How to Get Online Shop License in Dubai?

by Zaara 02, Jun 2021

One of the first concerns that come to mind when considering getting an online shop license in Dubai when planning to register a business online. Online shop Registration in Dubai begins with getting a license for the commercial zone where you wish to create your company. This license allows a firm to operate and offer numerous products and services.

Online shop License in Dubai - Categories

When you want to get an online shop license in Dubai, make sure to know which category your business falls under.

Online Portal or E-Marketplace: An e-marketplace is a website where businesses may sell their items. 

Amazon and Flipkart are two excellent examples of such internet portals. To start a business like that, you'll need an internet gateway.

E-commerce: Another excellent alternative is to set up an E-commerce portal for your company's products/services on your website. 

It is an online store for your consumers in a specific geographic or internationally that allows for 24-hour trading with a direct relationship between buyers and sellers.

Commercial or Service License: If you have a physical company type unrelated to e-commerce, you may also sell your items online.  

Steps for Getting an Online Shop License in Dubai

Opening a shop in Dubai is one of the best options since Dubai is populated with shopaholic people and is a tourist destination. Notably, to open an e-shop, you need online shop license in Dubai

Choose the Business Entity - There are various alternatives for company kinds. 

You can set up a limited liability company (LLC), a branch of a foreign parent company, a representative office, and a few other types of businesses.

Choose the Location

To obtain a license, you must first select a commercial area. There are several free zones in the UAE where you may carry out your has or establish your internet business. After which, apply to the particular free zone authority.

Name Registration

 It is critical to register a company name. The name should be closely associated with the products/services provided. Furthermore, it is critical to include the words LLC or PLC in your company name while beginning your firm.

Office Space

Unlike opening a retail shop on Dubai, an online store does not have physical facilities, a legal address is essential for registration since the UAE authorities require e-commerce enterprises to have one.

License Approval

Once all the requirements above have been completed, you must apply for a license. This can take up to 7 days and includes a list of all allowed activities in the UAE.

Bank Account Opening

Every firm needs a bank account to conduct all commercial activities. An entrepreneur in the UAE can open a bank account with any of the local banks.

Benefits of Getting an Online Shop License in Dubai

Apart from being able to sell goods online, having an online shop license in Dubai gives you so many advantages. 

Tax Implications - Except for a 5% VAT, no taxes or levies are relevant to internet businesses.

Super Simple to Setup - The UAE is continually working to make the company licensing and registration procedure as straightforward for investors as feasible. Applying for an e-commerce company license in Dubai/UAE takes very little time.

Low-Cost Procedure - The entire process of establishing an internet business in the UAE is relatively inexpensive. With no paid-up share capital, the cost of a trading license might be extremely minimal.

Various Office Space Alternatives: Affordable office space options for beginning your business are available in Dubai/UAE. While it is not mandatory, several choices are accessible in the mainland and across Dubai/UAE.

More Than One Visa Option: An e-commerce firm in Dubai/UAE can apply for one or more types of visas. There are several visa alternatives available.

Import/Export Tariffs: E-commerce licenses are exempt from import and export duties, making the registration procedure even more accessible.

Get Your Online Shop License in Dubai Through Commitbiz

Business setup in Dubai is one of the best decisions an entrepreneur can make. However, there are many other terminologies, conditions, and regulations to be aware of to set up the business effectively. 

Commitbiz is a consultancy service company that deals with various help and requirements needed to set up a business in the UAE region.

We provide certain services like business support, tax consultancy, and accounting services required for setting up a business in the UAE region. If you are looking for an online shop license in Dubaicontact us, we can help a lot.


Can I start an online shop in Dubai?

Yes, you can start an online shop in Dubai.

Is opening an online shop in Dubai easy?

Yes, you can always reach out to consultants who can help you with the licensing part.

What are the types of licenses that is required to sell goods online?

It depends on the category you fall into. You may need

  • Online Portal or E-Marketplace
  • E-commerce
  • Commercial or Service License

Can I sell products online with a commercial license?

Yes, you can sell goods online if you have a physical shop and a commercial license.