How to Set up a Kids’ Amusement Arcade in Dubai

by Zaara 04, Oct 2021

Dubai has consistently been climbing the ranks as a global commercial capital and with belligerent legal reforms to boost foreign investment, such as implementing long-term visas and introducing free zones, which ease business operations for foreign owners. Are you looking forward to setting up a kids' amusement arcade in Dubai? 

Setting up a business in Dubai Mainland is now much quicker and easier. As per DED (Department of Economic Development), it aims at helping business owners start and expand their operations without the need for lengthy processes and administration.

Kids arcade license is being issued in Dubai mainland. It has to be registered with the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai. Let us know the reasons why Dubai stands out as the best place for business setup.

Reasons for Setting Up an Amusement Park in Dubai

The Emirate provides 100% foreign ownership, complete repatriation of capital invested, etc. All the investors also look forward to setting up a company in Dubai.

  • Excellent Tax Benefits

The government of the UAE has put a lot of effort into building a business-oriented ecosystem. Foreign investors succeed in huge tax profits. Dubai has only a 5% VAT, which is one of the lowest rates attracting plenty of firms that facilitates company formation here.

  • Security

Dubai is considered to be a safe and crime-free city. This city is exempt from communal riots and agitation. 

It had the highest ranking in the middle east in the criteria of lowest-risk cities. 

  • Logistics and Infrastructure

Dubai has a vital position in international trading and transport logistics. It has the advantage of its innate strategic location on the globe. 

Due to its beautiful geographical location, it is considered to be the gateway to the world's most accelerating markets, including Africa, India, and China. Thus, it is a wonderful option for you to start a firm here.

  • Wide Gates to International Markets

With ports and an abundant workforce, businesses in Dubai find it easier to grow and access different markets around the world with zero levels of bureaucracy. 

How to Set Up a Park in Dubai for Kids?

You need to go through the following steps to start a kids' amusement park in Dubai:

 1. Get an Opening Approval

You must file for opening approval with the Department of Economic Development (DED).

 2. Choose a Business Name

You must choose the name of the park, and after having chosen the name, pay the registration fees.

 3. Prepare the Documentation

Then Submit all the documents with the forms filled and authenticated and attested for final approval from the DED.

 4. Obtain a Professional License for an Amusement Park

Any Business which is service-based rather than selling or buying a specific product, then you need to have a professional license in Dubai issued by the Department of Economic Development.

Professional License falls into a number of activity groups, ranging from business support services to entertainment and artistic performance as well as sports training services. The Kids Amusement Arcade falls under Professional License.

A Professional License is that it has a boundless liability to the owner. As the owner of the professional license, you could be answerable to any debts that the company gives rise to, and creditors will mostly be able to take your personal assets in an attempt to recuperate their losses.

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