How to Set up your Startup Business in UAE

by Zaara 21, Apr 2016

How to Set up your Startup Business in UAE

Ever wondered how Indian startups like Zomato have ventured outside India? Especially formed a business in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, places which give your business a great boost and a global flavor that takes it to new horizons.

You’re lucky because here’s a list of do’s and don’ts straight from the experts at Commitbiz!

Dos and Donts of starting Business in UAE


  • Be clear about the business activity you want to get into
  • Get the right trade partner to help out on working with local authorities
  • Identify early on which location you would want to be based out of – this would mean a huge difference with regard to whether you’d want to do things on your own or in partnership with an Emirati entity
  • Find the right trade name for your business
  • Select the right type of legal form relevant to your business from point 2


  • Hesitate to get legal help while setting up your firm
  • Skip checking out the latest laws of the land – these may change overnight and land you in a soup if you are not on top of things
  • Get impatient and be discouraged from spending more time on things to be done – it’s part of the parcel

You need to follow all the advice mentioned above, and we will make things even more simple for you by being with you every step along the way and ensuring you take the right decisions and making a strong case for your success in UAE!

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