Start a legal consultancy firm in Dubai

How To Start a Legal Consultancy Firm in Dubai?

by Zaara 24, Dec 2020

In many industries, the inherent complexity of business contracts, consumer protection laws, and regulations mean lawsuits are a natural part of doing business. The prospect of such lawsuits requires council and consulting companies to help manage costs and protect businesses against claims. A legal consultancy company will support this. By functioning as a consultant, rather than a traditional legal company, the business will be able to advise legal departments of corporations and draw up enforcement plans that comply with local, state, and federal regulatory guidance.

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You've found the ideal business idea, and now you're ready to move ahead. Starting a company is more than just registering it with the Government. We've put together this easy guide to start your legal consultancy company. These measures will ensure the new company is well developed, properly licensed, and compliant with the law.

1. Selection of Company name

You'll need to make two primary considerations before applying for your license to operate as a legal consultancy in Dubai. These include the name of your organization and the market structure you want. You will need to bear in mind that the UAE has a set of somewhat peculiar naming conventions when selecting your firm name. As a guide: no offensive or blasphemous words should be used in the company name or reference to recognized organizations or companies. When your real name is to be used in your company name, it must be in its entirety – no abbreviations or initials. You must also verify whether the business name you have selected is eligible for registration. A company formation expert like Commitbiz can help you in this process.

2. Selection of Location

Now you have to pick the right setup for your company – that is to say, a free zone or mainland. Each setup comes with advantages. When you set up your company in the mainland, you are free to deal directly with the local sector, without using a local agent's services. You may also bid for contracts from the government. You will take advantage of 100% customs tax exemption if you set up in a Dubai freezone. Business owners in the UAE free zone also have complete freedom to repatriate all capital and profits invested. There are also no currency or foreign exchange regulations.

3. Apply for a License

The license in Dubai can be obtained by following the steps mentioned below. Setting up a Legal consultancy firm in Dubai doesn't require a local partner but a local service agent must be appointed. 

Documents Needed for Initial Authorization

  • Application form for registration and authorization. 
  • Trade name reservation.   
  • Photocopy of the applicant's passport (along with the visit/ residency permit) and a letter of no objection from the existing sponsor if the applicant is on a resident visa. 
  • Photocopy of the local service agent's passport and naturalization identities.
  • External approval from H.H. the Ruler's Court – Legal Affairs.

Documents Required Upon Receiving the Initial Approval 

  • All related documents.
  • Initial approval of receipt. 
  • RERA-certified tenancy contract registration certificate. 
  • Electronic Appointment contract of a local service an agent which is issued by DED.
  • When the procedure is complete, the client visits the relevant department to Provide original documents and to Embrace the oath (applicable to those seeking to represent local court cases). Now you are all set to set up your Legal consultancy firm in Dubai.
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  • Copy of the latest Practicing Certificate or letter of good standing from the bar association or law firm at least three months prior to the date of submission.
  • Photocopy passport.   
  • Passport size photos.  
  • Photocopy of Visa page (for UAE Residents). 
  • Photocopy of the Legal Affairs Department Card (if you practice in Dubai). 
  • Copy of a legitimate insurance policy (those outside Dubai).
  • Schedule of oral advocacy experience in either court, arbitration, and tribunals. The schedule should highlight the lawyer's experiences in oral advocacy and outline the practitioners' current practice and a list of (representative) cases and interlocutory motions and descriptions of the practitioners involved in each. This will be a source of the interview.
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Why Commitbiz?

Company formation in Dubai is not just easy, thanks to the friendly standards of the free zones. But in some cases, each move may generate problems that could hinder the new applicant, and that's where a business setup advisor like Commitbiz comes in. With the right experienced support from consultants like Commitbiz, the process can be completed in just over one week. Practical experience goes a long way.

We can guide you in setting up your business, liaising on your behalf with UAE government authorities, and identifying potential issues before they arise. You're just one step away from bringing your dreams into the real world. Please contact us today. We are awaited to help you.

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