How to Respond to Positive Online Reviews and Grow Your Business?

by Zaara 01, Apr 2022

Responding to the positive online feedback left by your customers will help your company. You should be inclined to question why you need to respond to positive feedback. They are positive, after all, so why is your involvement required? In the lines below, you'll find out why such a habit is so healthy for your business and how you can use it to make it thrive.

Why is it essential to provide an answer to a positive online review?

When it comes to negative feedback, most business owners are more than prompt, so why shouldn't constructive reviews receive the same degree of attention? You see, they will always enjoy and appreciate your follow-up, even though happy customers give favourable feedback. Even if they are already satisfied with your products and services, it will make your customers feel unique and essential to share your gratitude.

People don't write reviews because, even when the review is a good one, they have an issue that needs to be solved. They do so because they want your brand, products, and customer service to share their personal experiences. Your customers would therefore transform into promoters of your brand and company without them even knowing it. In the eyes of prospects, their feedback will be beneficial, and they can turn a visitor into a customer.

Considering that a positive review effectively shapes your brand’s image online, if you also choose to react, just think about the benefits you would receive. Showing that you care about every customer, regardless of whether they are satisfied or have a problem, will certainly increase your brand's credibility and make it appear as a trustworthy company.

How to respond to a positive review?

If you think that a simple "Thank you!" will do, It's time for you to know that if you want your answer to be appreciated, you'll have to do more than this. Although it might not sound anything to you, it will mean a lot to them and to those who will read your response to personalise your answer for each customer. Therefore, when writing your answer, the first thing you need to do is mention your client's name. This way, instead of being something general and automatic, they can feel like the answer has been written for them alone.

What to say, furthermore? Use the data generated by the client in their analysis to have a mirror reaction. For instance, if the customer stated that working with one of your staff was good, make sure to bring this up. Or if he or she mentioned an individual specificity, they enjoyed being your customer, and you may also refer to this part.

If you wonder whether writing a personalised response to a review is worth the effort, the answer is yes. Only think about the fact that the consumer not only trusted your company sufficiently to make a purchase or invest in your services, but he also took the time to tell others about it. A positive online review is the best marketing tool you can use, and each satisfied customer voluntarily gives it. At least you should take a couple of minutes to write back.

Besides using the client’s name, you should also make sure to show your gratitude toward their gesture. Also, don’t take too much time to respond. Do your best to be prompt, and your answer is appreciated even more.

What if I don’t have sufficient time to answer all the reviews received?

If your company is doing very well and gets a lot of feedback, it is natural for you not to have time to respond to them promptly. After all, you need to run the company and write thank you notes that can take a lot of your precious time. At least, respond to the most relevant customers in this situation. Those customers who have taken the time to write a lengthy and comprehensive review should undoubtedly have a response for you.

If these people gave away their time to provide so many details of their personal experience with your company, you owe them a friendly, personalised response to their reviews. Make sure you get their service back if they think you're worth the effort. Of course, do not just write a short message back, and that's it. Do your best to spend the same amount of time and effort as your customer spent in their review in writing the answer.

A satisfied customer, who can also be held this way with a proper review response, can quickly turn into your brand's promoter. You keep customers satisfied by delivering excellent goods and services and ensuring that their views, opinions, and experiences are also vital to you. So, work on building a perfect relationship with your customers, and they will undoubtedly recommend their friends and family to your company.

Even the Search Engines will Appreciate your Responses

When you opt to respond to online reviews, you do more than keep your customers happy. You can also manage to keep search engines satisfied as well. You need to understand that Google, for instance, also takes a look at the number of reviews when rating your website. Therefore, the more ratings you earn, the higher your rating would be. Your responses to these reviews, of course, will also benefit, as it increases the interaction rate.

The Takeaway

The best thing you can do for your business is to allow your clients to post reviews. If you have an online presence on different pages, kindly ask people to leave reviews on all of them based on their interests. Doing so will increase the visibility of your website and business even further on the Internet. You now know the tremendous potential of positive online reviews when it comes to growing a sustainable company.

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Hire an experienced company to help your vision if you need assistance in curating feedback. To boost your positive online presence, do all that is ethically within your control. If you have any query, feel free to contact us.