How to Open a Fashion Store in Dubai?

by Zaara 02, Mar 2020

How to Open a Fashion Store in Dubai?

The ideal location of Dubai stands as one of the perfect destinations when it comes to apparel business. The region holds a diversified population and business-friendly environment that provokes the business enterprises to go ahead and flourish the opportunities. If you ever visit Dubai and walk around the malls located in the region, you will have a clear idea regarding the window of opportunity that it holds. Ranging from multi-national brands to local ones, it has got a space for every business entity to maintain a good quality of clothing and accessories to enter the industry. The population in Dubai is keen to invest in the fashion world, which creates a huge demand that needs to be met. If you are a fashion designer who dreams of holding a fashion boutique or even an investor who is looking out for investment options, then the fashion industry and Dubai turns out to be the perfect blend. Let’s deep dive and understand more about it.

The Fashion Industry in Dubai

In 2018, the Dubai Chamber research highlighted the Value that the fashion industry in Dubai holds, which amounted to $12.3 billion. The annual growth stood at 4.8%, which projects the fashion industry to be one of the key contributors to the UAE’s retail sector. The sales segmentation is highlighted below.

Sales Figures for the year 2018


Percentage of Sales

Men’s Apparel


Women’s Apparel


Children’s Apparel



Apart from the figures mentioned above, it is projected that the retail apparel is expected to see steady growth over the 2019-2023 period with the below-highlighted figures.

Estimated Future Growth (2019-2023)



Estimated Value (in $Billion)

Men’s Apparel



Women’s Apparel



Children’s Apparel




Reasons to Start a Fashion Business in Dubai

Well, if you are still confused and wondering why the fashion industry is at its peak in Dubai, then do have a look at the following points highlighted below.

1.Huge Potential

The fashion industry holds a huge market when it comes to the grounds of Dubai. The region of Dubai serves to be home to more than 3 million population ranging from almost 200 nationalities. This creates a huge demand for business investors to come ahead and invest in this business. You need to analyze and understand the market that you want to target and provide relevant products and services accordingly. Dubai also tops the global tourism destination, which again creates a huge potential for business professionals. In 2018, the count of Dubai visitors reached nearly 16 million, which highlights the immense potential that the market holds.

2.Wide Range of Location Options

One of the best grounds that attract the business investors to come forward and invest in the region of Dubai is the availability of different location options that the region holds, which holds MainlandFree Zones, and Offshore. Each of the options available helps the business investors to set up their business according to the financial stability that they hold. In case a business professional selects Mainland, he has got the flexibility to operate the business activities across the UAE, unlike Free Zone which holds restrictions. Before you choose any of the locations, you need to hold a clear idea regarding each of the zones’ availability so that you can end up choosing the most profitable location that would boost your business growth.

3.Simple Business Registration Process

Since the number of global investors has reached a great count, the Emirati government has been taking effective measures to build a friendly business climate to ease the process of business incorporation process in UAE. The process turns out to be much easier if conducted with the help of business consultants who stands an in-depth knowledge regarding the proceedings. Next, let’s take a step forward and understand the complete procedure that you need to follow to give a physical existence to your apparel business dream.

How to Start a Fashion Store in Dubai?

The Department of Economic Development (DED) stands as the monitor that looks into the various aspects of business incorporation in the region. If you have decided to proceed ahead with a cloth store or fashion boutique in Dubai, then you need to follow the underlined process stated by the authority.

  1. Duly fill the application form related to business incorporation
  2. Submit your passport and visa copies
  3. Obtain the NOCs required for initial and name approval
  4. Make sure to draft the Memorandum and Articles of Association with a local partner
  5. Decide a strategic location for your business
  6. In case, if you end up dealing as a wholesaler, the preferable option would be to go ahead with a business centre
  7. Once you submit the documents mentioned above, you need to pay the required license fee
  8. After approval, you can collect the business license
  9. Once obtained, you can proceed ahead with the business operations
  10. Hire the correct employees to manage your business effectively
  11. Open a corporate bank account

The legal permit that you obtain after the completion of the process will help you to import, export, deal with retail o locally distribute the garments in the region of Dubai and across the nation of the UAE. Incorporating a business in Dubai paves out an excellent opportunity for the business investors to enjoy multiple benefits like:

  • Complete tax-exemption on personal income generated
  • Multiple location options
  • Stands as an international gateway
  • Enhances the goodwill of the company
  • No currency restrictions
  • Flexibility to hire global employees

In a nutshell, we can say that the region of Dubai stands as a perfect destination for the business incorporation process. Investing in the apparel business is one of the smart decisions that you can go ahead with because the demand is continuously rising and will grow further in the region. Next year, the World Expo 2020 is expected to fetch in more than 25 million visitors, which stands as an outstanding opportunity for the business entities to double their profits. The company set up proceedings might turn out to be a complicated scenario if dealt alone without holding proper knowledge regarding the legal proceedings that need to be abiding by.

Business owners and investors play a smart move at this point by connecting with business experts who are well-experienced with the business incorporation proceedings. Commitbiz Consultants stands as one of the top ten business consultants in Dubai who has been helping business professionals and entrepreneurs to set up their business in the region of UAE. Our experts are well-versed with the legal and business establishment proceedings and can provide you tailored solutions suiting your business needs. If you hold any query, do have a word with our experts. Contact us today-we’d be glad to assist.


What is the expected growth in retail apparel in the Dubai fashion market by 2023?

The expected growth (CAGR) is 3.8%, 4.9%, and 3.7% for men, women, and children respectively.

Where can we incorporate a fashion store in Dubai?

You can carry out your incorporation in the mainland, offshore, or free zones of Dubai.

Can we hire global employees for the Dubai fashion industry?

 Yes, global employees can be hired.

Do we have any currency restrictions for the fashion business in Dubai?

 No, there a no currency restrictions for any business investor.

Which authority is responsible for issuing licenses for the fashion industry in Dubai?

 The Department of Economic Development, Dubai issues licenses to start a fashion company.

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