Trade name registration in Dubai

How to Register a Trade Name with the Dubai DED?

by Zaara 04, May 2021

Registration of the trade name is nothing but registration of the business name within the Economic Department of the UAE. It is mandatory to register the trade name of your company with the Department of Economic Development approvals. Other commercial entities must not disclose a similar trade name. Trade names must be original if licensing authorities do not approve of the same name. Before continuing with the granting of a trade license formalities, all UAE companies must reserve their trade name by registering the trade name.

Before plunging deep into registering a company name for your Dubai mainland firm, let us understand a few concepts.

Are you puzzled about a Trade name, Trademark, and Legal name?

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Trade Name

A trade name is a name issued to a company for its operation. It is sometimes referred to as a fake name or a name for doing business. The name of the company is the name the public uses, much as on signs and the internet. In Dubai, registration of the company name is the third stage of the registration procedure.

Procedure for Setting up a Business in Dubai

1. Select Commercial Activity

2. Choose The Legal Type

3. Choose Trade Name

4. Apply for First Approval

5. Start preparing MOA and LSA agreement

6. Formation of a location for the company

7. Approving

8. Collect Company License

Legal Name

A legal name is the name of an agency or person possessing an undertaking. A legal name must be licensed with state authority and must have a correct ending after the term, such as an LLC or LLP. The government makes use of the legal name for purposes of interaction.


A trademark is simply a brand name. A trademark includes icons, badges, hallmarks, illustrations used to set the brand apart and a company logo and name security. Ministry of Economy is the body responsible for the registration of trademarks in the UAE. Trademark registration is not necessary. The Dubai government provides guidelines for trademark registration. Example: The McDonald's is a trading name. The legal corporate name for the organization is McDonald's Corporation. Golden arches are a McDonald's trademark.

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Government Authorities Involved in Trade Name Registration Procedure

Department of Economic Development (DED)

The Department of Economic Development is the governing agency approving to set and push Dubai's economic agenda, UAE. The DED underpins Dubai 's systemic transformation into a diversified, creative service-based economy that aims to transfer the business climate and stimulate productivity development. The DED and its agencies are designing economic policies and strategies, defining and promoting strategic business development, and providing services to local and foreign investors and companies.

Department in the Ministry of the Economy

Economy ministry department assists in the growth of national enterprises, imports, and exports. Regulating the market of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and promoting entrepreneurship. Consumer rights and intellectual property rights are protected. Trademark registration is performed in the Ministry of Economy by the department, and the department makes further inquiries regarding a trademark of economic growth.

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Procedure for Trade Name Registration

The trade name process may be based on convenience, online, or offline. Below are a few measures for registering a trade name -

Select a Name Based on Rules and Regulations

A trademark should be chosen according to laws and regulations. DED shall have the power to cancel the name of the company name does not meet any of the following rules.

Rules and Regulations for Selecting a Company Name

1. The business operation should represent the business name.

2. A similar business in Dubai does not claim the company name by copyright.

3. The name of the trade does not include terms of indignity.

4. The trademark should not be named after God.

5. Few terms are not recognized, such as Dubai's Emirates, City names, Districts and, Airport codes.

6. Continent and country names cannot be used in trade names, but nationalities may be used as a name.

7. A company name can't start either with European, Middle East, Asian, etc. or with the names translated.

8. A corporate name does not have Government Agencies abbreviations.

9. A company name can not include any popular global brands such as Apple, Samsung, Kia, and so on in part or as a whole.

10. The name of the business does not contain any indication of sectarian religious organizations or global political organizations, such as the FBI, Vatican, etc.

11. The name of the division cannot be equivalent to the name of the parent company and even if suffix and legal names are not considered part of a name.

12.  For privately-owned businesses, words such as "ME" and "CO" are limited unless they come as part of a word such as "LCME Trading," "ACTO Services."

13. Family names should only be included in the first name is used, and one of the proposed shareholders must be named.

14.14. Titles should be written in a literal manner and should not be translated, for example: if the Arabic name is «العاليــة الســماء» the trade name should be written as ‘’Al Samaa Al Aalya’’.

Check the Trade Name for Availability

You need to test the Availability after selecting a name for a business in Dubai. You can check the Availability via the Local Ministry of Economy's public service.

Reserve your Business Name

This move is crucial in the case that you need a trade license for your company. You must reserve a company name by taking permission from the DED in Dubai to receive the license. Foreign investors may either send the trade name approval application online or apply it to the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED).  For more information about reserving the trade name, you may contact Agents in Dubai.

Make the Payment

Payment may be made online or offline with the convenience of the customer. Within 72 hours of obtaining the payment voucher, you will pay the company name’s reservation fees. A certificate of a trading name is valid for six months and a certificate of a trading name that has already expired should be reserved again. All payments are due. Here are only a few information regarding fees,

1. Register the trade name costs AED 620

2. If there are distinctive features in your company name, you can pay additional fees between AED 1000 and AED 2000.

3. AED 1000 will cost trading names which are in English and cannot be translated into Arabic.

4. If the trade name has regional references such as "East," "West," it will cost AED 1000 to "International."

5. AED 2000 costs trade name like the word "Gulf."

6. AED 2000 costs trade name, including abbreviations.

7. Trade names and numerical (numerical, written only in words) cost AED 2000.

8. If part of the name is labeled, then it will cost AED 1000.

9. AED 2000 costs trade names, including foreign(non-Arabic) words.

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Which authorities are responsible for trade name registration in Dubai?

The authorities responsible are as follows:

  • Department of Economic Development

  • The Ministry of Economy.

From where can we check the availability of our chosen Dubai trade name?

It can be checked through the offered public service by the local Ministry of Economy.

For how much duration is the trade name certificate valid in Dubai?

 It is valid for six months.

When should the Dubai business name registration fees be paid?

 It should be paid within 72 hours of receiving the payment voucher.

What kind of ending does a legal name should have in the Dubai Emirate?

 A legal name should have an ending like ‘LLC’ or ‘LLP’.