How to Set Up Business in Bahrain International Investment Park?

by Zaara 03, Jun 2021

The Bahrain International Investment Park (BIIP) is 2.5 million sq. Located in the Salman Industrial Area, Meters Industrial Park was established to expand the economy’s industrial sector while raising foreign direct investment in the Kingdom of Bahrain with high value-added ventures. The BIIP is geographically located on Bahrain's north coast, just a five-minute drive from the Bahrain Logistics Zone (BLZ) and a ten-minute drive from the port Khalifa bin Salman.

Founded in 2015, the BIIP was designed and developed by the Bahrain Industrial Areas Development Directorate, a portion of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce & Tourism (MOICT). The Kingdom's broader initiatives attract worldwide foreign direct investment into humanity as a full-service industrial manufacturing center with all essential business facilities.

The BIIP is not regarded as a free zone since industries and companies located in the center are considered to work from the mainland of Bahrain, which is beyond the GCC sector, empowering them to have smooth cross-border entry by marketing their goods and services regionally.

Benefits of Establishing a Business in Bahrain International Investment Park

  • 100 percent foreign investment
  • No requirements for minimum capital
  • No constraints on recruitment within the first five years
  • Access to the USA for free trading
  • Duty-free access within the Greater Arab Free Trade Region (GAFTA) to GCC markets
  • Wider-duty free entry to Singapore, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Norway, Switzerland, and
  • Export duty exemption on raw materials and machinery
  • 100 stock repatriation and zero percent income tax assured for ten years
  • Streamlined processes with many advantages
  • Expertise and talent in a global reservoir of intellectual resources
  • Strategically located adjacent to Bahrain Logistics Zone (BLZ), 3.3 km to Bahrain Investment Wharf, 6.3 km to Khalifa bin Salman Terminal, 20 minutes to Bahrain International Airport (BIA), and 50 km to King Fahd Causeway linking Bahrain with Saudi Arabia

Services in Bahrain International Investment Park

  • An infrastructure that is sustainable and purpose-built
  • High-quality commercial property that has been serviced
  • Custom pre-built units that are open to businesses
  • Comfortable serviced office rooms
  • Total land ownership with a perpetual 25-year lease
  • The higher cost of service involved
  • Excellent access to the international airports of Bahrain (BIA) and Khalifa bin Salman Port

Bahrain International Investment Park is suitable for

Type of Business

Types of Industry

  • Production of food and packing
  • The smelting, rolling, and export markets of aluminum
  • Iron and Steel in technology
  • Medical (i.e., pharmaceuticals, medical devices)
  • Production of building materials
  • Production materials and additives (i.e., plastics, fiberglass, petrochemicals)
  • Information Technology
  • Personal products (i.e., electronics, textiles, and clothing)
  • Foreign resources (i.e., consulting, communications, transportation, resources dependent on knowledge)

How to Establish a Company in Bahrain International Investment Park?

1. Application Form

An investor intending to set up a BIIP business must complete and sign the BIIP application form and a business strategy for project implementation. Within the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, and Tourism, a special council has been set up in BIIP Bahrain to suggest the Ministry of all land applications in an industrial park.

2. Project Authorization

If the BIIP committee has accepted the proposal, the next step includes planning a site study. A special team will be formed to visit the class where the project will be initiated. The team will also make an environmental review of the project, following which the investors will pay the administration bill.

3. Industrial Licenses

The Industrial License is issued one month after filling out the application form, based on the type of company. Although the final Industrial License is only given after all requisite specifications have been met and permits have been received. The leasing agreement must be signed for the industrial area after the applicant receives an Industrial License. The firm would then continue to obtain a building permit to begin work after the lease has been accepted.

Required Documents for Starting a Business in the BIIP

  • BIIP registration form
  • Preliminary Commercial License
  • Copy of the CPR claimant (if resident in Bahrain) or passport (if resident in Non-Bahrain)
  • Outline of the planned business plan.
  • A preliminary master plan for the site

Successful International Business Operated in Bahrain International Investment Park

  • Mondelez Group (US food company)
  • American Express (US Banking company)
  • Ariston Thermo Group (Italian Thermo product manufacturer)
  • MTQ Oilfield Services (A major Singapore specialist engineering services company)
  • CPIC Abahsain Fiberglass M.E (Chinese & Saudi Arabian fiberglass manufacture)
  • JBF Industries (Indian Polyester Company)
  • Arabian Sugar Company (Saudi Arabia)
  • Kintetsu Group (Japanese conglomerate in Freight forwarding)
  • Siemens (German industrial manufacturing conglomerate)
  • BASF (Internationally recognized German chemical manufacturer)
  • Alstom (French multinational rail transport company)

Why Establish your Company in the Bahrain International Investment Park?

The Bahrain International Investment Park provides developers and enterprises planning to enter manufacturing and international business operations in Bahrain a great opportunity. The Park is situated in a stable position with outstanding facilities in Bahrain, bringing high-quality global investment.

The BIIP follows a well-established legal and financial system and a good climate for developers with access to one-stop-shop facilities. It makes it easy for developers to guide them to navigate the application process before signing the leasing agreement to obtain a construction permit for the project to be constructed.

By providing a tax-free regime combined with complete duty-free access to the Gulf Cooperation Council ( GCC), BIIP is an entire industrial park with specialized equipment and special customs services in the Middle East. It allows companies to build a unique base with direct links to the regional markets’ very heart.

We at Commitbiz are here to guide you to make the operation hassle-free if you are looking to start up a company in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Contact us today as our Bahrain team is an expert in supplying you with the right advice and knowledge according to local rules, customs, and market climate about incorporating the organization in the Kingdom of Bahrain.