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Process of Trade Mark Registration Dubai

by Zaara 09, Jul 2020

In the global economy, business owners want to be outstanding in their field of operation. In a competitive scenario, every business comes up with unique and innovative ideas to divert and attract consumers. Intellectual Property Rights are an essential part of business today. IPR allows your products to be distinguished from other products.

Trade mark registration – Dubai, is necessary to set up a business in the nation. It not only acts as a shield from pirates and hackers but also ensures a competitive edge for the company.

How to Register Trademark in Dubai?

A trademark is a sign which distinguishes the goods and services of one brand from the other. It includes a name, phrase, word, or symbol. It protects the uniqueness of business enterprises.

Do you want to start a business and wondering how to register a trademark in Dubai? The steps are as follows.

1. Searching for Trademark

First of all, the Ministry of Economy checks whether a similar trademark exists or not. Search is conducted online. Not all trademarks can be registered. Only the trademarks which are not previously in use can be registered.

2. Application

The application form for registration should be in prescribed manner and form. While applying for documents are to be submitted: -

  • Copy of trademark design
  • Receipt showing the payment of an official fee
  • Power of attorney
  • Commercial license
  • Passport of the applicant
  • Contact details of the applicant

3. Payment of Fee

After applying, it is mandatory to remit the required amount of fee before the UAE Ministry of Economy.

4. Evaluation

The evaluation of the application will be done by the Ministry of Economy. Any defect in the filing of the application or improper particulars will result in the rejection of the application. Communication of the result of the evaluation is to be made within thirty days.

5. Publication

The trademark in at least two newspapers. The applicant should bear the cost of publication. Once it is published, it is open for the public to raise opposition.

6. Final Registration

Once the defects in the application are modified, and the opposition raised is rectified, the MOE shall register the trademark. The MOE shall also issue a certificate of registration along with the date of registering the trademark.

Why is Trade mark Registration in Dubai Important for Businesses?

It is essential for business owners to have an idea that the trademark helps to grow the business, and that it is an asset to the business. Following are some of the reasons showing the importance of trade mark registration in Dubai

1. Effective Communication Tool

A trademark is an effective communication tool, which conveys intellectual attributes and messages about the company and its reputation.

2. Identification

The trademarks grab the customer's attention and help to identify the product quickly. A brand is a critical element in a customer's purchase decision. The reputation of the business can be easily communicated through brands.

3. Valuable Asset for Business

Trademarks provide value to the business and carry goodwill. When the business grows, it imparts value beyond the core business area. Trademarks are a critical asset to the business.

4. Legal Ownership

Trademarks give legal ownership and prohibit others from using it. It is an exclusive right to mark your products. They carry legal power to protect the brand as intellectual property. Therefore, a trademark is a concrete proof that the business gives legally protected rights.

5. Creates a Competitive Edge

Trademarks build a wall between the company and its competitors. It helps to put an eye on the competitors and helps to innovate and expand the business.

Trademark registration in Dubai Cost

Trademark registration in Dubai costs around AED 12500. The validity for which are 10 years.

Why Avail Professional Services for Trade Mark Registration - Dubai?

There are many things to consider before your trademark registration in Dubai. Intellectual Property services in general require legal expertise and assistance. By seeking the service of a professional, legal documentation shall be done with ease. Trade mark registration - Dubai involves legal procedures.  All proceedings, including application to granting, can be managed professionally.

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Where does one get the trademark application form?

One can get the trademark application form from the Ministry of Economy's e-services website.

Do I need to research before using a trading name for my company?y?

Yes, to know if it is already registered.

What is the cost of trademark renewal in Dubai?

The trademark renewal costs around AED 6,700.

How much time do you have to renew an expiring trademark?

When the validity of a trademark registration expires, you have three months from the date of expiry to renew the registration.

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