharmaceutical industry.
  • DIFF has announced to adopt new strategies to support the growth and evolution of films.
  • The 15th edition of the Dubai International Film Festival will be held in 2019.
  • In a span of 14 years, almost 2000 screenings took place, and 300 films reached their completion point.

Thus, we can see that Dubai Creative Clusters Authority (DCCA) is emphasizing much more on the creative industries that are globally available. It is trying to bridge the gap and overcome the obstacles that come in the way of establishing small businesses in the creative industry. Are you a creative person? Want to give an international platform to your ideas? Yes? Great! In case of any queries, and to move on to the next step, do contact us. We would be glad to assist you in transforming your ideas into a successful international business entity.


What are the documents required for opening a company in DCCA?

  • Online application form

  • Passport copy

  • Residential proof

  • Parent company documents

  • Copies of external approval for company

  • Details of office address in DCCA zone

What are the businesses that can be done in DCCA zone?

Healthcare, Non-profit, E-commerce, Accounting, Educational, Real Estate, Oil and gas, Manufacturing, Media entertainment etc.

What was the aim of creating the DCCA zone?

To build Dubai as a hub for business creation globally.

How is DCCA scattered in the emirate for business?

DCCA is divided into certain zone named as the following:

  • Internet City

  • Outsourcing City

  • Media City

  • Production City

  • Knowledge Park

  • Studio City

  • International Academic City

  • Science Park

  • Design District

What are the facilities will I get by setting my company in DCCA zone?

  • Standard office

  • Warehousing space

  • Studio space

  • Production facility

  • Fully equipped laboratory

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