How to Set Up a Business in Bahrain International Airport?

by Zaara 04, Jun 2021

Bahrain is one of the most thriving business hubs in the Middle East. It is located in the heart of the Gulf, where several commercial projects prosper. Bahrain International Airport (BIA) is one of the major attractions of the island country. It is located in Al Muharraq, the oldest airport terminal in the Gulf. It became the first international airport in the Persian Gulf since commercial flights landed in 1932. Since then, the airport has been under significant expansion.

Bahrain International Airport (BIA) was built in 1927 as the first airport to service the Kingdom of Bahrain and serves as a significant aviation hub. Situated right in Al Muharraq, an island located seven kilometers north of Manama, the capital of Bahrain, and close to the Bahrain Logistics Region, Bahrain Investment Wharf offers multimodal transport connectivity to goods and services moving across the region. The airport is catering to several airlines and has been a primary logistics point for major freight firms for more than 30 years. BIA is managed and run by Bahrain Airport Company (BAC), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Mumtalakat.

Bahrain International Airport is one of the free trade zones in Bahrain beside Bahrain Logistic Zone and Bahrain International Investment Park. It significantly contributes to Bahrain’s economy and is widely regarded as a reputed aviation and financial center.

Bahrain International Airport acts as a driver of growth in the economy by offering state-of-the-art airport facilities and modern air transportation. The pioneering services offered by the BIA are in line with the Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications'. The objective of transforming the current terminal into a world-class facility is in line with the Kingdom's long-term Bahrain Economic Vision 2030. It is status as a leading commercial, cultural, and aviation hub in the Middle East.

Characteristics of Bahrain International Airport

Some of the critical characteristics of the Bahrain International Airport are listed below:

  • The 3900-meter runway provides an excellent ground for air freight activities.
  • Safe and 24/7 perimeter fence surveillance
  • New Air Traffic Control Center with the new Air Traffic Management System
  • The state-of-the-art security measures at Bahrain Airport Super Gate
  • Classic Fire Station Airport
  • Containerized Data Center
  • Complex with Central Utility
  • Specialized Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul ( MRO) field
  • Dedicated transportation and freight activities
  • Advanced Wireless Personal Radio for workers

Specialized Capacity at Bahrain International Airport

  • Air Freight packaging and dispatch points
  • Freight forwarding facility
  • Flight freight handling aircraft
  • Ground cooling system for the maintenance of cold freight
  • Additional aircraft car parking compartments
  • Modern fuel farm for storage of air-fuel
  • Power and water-efficient houses
  • The expected handling capability of 14 million passengers annually
  • Close to Bahrain Logistics Sector, one of the largest logistics areas in the country that handles a diverse array of air, land, and sea freight.

Amenities for Passengers in the Bahrain International Airport

  • Trax convenient low-back passenger seat system
  • Multi-level car park
  • Self-service check-in booths under the IATA Quick Travel Initiative
  • Suitable retail complex close to the main port
  • Numerous restaurants and cafes offering a wide range of meals
  • Banking services (Ahli United Bank and National Bank of Bahrain offer on-site banking services)
  • ATM's (Offered by big corporations such as HSBC, Bahrain Islamic Bank, Al Baraka)
  • Money exchange (Travelex and BFC (Bahrain Financing Company) offer money exchange services operating 24 hours.)
  • Baggage trolleys (Available from arrivals hall level 1)
  • Lost and Found
  • Bahrain Post office
  • Duty-free shopping (Bahrain Duty-Free runs several stores offering round-the-clock duty-free shopping knowledge)

Lounges Available in Bahrain International Airport

Bahrain International Airport provides a range of discrete lounges facilities for luxury passengers, business people, and families.

1. Gulf Air Industry and First Class Lounge

The Gulf Air Company Luxury Lounge contains a Living Space, Entertainment Room, Administrative Center, Calm Room, and Meditation Area). Situated on the top floor, it is accessible by escalators from the exit area at Gate 15 and overlooks the safe’s main apron.

2. Dilmun Lounge

The Dilmun Luxurious Lounge provides a buffet with an extensive range of premium food and drinks, an open bar, a family space, a children's section, exceptional amenities for disabled visitors, including laundry facilities, bathroom facilities, sleepers, separate smoking quarters, wireless Internet access, IT centers, telephones, fax machines, and flight information monitors. Also, travelers can have private rooms and pay extra fees at the front desk. Passengers can access this lounge by paying by cash or credit card on an hourly basis. The lounge is located on the 1st level of the apartment near Gate 16.

3. Hala Bahrain Lounge Arrivals

The lounge has waiting rooms with newspapers, tv, separate smoking rooms, and Wi-Fi entry points. The lounge is situated on the airside of the arrivals corridor before immigration.

4. Awal Lounge in Hala Bahrain

The Hala Bahrain Awal lounge provides high-speed Wi-Fi, movies, internet terminals, telephones, flight monitors, non-alcoholic beer & wine drinks, alcoholic beverages, spirits & liqueurs, snacks, and meals. This lounge also has a dedicated smoking section. The lounge also provides private rooms where the passenger can use the facility by paying extra fees. The lounge is situated on the airside of Gate 14.

5. Halah Bahrain Al Dana Lounge

The Hala Bahrain Al Dana Lounge provides waiting rooms with newspapers, beer & wine, spirits & spirits, luxury food, popcorn, wireless terminals, separate smoking rooms, TV, and Wi-Fi connection points. The lounge is placed inside security on the airside.

