Start A Cleaning Company in UAE

by Zaara 17, May 2019

The United Arab Emirates is a land of opportunities. Embracing Dubai, the liveliest city in the world, the region provides several options to budding entrepreneurs. 

The land offers a ground for all sectors, such as technology, real estate, automobile, and hospitality. Each of these sectors had a standard service they opted for; one such startup idea booming at high speed is setting up a cleaning company in the UAE market. 

Over the last few years, the registration for the cleaning company has mainly increased. If you are a budding entrepreneur and want to set up a business in the UAE, you can count on this option.

Cleaning Business in the UAE

When it comes to UAE, the cleaning company in the region has got a huge demand. The volume appears to rise by 35% to 45% in the upcoming years. The process of obtaining a cleaning license is also an easy one. Now, different cleaning companies in Dubai started focusing on other markets. They are:

  • Industrial Cleaning- focuses on industries and big offices
  • Residential Cleaning-focuses on cleaning the household property
  • Commercial Cleaning- focuses on specific commercial spaces

General Guidelines to Start a Cleaning Company in UAE

  • Do necessary business registration needs.
  • Hire trained employees.
  • General awareness of the field needs to be known.
  • Customer Representatives must be well-versed in English, Arabic, and Hindi.

How to Start a Cleaning Company in the UAE?

Below mentioned are the steps to start a cleaning company in the UAE,

1. Choose a Perfect Location

The first move is to choose a location with enough demand for your business's service. Then, it will gradually increase the number of customers and ultimately improve the business's profit. The UAE offers different business zones like Mainland, Free Zones, and Offshore.

2. Market Investigation

A market investigation is required to understand the competitive market prevailing around. Once you do a market analysis, you will have better clarity regarding the competitors and the target market, and accordingly, choose your respective domain.

3. Obtain a License

The next step is to obtain a Cleaning company license from the Government authority that allows you to conduct business legally.

4. Knowledge of Updates

Keep up-to-date knowledge of Government regulations, environmental policies, preferences, and new technological advancements.

5. Build Established Systems

The next move is to build established systems for consistency and efficiency in the business processes. The employees of your organization must be well-versed in the workflow.

6. Buy Necessary Equipment

You need to figure out the related equipment. It is an important step that is to be done efficiently.

7. Marketing Initiatives

Once the company is incorporated, marketing initiatives are performed online and offline to raise recognition.

Benefits of Setting Up Cleaning Services in the UAE

Below are the benefits of setting up a cleaning services in the UAE;

  • 100% Foreign ownership
  • No personal tax
  • Presence of a niche market and low competitors
  • Availability of different domains in the same sector
  • Can easily outreach the neighboring countries
  • Easy setup process in the respective zones
  • Well-built infrastructure

Thus, starting a cleaning company in the UAE has a broad scope. The only challenge is to carry out the setup process hassle-free, as it includes a lot of legal rules and documentation processes. Having a helping hand at this point can ease your business establishment process. 

At Commitbiz, we free you from business establishment worries as our experts take care of that efficiently. Being a premier business consultant in the UAE, we are ranked in the top ten business consultants in the UAE, delivering company incorporation services to worldwide clients. So to have a word, contact us-even if it's for friendly advice.


What is the license code for building cleaning services in Dubai?

The license code is 749301.

What is the required corporate structure for a cleaning company in the UAE to apply for a commercial license?

You must have a registered Limited Liability company to apply for a commercial license.

What is the corporate structure required for a cleaning business in the UAE if applying for a professional license?

You must have a registered civil company or a sole proprietorship.

Which document is most essential to get a commercial license for any UAE cleaning company license?

The Memorandum of Association is a must to obtain a commercial trade license.

Which agreement is most important to obtain a professional license for any UAE cleaning business?

The Legal Service Agreement is an essential document to get a professional trade license.