How to Setup a Cleaning Company in Dubai?

by Zaara 30, Nov 2020

How to Setup a Cleaning Company in Dubai?

Dubai is undoubtedly home to various striving businesses in the region, due to which it has achieved a lot of economy-wise. Due to the presence of a large number of foreign ex-pats who are here to take advantage of the tax-free economy and other incentives provided by the government of the UAE, it has achieved the status of an international city and state.

The presence of a large wealthy foreign population and a higher lifestyle of the regional population has converted the cleaning services into another lucrative business in one of the UAE’s Emirate, Dubai. There are many companies providing cleaning services in Dubai. Even then, there is a lot of room for other such businesses to operate as the population is increasing steadily, which is rising the opportunity of cleaning business in Dubai. It is estimated that the number of cleaning companies in Dubai has increased by as much as 45% in the past few years, and the demand is still growing.

Scope of Cleaning Industry in Dubai

As the name suggests, the cleaning industry is driven by one chief goal, that is, to keep people’s spaces clean. It can be separated into three main categories that include;

  1. Commercial cleaning — It mostly deals with janitorial services offered for factories, retails, warehouses, and such commercial outlets.
  2. Residential cleaning — These cleaning services are mostly for homes and residential apartments.
  3. Special cleaning — It includes special services like Dry cleaning, etc.

Business Activities for Cleaning Company in Dubai

Activity  Code


Activity Group


Streets Cleaning Services

Sewage and cleaning services


Sea & Shore Cleaning Services

Sewage and cleaning services


Building Cleaning Services

Cleaning services


Building Cleaning Services

Building maintenance, surveillance and cleaning services


Dry Cleaning Services



Aircraft Cleaning Services

Cleaning services


Tanks, Containers & Crates Cleaning Services

Cleaning services


Advertising Signboards Cleaning Services

Cleaning services


Yacht Cleaning Services

Cleaning services


Airport Runways Cleaning Services

Cleaning services


Procedure to Register your Cleaning Company in Dubai

Cleaning business in Dubai usually has a lower startup-cost than other businesses and can start its operations almost immediately after the launch. The services do not need any particular cleaning chemicals and equipment or any form of formal training or certifications. Most cleaning jobs will use the same products and skill set that is needed to clean a household. Still, that does not mean that cleaning isn’t easy. If it were easy, there would not be such a high demand for cleaning services in Dubai! And it is a very profitable and rewarding business for budding businesspersons who have an impeccable work ethic and have fantastic communication skills.

The steps to set up a cleaning company in Dubai are –

1.Finalize the Location

Dubai offers two leading jurisdictions under which you can establish your cleaning company, mainland, and free zone. While the mainland lets you operate your business entirely in the UAE, free zone businesses can operate only inside the zone. There are many advantages and disadvantages. Hence research thoroughly and finalize the location.

2.Choose your Target Market

Under this, conduct a proper market survey. Do elaborate research on demographics, and potential market to figure out the demand for the service you intend to provide. Market research is essential because it will give a clear view of the potential target customer.

This is usually required for any business that can figure the correct market for it to run. You must research the market to find the right demand for the cleaning service to commence. For that reason understanding local demographics well as the potential market survey is a must before making a business plan.

3.Obtain a Business License

You must obtain a business license for your cleaning company from the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED). There are three main types of cleaning license provided by the DED. They are –

  • Industrial License:  You should get this license if your cleaning business is going to gratify to the industries and big offices
  • Residential License:  Only get this license if your business will provide cleaning services to residential and properties
  • Commercial License: This license-holder will be allowed to clean in the commercial spaces only

4.Train your Staff

A typical training should be given to the staff to excel in the business. Staff should be able to conduct cleaning at numerous places with the same excellence. Therefore, for the cleaning company to be flourishing, it is better to have regular training for all the staff members.

5.Buy Necessary Equipment

A cleaning business is nothing without its equipment and staff. The cost of the equipment depends on the field selected by the company. For example, the household cleaning company might not need equipment as it has access to household items, however, the commercial cleaning company will need costly equipment. Purchasing equipment is an important step, and therefore all the factors should be considered.

6.Connect to Household Portals

Dubai has an extensive range of websites and portals wherein the business can be placed. This helps to reach out to a more extensive base of customers. It is vital to use all possible resources to run a flourishing business.

These steps might confuse you if you are not well-aware of the rules and regulations to set up a business in the UAE. Hence, we suggest taking help from a business setup consultant like Commitbiz as your guide. We have 13+ years of experience in this field and can make the process hassle-free. Contact us today for more information.