How We Make It Easy to Get a Business License in Dubai

by Zaara 06, Oct 2015

How We Make It Easy to Get a Business License in Dubai

There are many challenges to doing business in Dubai. Familiarizing yourself with the cultural differences is one of them and something which you can easily get over with time. Besides, you need to acquaint yourself with alternative working weeks and a different concept of weekends.

The biggest challenge, however, lies in overcoming the language barrier. Arabic is the official language of the city.  Documents are only officially recognized in Arabic and have to be stamped by the department after department which can turn out to be a time consuming and expensive affair for those not acquainted with the procedures.

Once you determine what type of license is best for your business, all your woes begin. It starts with the process of applying for the license in an unknown language. All those who have applied for a license before know how tedious and stressful it can get. And for those unfamiliar with the national language, the going can get a lot tougher because it involves ceaseless trips to government offices, waiting in long lines and understanding and acting upon information catered in Arabic.

The involvement of separate departments as approving entities invariably leads to confusion and wastage of time and resources. Worst, you may land up to find rules or laws have changed overnight. All these together lead to serious communication gap with the result that you may end up getting a wrong license. Much of these woes can be overcome with the help of professional help. Commitbiz specializes in providing professional help to entrepreneurs for setting up a business in Dubai.

There are many ways by which we make the license procuring process easy for you. Besides providing you advice on what type of license to seek your business, we do all the paperwork for the issuance of the license. Having been in this field for many years, we are thoroughly aware of the rules, regulations, and timelines of each jurisdiction, and so guarantee error-free paperwork to our clients. Besides, we have trained individuals who liaison with government departments to clear kinks in the process of obtaining the license.

All these require multiple trips to government offices. We undertake the trips with regularity to ensure things get done on time. Finally, when you have to be present before the officials for verification and signing of documents, we take you to the concerned departments.

We have helped many companies in a variety of business sectors set up their business in the UAE. Our experience gives us a wealth of knowledge about what works in the UAE markets. Banking on our experience you can live your dream of running your operations from Dubai.