How to Open a Restaurant Business in Sharjah?

by Zaara 21, Aug 2019

How to Open a Restaurant Business in Sharjah?

Restaurant, Cafeteria, and such food businesses are making a great deal of income in the present time. The United Arab Emirates is a centre for delicious cooking pleasures from all over the world. The restaurant industry is currently at the boom in the Emirates and has seen immense growth in the last few years. The UAE is undeniably one of the swiftest growing economies in the Middle East, and according to Euromonitor International, an additional 19,000 dining outlets are expected to open in Dubai alone within 2019. And with a major upcoming event like Expo 2020, this business will get the attention that is long due.

In this piece, we are going to tell you the why’s and how’s of starting a restaurant business in Sharjah.

Underpinned by the worldwide ‘foodie’ movement, it’s obvious to see why Sharjah is an exciting new place for the hopeful restaurateurs:

  • A flourishing and diverse array of customers from every continent of the world: Asia, Europe, The Americas, Australia and the Middle East
  • Fast-growing tourism sector along with Dubai and Abu Dhabi
  • Strong government dedication to growing the economy and GDP
  • Handsome incentives for starting a restaurant or cafeteria in the food & beverage industry

Opening a Restaurant in Sharjah

Before you start the process of opening a restaurant, you require following the FOOD CODE as drafted by the Food Control Department of Sharjah City Municipality to assure safe production as well as delivery of food, and with an attempt to guide criteria of food security in the food industry. The Food Code is applicable to certain food-related business. They are as follows;

  • Restaurants, cafeteria, hotels, and cafes
  • Bakeries and Butcher shop
  • Institution of food service in schools as well as in hospitals
  • Supermarket, Grocery and departmental stores
  • Food factories and warehouses
  • Catering services, supplies to the cruise ship, desert camps, events and canteens
  • Producers of food packaging materials and supplies
  • Kiosks, temporary and permanent food events, as well as mobile vending operations

Secure Your Food and Trade License

A necessary step for launching your new restaurant in Sharjah is securing food and trade license.  The License for Food can be obtained through the Food & Safety Department, while your Trade License must be acquired through the Sharjah Department of Economic Development & Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing. If you feel that there are any additional services that you want to provide in your business then you can also apply special licenses including a delivery permit, liquor permit, pork permit, Ramadan permit and more.

Acquire No Objection Letter

Here, three copies of the designed kitchen intend or payout plan, as well as equipment information for the consent of the authority, should be provided from the listed engineering office. It is also vital to acquire NOC before starting the official business from Sharjah Municipality Public Health Department. Owner of the restaurant can face strong legal action in case of failure to obtain NOC

You also have to choose a proper location in Sharjah for your restaurant. It must be well-thought-of as to where you want to open the restaurant i.e. either in the free zone or mainland. You might obliterate your business if you choose the wrong location as selecting the right place for opening the restaurant is very significant from the investor’s point of view.

Conditions to Open a Restaurant in Sharjah

  • There must be suitable lighting and ventilation in the restaurant
  • The kitchen area must be 40% of the total restaurant area or a minimum of 300 sq ft
  • There has to be a storage area for dry/chilled as well as frozen food items
  • The kitchen is must be at least 30 sq ft if you have a tandoor inside the kitchen
  • There should be a washing facility with both hot and cold water
  • A separate sink for washing vegetables, together with a preparation table for preparing vegetables
  • Availability of deep basin for washing full-sized pots
  • Stainless steel hand wash sink in the grounding area with both hot and cold water
  • For storage of outdoor clothing, there must be a cabinet
  • There must be a single sink for meat as well as a preparation table
  • To maintain the temperature of cooked and hot food there should be a Bain Marie
  • Stainless steel shelves for dry food items
  • Drainage pipe should have a distance of at least 2 inches from the wall
  • There should also be a stainless steel rack in washing area for drying utensils etc after washing
  • The stipulation of the cooking area with chimney and ventilation hood. The chimney must be above 2M from the nearest building
  • There must be no presence of lubricating traps in the kitchen

You have to follow all these guidelines while designing your restaurant as non-compliance will result in legal action from Sharjah Municipality.

If you want to want to create your own recipe of success, start your restaurant business in Sharjah today and get your slice of excitement! Contact us  for our consultant to guide you through the process. We’d be happy to help you.

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