6. Upper lounge of Hala Bahrain

The Hala Bahrain Upper Lounge provides passenger and business services by offering concerts, luxury food and drink spaces, drinks, telephones, internet terminals, and Wi-Fi access. The lounge is situated on the airside of Gate 17B.

7. Lower Lounge of Hala Bahrain

The Hala Bahrain Lower Lounge provides waiting rooms with facilities for tourists and travelers. The lounge is situated on the airside of Gate 31-36.

8. Lounge of Marhaba

Marhaba lounge services partners with global lounge networks worldwide to provide you with pre-bookable airport lounge access at both the outer and home ends of your trip. The Marhaba lounges provide Wi-Fi, smartphones, multicultural food with luxury drinks, and business facilities. A premium lounge experience is available and can be booked separately or packaged with our Gold or Family Meet & Greeting services. Light refreshments are also available.

Services in Bahrain International Airport

1. Shuttle Operation

With proximity to beachside resorts as well as several active Manama communities, Bahrain International Airport provides a wide range of shuttle services from either nearby sedan or taxi service operators, taking care of your luggage and looking forward to completely relaxing.

2. Bahrain International Airport Transport Operation

Without any significant high-speed light rail or train infrastructure set in place, field shipping at BAH Airport is restricted to bus lines along Airport Avenue and pre-paid taxis outside the baggage claim.

3. Bus Facilities

Bahrain Road Transport Authority operates an airport bus service with several bus lines at Bahrain International Airport. A1 and A2 link Bahrain Airport to Manama City Centre and bus lines 10, 11, 12, 32, and 33.

4. Auto Rental and Taxi Service

You can notice a wide variety of taxis at Bahrain International Airport. The taxi ride to Manama City Center is supposed to take 15 minutes, but it will still rely on the traffic and the destination.

Visa Services in Bahrain International Airport

A Visa license is required for all persons (except residents of the Gulf Cooperation Council) to fly to Bahrain. Depending on the form of a visa, there is a nominal charge charged for the permit. Obtaining a visa is essential if you enter Bahrain and a passport that should be valid for at least the next six months. The application process includes presenting the necessary information, such as the visitor’s intent and the job status for verification purposes. Based on the requirements, passengers can also opt for an electronic visa or an e-visa, which may be much more convenient. It is viable to avail of visa services in Bahrain to make the entire process trouble-free.

The different types of visa issued in Bahrain:

  • Maid Visa
  • Employment Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Visitor Visa

Business Prospects in Bahrain International Airport

With a growing amount of passenger inflows and foreign visibility, there are numerous market opportunities open, some of which are listed below:

1. Air Cargo Packaging and Shipping Systems

Cargo services are the most common industrial services available at the airport. It involves wrapping and placements of goods and escorting them securely. It is one of the most on-demand utilities that can be a viable business choice with long-term benefits.

2. Flight Catering Operation

Catering is a central component of in-flight facilities. Airlines have links with catering service providers to meet their requirements. The supply of high-quality catering facilities may also be a profitable enterprise in international airports.

3. Airport Cleaning Operation

Cleaning facilities are vital for the aviation industry, as it is mandatory to ensure a safe environment in and around the airport. Providing skilled cleaning services is still on-demand, and with more travelers traveling each year, the need is also growing significantly.

4. Ticketing and Boarding Services

Ticketing and booking services have seen an increase in demand over the last few years, with more commuters in the island nation. These companies can use online platforms to provide better services to people searching for ticketing and booking services.

5. Delivery of Luggage Facilities

Luggage delivery is relatively new and is becoming very popular with passengers. It offers a door-to-door delivery service where the baggage can be taken from and to the airport and transported directly to the passenger's house, office, or hotel venue.

6. Service, Maintenance, and Repair Facilities

The growth in the number of airlines has raised the demand for maintenance and repair facilities. The provision of skilled maintenance and repair facilities will be a successful option for airlines and a sustainable business enterprise.

Airlines Offering Passenger Services from the Bahrain International Airport

Aerologic, Air Arabia, Air India, Al-Maria Universal Airlines, Al Naser Airlines, Arkefly, Atlas Global, Azerbaijan Airlines, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Egypt Air, Emirates, Etihad Airlines, Ethiopian Airlines, Fly Dubai, Georgian Airways, Gulf Air (Airline Hub for Bahrain’s Flag Carrier), Iraqi Airways, Jazeera Airways, Jet Airways, KLM, Kuwait Airways, Lufthansa, Oman Air, Pegasus Airlines, Saudi Arabian Airlines, Sri Lankan Airlines, Sun Express, Syrian Arab Airlines, Travel Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Ural Airlines, and Watania Airlines.

Airlines Providing Cargo Services from the Bahrain International Airport

Atlas Air, Cargolux, DHL International, Emirates Sky Cargo, Southern Air, Kalitta Air, Lufthansa Cargo, My Cargo Airlines, Swift Air, Polar Airlines, and Turkish Airlines

With world-class infrastructure, new services, and low operational costs in the Middle East region, Bahrain International Airport has become the world's leading engine of performance. It focuses on ensuring the highest standard of service quality in the Kingdom of Bahrain. BIA is fortunate to be a friendly and productive airport with service-oriented staff while seeking to follow its dream of being the hub of choice for emerging enterprises and industries eager to operate in the Middle East area.

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