How to Take Your Start-up to the New Heights?

by Zaara 21, Dec 2020

You may be a start-up now, but there will be a time when your company is no longer a start-up or small business. Many successful small business owners can see the big picture and envision what their success will look like tomorrow. When your start-up succeeds in finding some success after launch, then congratulations, you've already done better than others, but how do you take the business to new heights?

Things to Keep in Mind for Successful Business

Here are some of the practices that small business owners need to perform to focus on the future and continue to move forward.


In the corporate world, a true merger is relatively rare because it involves two firms consolidating into a new legal entity. Merging with the right firms could be a way to move to the next level. For example, if two companies compete in the same business and undermine the profitability of each other, then none of them can climb to the next level. The newly combined entity can move forward and grow by merging resources, personnel and production, while also eliminating one another as the competition.


Mergers and acquisitions are often misconceived as the same. The truth is that while these two types of corporate actions share similarities, they have significant differences. One business organization absorbs another company during an acquisition and retains its name and business model. An acquisition may be an excellent way to accelerate your growth as a start-up company. When you acquire a company, you can instantly diversify your product range, broaden your customer base, and maintain (or acquire) your market dominance. One drawback for younger businesses that I would emphasize is that you have to be careful about the financing. I've seen how much debt can cripple rising businesses and from day one, you'll need a skilled finance officer to manage those conditions.


You have to demonstrate professional networking and create word-of-mouth until you've established your company. UAE is a country full of people who love socializing, so it pays to personally go out, meet and greet. Transform yourself into a brand ambassador, attend all the major events, social or business happening around the city to advertise the benefits of working with your organization and show why people need to give you a chance. This way, you will quickly grow your network by friendship with many prospects that can support you in one form or another in your endeavours. Besides, building a broad social and business network can lead to future business prospects, mentors, and strategic partners with the possibilities to help the company grow in the UAE.

Hire the Right Talent 

It is strongly recommended that you encircle yourself with the right kind of people, potential investors, and great mentors. Recruit assets that are smart, talented, and driven with the potential to share your vision. They can not only grow your business but also speed up its growth. Hiring talented, positive, and productive staff helps to build a culture that fosters teamwork. Promoting the work culture in which everyone is free to participate, sharing their valuable ideas, collaborating, and celebrating the success of business jointly.

Use Goal-Setting to Push Boundaries

Setting goals can be a good way to make your focus evident, measure progress, and track accomplishments. Targets also present an opportunity to push the paths of your comfort zone and help to analyze calculated risks. The more that you can expand and challenge yourself, the more that you need to gain in the long run. The creation of a plan in the form of long-term and short-term goals involves a business plan, or single targeted tasks can help your business achieve new success levels.

Put Customer Support in the Spotlight 

Being able to retain desirable customers plays an important part in the ongoing growth of the small business. Having regular customers not only means regular income but happy customers can also deliver powerful word-of-mouth marketing. While also providing an exceptional product or service to your customers, you can encourage repeat business by being focused on customer service. This means requesting and acting on feedback, dealing quickly and thoroughly with issues and complaints, and being continuously reachable and answerable.

Keep Abreast of Innovations 

Technology plays a role in a growing industry, Keeping up with new and evolving technologies can help make smart choices for small business owners and it can help save money, energy, and other resources.

Modify your Marketing Campaigns 

Many small business owners recognize how a new dynamic can be incorporated into online marketing to promote their products and services. The most successful companies are willing to explore new online marketing outlets, combined with their offline marketing activities to see what produces the most interest. Changing, running tests, and blending your marketing activities can be a valuable way to see what does work, what doesn't work, and what type of outcome it produces.

Why Commitbiz?

Setting up a business in UAE will be a success with these seven essentials listed above. While you don't have to do all of these operations at once, most successful small business owners will find a way to work them in the long run. To gain momentum, start with one or two already aligned with the way you are running your company, and then start making changes to gradually implement the others. And as you move ahead, you will certainly come up with some other steps to take your business down the path towards success. If you need any help regarding your growth, please contact us. Our experts at Commitbiz have more than 15 years of industry experience, and you become the industry leader with help.