How to Start an Interior Business in Dubai?

by Zaara 18, Nov 2019

If you have a company idea that you think is possible and that you can manage it, there is nothing that should stop you from giving the idea a material existence. The business environment of the United Arab Emirates supports you to use your thoughts and talent and provide the business with products and services that are unique. The purchasing power of the consumers is high, and the market is developing so increase in demand is seen for various kinds of products and services in the market.

As the standard of living has improved, individuals have become more and more involved in arts and design, whether it is just a painting or the whole house that needs to be given a fresh look. Your interior designing business will do wonders if you are able to invest time in it and take it through the process that allows you to invest time in it and take it through the process that allows for you and the business to mature together. The business will get to know you gradually, and soon, you won't be able to scratch your head. The market in Dubai does take you by surprise at times.

Permissible Activities under Interior Business in Dubai

  • Space Planning
  • Concept Designing
  • Interior Architecture and Designing

Non-Permissible Activities under Interior Business in Dubai

  • Sponsored staff to work outside
  • Providing turnkey solutions, i.e. implementing of the plans/drawings
  • Displaying products of suppliers/vendors on the premises
  • Exterior/Interior architectural drawings of buildings for construction purpose
  • Supply of furniture and fixtures

What is the Procedure to Start an Interior Business in Dubai?

An interior business can be set up either in Dubai Mainland or any of the Dubai Free Zones. Let us first understand the procedure for business setup in Dubai Mainland.

Dubai Mainland

If you want to start an interior business in Dubai Mainland you must have a local sponsor who will own a 51% share in the business. Follow these procedures-

  1. Appoint a local sponsor
  2. Apply for a professional license with the Department of Economic Development
  3. Get the business approval from Dubai Municipality
  4. Get an office on lease
  5. Collect your business license and the Certificate of Incorporation

Dubai Free Zone

Dubai Design District (D3) is established for business activities related to interior design. It provides incentives to uplift young minds in the field of interior designing. The procedure to register your business in Dubai free zone is as follows-

  1. Get an initial approval from the D3 free zone authority
  2. Fill an application for company registration
  3. Submit the application with documents
  4. Sign the lease documents, personnel sponsorship, and collect your license
  5. Collect Customer Confirmation Letter and fee payment

Documents Required for Interior Company Registration in Dubai

  • Application for license
  • Detailed business plan
  • Passport copies of shareholders, directors, and the manager
  • Application form for company registration
  • Attested and notarized copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Board resolution
  • No Objection Certificate from the sponsor
  • RIC form
  • Post-dated checks

Why Set an Interior Business in Dubai?

Setting up an interior business in Dubai, UAE is very easy, provided you are able to meet all the requirements related to the regulations. Right from business incorporation to obtaining a professional license and meeting all other legal and regulatory requirements, it might seem as if things are difficult may take a lot of time, but that is not the case. In fact, the business for registering a business are becoming better every day as the government of the UAE encourages and promotes business growth and has drawn policies that gives confidence to everyone willing to start a company in Dubai. Few benefits of starting an interior business are mentioned as under-

  • Free an open economy of Dubai
  • Business-friendly infrastructure
  • Increased demand for commercial and resident buildings
  • Start-ups can learn from branded designers from different parts of the globe
  • Availability of licensing for artists and designers
  • Negligible tax

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