How to Start an Interior Designing Business in Dubai

by Zaara 07, Sep 2018

Every building looks good with design, and every design is a mixture of creativity and strategy. Increasing demand for commercial buildings and residents has led to the growth of interior decoration and maintenance businesses all over the world. Today, the interior decoration industry is considered to be one of the highly valued and competitive industries.

Dubai, one of the fast-growing emirates of the UAE, is a first city to be called as a creative hub. It is one among the richest cities with engineering miracles increasing the scope for the designing industry.

A report outlined that the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) interior decoration market is currently valued at US$9.04bn and is expected to grow at 4.42%. Dubai Expo 2020, a landmark event, would be further contributing to the booming of infrastructure by leaps and bounds. The creation of new construction projects across the Emirates is an opportunity for more and more companies to grab advantage of the business prospects in the interior decoration industry.

Advantages of Setting Up an Interior Decoration Company in Dubai

  • Increased demand for commercial and resident buildings
  • Open economy
  • Work-friendly infrastructure
  • Start-ups can learn from other branded designers from all over the world
  • Availability of special licensing for artists and designers
  • Negligible tax

Where to Set up an Interior Decoration Business in Dubai?

For an interior decoration business in Dubai, you could consider Dubai Design District free zone or Mainland Dubai as the locations of choice.

1. Dubai Design District Free Zone

Dubai Design District (D3) was developed to encourage the interior creatives. It has been providing ample incentives and offerings to uplift young minds in the field of interior designing. So, one must think of Dubai Design District to build and showcase their professional interior designing skills in Dubai. One can set up a branch of UAE or foreign company, Freelancing, and Free Zone Limited Liability Company in D3.

Business setup in Dubai free zone consists of numerous procedures and submission of certain documents. The detailed company formation procedures in Dubai Design District is as below:

Procedure and Documents Required to Set Up a Company in Dubai Design District

Stage 1: Applying for Initial Approval

In this stage, you need to contact the Business Development Team at free zone and submit the application for initial approval. At this stage, you need to submit relevant documents which will be reviewed by the authority. The required documents are:

  • Application for license
  • Detailed business plan
  • Original No Objection Certificate for the company (in case the proposed company name is already registered in Dubai)
  • Passport copies of shareholders, directors, and managers
  • Incorporation certificate copy or trade license copy
Stage 2: Company Registration

In this stage, you need to decide the business location in D3 free zone. The authority will check the legal documents and issue a Customer Confirmation Letter pertaining to the leasing of the office space in the zone. The required documents are listed below:

  • Application form for company registration
  • Attested and notarized Memorandum of Association (MOA)
  • Post-dated checks
  • Notarized copy of the certificate of incorporation
  • RIC form
  • Board resolution
  • No Objection Certificate from the present sponsor for the Manager-in-charge (if applicable)
Stage 3: Signing of Lease Document, Personnel Sponsorship, and License Collection
Stage 4: Customer Confirmation Letter Collection and Fee Payment

2. Mainland Dubai

Business setup in Dubai Mainland allows running your business anywhere in the UAE. So apart from free zones, one can start their interior business in Dubai Mainland to spread their business all over the region. So, anyone with a related degree and professional license can start their interior decoration and maintenance company in Dubai by following a certain set of procedures.

Procedure for Setting Up an Interior Design Company in Dubai Mainland

  1. Appointing a local sponsor or local agent
  2. Applying for a professional license with the Department of Economic Development (DED)
  3. Approval from Dubai Municipality
  4. Trade name reservation
  5. Selecting the office space
  6. Getting a tenancy contract
  7. Final submission for company formation
  8. Collection of business license from the authority

If you are planning to set up your interior designing company in Dubai, go for it! It is an ideal time to set up a designing company as Dubai is looking forward to hosting Dubai Expo 2020. Business incorporation in a foreign land is not an easy task, it needs to have some necessary business knowledge.

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