How to Start Your Business in Bahrain Investment Wharf?

by Zaara 25, Jun 2021

Bahrain, officially recognized as the Kingdom of Bahrain, is a small Arab state situated in the Persian Gulf. It is a heavily oiled country, one of the largest exporters of oil and petroleum. Over the years, Bahrain’s government has pursued a range of policies to improve the non-oil market. Specialized regions devoted to various sectors have been designed to concentrate on each section. One such free zone in Bahrain is the Bahrain Investment Wharf (BIW), which opened in 2005, the cutting edge for industrial investment.

The Bahrain Investment Wharf (BIW) is an integrated industrial investment park located in the Al Hidd Industrial Development Region at Muharraq Island, located in the region of BIIP, Khalifa bin Salman Port and Bahrain Logistics Zone. BIW provides a strategic positional benefit for manufacturers, businesses, and logistics services operating out of this region.

BIW is Bahrain's first privately owned & operated industrial investment park outcome from a Public-Private Partnership between Innovest and the Government of Bahrain portrayed by the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism (MOICT). This innovative project provides a mixed-use industrial area consisting of seven distinct zones categorized according to the operation type. The region comprises business premises, logistics zones, information technology hubs, commercial premises, and residential development estate.

The Purpose of Bahrain Investment Wharf

BIW 's primary purpose is to contribute to Bahrain's rapid industrial growth, generate FDI, and expand the national economy while merging operations with other industrial zones, ports, and logistics hubs. They are also closely associated with the Bahraini Government's national strategies and policies that lay the 2030 Bahrain Economic Vision foundations.

Characteristics of Bahrain Investment Wharf (BIW)

Some of the key features of the Bahrain Investment Wharf (BIW) includes the following:

  • It occupies an area of 1.7 million square meters.
  • Ideal for industrial, industry, logistics, IT, the commercial and real estate industry
  • Ideal for light and medium-sized enterprises
  • Well-constructed ordered graphs
  • Commercial room pre-built
  • Storage facility pre-built
  • Takhzeen Storage Center
  • BIW Industrial Park Availability
  • The flexibility of hotels and hospitality

With the inauguration of the BIW, setting up a company in Bahrain has proven to be a viable choice for foreign business investors and manufacturers to a large extent, making it easier for them to start a business in Bahrain.

Benefits of Establishing a Business in Bahrain Investment Wharf

  • 100 % foreign investment in most of the domains
  • Exemption from income taxes
  • No personal taxation and withheld taxation
  • No prerequisite for a Bahraini associate, shareholder, or sponsor
  • The LLC and its owners are not subject to any taxes in Bahrain.
  • High minimum equity capital for lenders and investors
  • An LLC agency can recruit expatriate workers in Bahrain.
  • No tariffs levied on goods imported and sold from the free zone (this includes a Bahraini shareholder to invest and invest)

Amenities in Bahrain Investment Wharf

1. Serviced Land

The Bahrain Investment Wharf Masterplan proposes 163 leased plots with a total leased region of 1,270,105 square meters for starting a Bahraini business. The city is primarily built to serve a wide variety of manufacturing and enterprises.

Serviced plots boast world-class facilities, including power, heating, telecommunications, and sanitation systems. Also, the support facilities of BIW ensure the optimization of manufacturing activities by supporting day-to-day market needs.

2. Pre-built Commercial Premises

Bahrain Investment Wharf provides a pre-built commercial area and is home to a dedicated industrial park stretching over 250,000 square meters. The region offers an ecosystem that effectively contributes to the incorporation, growth, and promotion of targeted economic sectors. Inside the park, absolute "ready to go" commercial offices provide increased convenience for small to medium-sized companies to start-ups looking for premium dedicated leasing space.

Additional facilities include:

  • Everyday operations of reception and concierge
  • 24-hour protection
  • Regular cleaning service for the workplace
  • Equipped meeting rooms
  • Shaded parking lot

3. Pre-built Stores

Bahrain Investment Wharf is home to 90,000 square meters of pre-built warehousing and distribution areas for businesses interested in registering their Bahraini business activities in that area. The site is home to various private and public warehouses that can be rented or leased as needed. It is also home to Takhzeen, a committed self-storage facility offering state-of-the-art storage options for companies and individuals. Only on the business front, this opens up a world of possibilities for small and medium-sized businesses to save time and effort in setting up factories, small offices, and light industrial units such as workshops.

4. Takhzeen Self-Storage Service

Takhzeen is the first self-storage service in the Salman Industrial Region, built by the BIW subsidiary within the Al Hidd Industrial Growth Zone on a 20,000 sq. land area. Meter to the Kingdom of Bahrain. Takhzeen has 826 specialist storage units ranging from 2.5 to 200 square meters, with a minimum tenancy period of one month specializing in delivering personal, business, and a range of climate-controlled storage solutions to be the leading self-storage company in the country.  Takhzeen facilities include unlimited 24-hour secured access, packaging products, etc.

5. BIW Industrial Park

Launched in 2007, the BIW Business Park is a 60,703 square meter business park inside the Bahrain Investment Wharf, built-in collaboration with Innovest and Al Khaleej Construction and costing the US$ 60 million project. BIW Business Park provides industrial spaces to businesses in diverse business fields, such as telecommunications, financial services, call centers, electronics assemblers, television producers, and legal services. Industrial park amenities provide an entirely pre-serviced property with state-of-the-art utilities an end-to-end facility management services.

6. Hotel & Hospitality

Bahrain Investment Wharf has a 19,000 square meter hotel facility offering state-of-the-art amenities to facilitate longer stays for BIW guests. The hotel offers a fantastic atmosphere, great dining offerings, a 24-hour lobby lounge, and a state-of-the-art gym. The hotel is the perfect location for conventions, complete with the newest technologies and meeting facilities. The hotel has a dedicated yacht park.

