How to Start a Media Business in Abu Dhabi?

by Zaara 27, Apr 2020

Abu Dhabi's media industry has enjoyed rapid growth in recent years as a result of the sustained emirate and federal government support. The involvement of major global media firms in the free area highlighted the efficiency of the facilities provided, while efforts towards fostering the development of a local professional workforce in the sector. The emirates will improve in the years to come to their credibility as a leading media hub through strategic connection with both domestic and international media players. While trends in media consumption continue to migrate from traditional to digital media, advertiser revenues still have to change significantly. However, this is undoubtedly something local players will need to adapt to in the medium to long term.

The UAE's media is regulated at the federal level by the National Media Council (NMC). The NMC's range of activities includes everything from traditional print media to newer digital media platforms, and its responsibilities include issuing licenses to all media institutions in the country, and developing and drafting media policy and legislation.

Economic Contribution

The Abu Dhabi Film Commission (ADFC) will reimburse up to 30 percent of all eligible expenditure on projects made by international production companies. Since its start in 2013, more than 60 productions have come to the emirate and have made use of the rebate.

It is forecasted that around 1 billion people have seen the emirate on screen as an outcome of the productions made there, thus promoting the emirate globally and enhance the inflow of tourism. For instance, between them, it is forecasted that Star Wars and Furious 7 developed a press value of over Dh400m for Abu Dhabi. On the other hand, the rebate fueled the growth of a sub-sector aimed at 

providing auxiliary services for film crews, such as on-site food service, accommodation, and transport. 

For every Dh1 paid by ADFC for the rebate, an average of Dh3.10 is contributed to Abu Dhabi's financial system.

Things to Know Before Starting a Media Business in Abu Dhabi

To start a business in Abu Dhabi, there are many considerations to understand from a business perspective. Here are my top 7 takeaways for someone who wants to start their own media company. 

1.Define The Audience

  • Whom are you targeting, and why? 
  • What does this audience like, and what they don't like about it? 
  • What do they feel so strongly about, and what separates the crowd? 
  • What kind of things do they buy? 
  • What kind of goods are they enthusiastic about?

2.Understand The Value:

Find what makes you and your company distinct from the others. Work out how to communicate this message to your audience. Develop a way to communicate your importance evidently through your services and your core message. When you are marketing to a product, be direct, and tell your audience to buy it.

3. Don't Worry With Print if  You're Not Already Established

This one is very simple. You can keep your operational costs low, and don't worry about overhead costs for the time being. Just set up WordPress and get the job done. Be audacious and tell the people about this. 

4.Create Some Locked Membership

This gives your members added value while allowing you to join in partner programs with more significant publications subscription models. These avenues can drive more audience to your content while also picking up money from the partnerships.

5. Use Third-Party Services to Deliver High-Value Adverts to Your Base. 

You know what products your audience wants to buy. Tell a third party native advertising company to create content for you while, and you get paid for hosting that content. If it suits your audience, then just find a creative way to frame it.

6. Start a YouTube Channel

Start a Channel on YouTube. With a little effort, almost any post you write could be reused into a video in some way. Using your content and expand those views across different platforms. You are not going to make a huge quantity of money from YouTube in the short term, but in the long run, it brings more revenue, and it will help you to discover more customers.  Face-to-face communication builds relationships and motivation.

7. Make Sure You Have Good Content

People do not keep on visiting if you are not delivering good quality. Use enticing headlines. Make your promises, and give the reader a reason to click on your next post. Don't break faith.

Documents Required to Start a Media Business in Abu Dhabi

  • Managers specimen signature
  • Colour copy of the passport of manager/director/legal representative
  • Application form for company formation/company registration
  • License application
  • Business plan
  • Original MOA and AOA
  • Board resolution
  • NOC from residency visa sponsor
  • Proof of share capital
  • Agreement for personnel secondment

Benefits of Media business in Abu Dhabi

Financial Benefits

  • 100 percent company ownership
  • Zero license & registration fees by the Media Zone Authority
  • zero percent income tax
  • zero percent corporate tax
  • Access to Abu Dhabi Film commission's30 percent cash rebate on production spend
  • There are no restrictions on capital requirements

 Market Benefits

  • Free zone status for easy access to government work
  • Highly skilled technical population
  • Exceptional studios and post-production facilities
  • Strong IP protection framework

Location Benefits

  • Travel time is just 50 minutes from Dubai
  • Just 20 minutes from Abu Dhabi Airport with direct flights to the world's major capitals
  • Direct access to the Arab world, one of the world's fastest-growing media markets

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