How to Set Up a Promotion and Introduction Company in Dubai, UAE?

by Zaara 03, Jan 2022

Dubai - the ground full of opportunities invites investors to start their dream business in the strategic location of Dubai, UAE. Modern infrastructure and high-tech technologies attract foreign investors.

You need an SCA license to start a Promotions and Introductions Company in Dubai; the basic this you need for this is to have a physical onshore business.

Continue reading to understand the procedure and the documents required for getting the license for your business setup in Dubai.

Set Up a Business in Dubai - Essential Documents for Starting a Promotions and Introduction Company

Read the below list of documents to understand better the requirements for a business setup in Dubai.

  • Company Plan

Plan everything about the company, from the finances to the location and name.

  • Copy of MoA and AoA

You need to have a copy of the MoA and AoA with the relevant approval.

  • Documents need to be submitted to Insurance Authority

If the Insurance Authority governs the applicant, it has to submit the following:

  1. A licensed copy issued by the Authority
  2. Copy from the Authority's approval for the applicant to practice the Promotional operation.
  • Trade Permit Copy

Have the approved document copy that says that you are allowed to trade legally.

  • Receipt copy for SCA fees

Keep the receipt of the fees that you paid.

  • Copy of Tenancy Agreement

This is also called Ejari, and this is important when you go for a bank account opening.

  • Bank Fee Evidence

Evidence of depositing the paid-up capital in a bank account.

  • Financial Report Copy

Copy of the financial report for the last three years

  • Documents of All Shareholders

For partners/shareholders (natural persons) holding 5% or more of the shares, copies of the documents required: (Autobiography, Fit, and proper supporting documents).

  • Legal Advisor’s Document

A document issued by the applicant's legal adviser demonstrating certain legal or judicial obligations or decisions relating to the applicant

  • Basic Documents

  1. Passport Copies of Shareholder visa copies as well (s)
  2. A portrait of the shareholder, as well as (with a white background)
  3. And passport copies of shareholder visas, too (s)

Other Requirements to Start a Company in Dubai

Some other essential requirements are as follows to get your business license in Dubai:

  • Register the company with the required authorities
  • The parent company should be authorized to do promotions legally
  • Get authorization from the central bank
  • Get MOM approved y relevant authorization
  • Have a MOM translated into Arabic
  • Pay the fees
  • Appoint a local agent to take care of all the legalities
  • Keep all the basic amenities ready, or opt for such office space that has all the basic amenities and get approval to use them
  • Hire someone to handle the internal security control and the local market
  • Keep a track report of the risk that the company faced in tha past to do proper risk management.

Reach Out to Us to Set Up a Business in Dubai

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Who regulates the financial market of Dubai?

It is regulated by UAE Security and Commodity Authority (SCA).

Financial goods promotion company in Dubai requires which license?

SCA license is required.

What are the other approvals required for SCA activity?

The Central Bank’s or Insurance Authority’s approval is necessary.

Who needs SCA approval?

Anyone who presents investors to a financial service provider, including trading services requires SCA approval

How much will it cost to set up a financial service advertising company in Dubai?

It depends on the activities you choose, the location, the scale of your business etc.