7. BIW Employees Accommodations

Since its establishment, Bahrain Investment Wharf has been committed to ensuring that excellent facilities are given to the needs of the residential requirements of businesses developed within the BIW. The BIW Labor Accommodations is a model gated community with a gross area of 120,000 square meters. The accommodation area is built to provide communal amenities and services in a clean, stable, and hygienic living atmosphere that accommodates more than 20,000 industrial workers in BIW and Salman Industrial Region. Essential services include a store, a bakery, a pharmacy, and a landscaped green park.

Bahrain Investment Wharf is Suitable for

  • Logistics operation
  • Warehousing
  • Cold warehouse
  • Small & Medium Business
  • General Trade
  • Engineering manufacturing
  • Materials processing
  • Consulting and management facilities
  • Investment & holdings
  • Property management & real estate

How to Start a Business in Bahrain?

To incorporate a company in Bahrain, a business investor needs to follow the below steps:

1. Choose the Type of Business Organization

The first and utmost task is to identify a company structure. The Kingdom of Bahrain requires business investors to select from a wide variety of business entities:

  • With Limited Liability
  • Partnership Business
  • Bahrain Shareholder Company-Public
  • Bahrain Shareholding Business – Closed
  • Single Person Business
  • Single Business Commandite
  • Foreign Business Branch

It is advised that you select a business organization only after knowing the various forms and advantages that each organization offers. The company structure’s selection depends on the overall amount of old shareholders available and the initial investment money.

2. Select a Business Name

The second task is to choose the name of the company after selecting the business structure. The company’s name will be chosen appropriately since it will become the brand at a later stage. Now, according to the rules, it should be remembered that the trade name should be exclusive and that it should not turn out to be offensive.

3. Gather the Business Essentials

The business owner must be prepared for the necessary paperwork to comply with the process of incorporation. The general list of materials shall include:

  • Type of application for registration of a duly filled company
  • Passport and Visa of the shareholder or investor(s)
  • Evidence of identification of the owners
  • Address evidence to the owners
  • A blueprint for the corporate strategy
  • Draft Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • List of business operations;
  • Resolution of the Board of Directors

Once the records have been obtained, they must be forwarded for clearance to the Government Agencies concerned.

4. Grab a Company License

After reviewing the documents’ collection, the competent authority shall issue a business license that serves as a necessary document for the business enterprise’s conduct, as it is a valid permit.

So far, you have a full understanding of how to start a company in Bahrain. Ok, let's look at the critical reasons for beginning a company in Bahrain.

Why Start a Business in Bahrain?

Incorporating a business company in Bahrain turns out to be a wise and successful investment opportunity because of the numerous benefits that the area offers. By beginning a company in Bahrain, you can take advantage of the following:

1.Tax Benefit

Taxation is the primary concern of corporate owners at the end of the financial year. The Government of Bahrain is taking the requisite measures to free business investors entirely by creating a tax exemption procedure. Company owners do not have to pay personal taxes to the state. However, as part of the GCC network, Bahrain introduced the VAT process by 1 January 2019. This VAT law extends to business companies registered in Bahrain, where they are entitled to pay VAT at a 5% rate.

2. Complete Repatriation

The Government of Bahrain has relieved industry owners of paying any tax on company liquidation. Company owners and customers have the absolute flexibility to repatriate the overall money spent and gains generated over the whole business cycle.

3. Access to the World Market

Bahrain is a perfect destination for business developers and owners who are looking to grow their business. Being a neighbor of other GCC countries such as Iran, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, business investors enjoy excellent visibility and ease of entry into the international market.

4. A Rising Economics

Bahrain has been rising over the years as one of the growing business grounds. The Bahraini government has tried to take several measures to improve the non-oil market, as the country has a history in the oil economy.

5.Easy Company Set-up Process

The method of creating a company in Bahrain needs the investor to take a few steps forward. Ideally, the market configuration process becomes a simple one if it is worked out under an expert’s supervision.

Business Operating out of Bahrain Investment Wharf

The majority of the businesses operating out of Bahrain Investment Wharf usually use the W.L.L Company framework and B.S.C Closed Company structure to start their business operations in this industrial region.

Region A

  • Bahrain Medical & Industrial Gas Plants W.L.L
  • Takhzeen Warehousing and Storage Co (Takhzeen) BSC Closed
  • Wael Pharmacy Co. W.L.L
  • Al Sabah International for Real Estate Development

Region B

  • Kooheji Contractors W.L.L
  • Ahli United Bank BSC Closed
  • Al Bilad General Warehousing Co. W.L.L
  • Al Mazaya Holding Co.

Region C

  • Labour Accommodation Co. W.L.L
  • Bahrain Artistic Frames Centre W.L.L
  • Tamcon Contracting Co B.S.C. (Closed)
  • Al Bilad Real Estate Investment Co.

Region D

  • Kooheji Contractors W.L.L. & Kingdom Telecommunications Co. B.S.C.
  • Hadi Hamad Al-Hammam Marine Services P.S.C
  • Mega Marine Co. W.L.L
  • Chateau Furniture

Region E

  • Al Hamer Trading Est.
  • Irina Tech Co. W.L.L
  • AJ Properties W.L.L
  • Orange Media Group OMG W.L.L

Region F

  • Capital Ready-mix Concrete Co. W.L.L.
  • Kavalani & Sons, W.L.L.
  • Pan Gulf Holding Co. W.L.L.
  • Al-Rai Logistica Co.

Region G

  • Al-Dhow Real Estate B.S.C.
  • First Real Estate Co. W.L.L.
  • Core Real Estate Projects Co. W.L.L.
  • VK Universal Property Management Co.

How Can We Help?

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