How to Open a Branch of Your Beauty Salon in Dubai?

by Zaara 28, Sep 2021

How to Open a Branch of Your Beauty Salon in Dubai?

Two most important aspects of the UAE that set it apart from other countries are, firstly the considerable ex-pat population, which is much higher than citizens. Secondly, everyone living in the UAE leads a quality life. Most of the inhabitants of the UAE are capable and willing to afford grooming services. Deciding to open a beauty salon in the UAE or opening a branch of your existing line of a beauty salon in the UAE is a fantastic idea as you need not worry about the demand of your services due to the high living standard and high per capita income.

A well-maintained face and body will surely make a person stand out in the crowd.

Process of Opening a Branch of your Beauty Salon

The mainlands of Emirates are the most preferred locations for opening a salon business. Dubai Mainland will create more business opportunities as compared to a free zone because you will be able to attract a massive footfall in your salon. The Department of Economic Development is the regulatory body for businesses in the mainland. Following are a few steps which one needs to follow to open a beauty salon.

  1. First, start with submitting the passports and visas of every business partner and investor
  2. Decide on a name for your business and submit the same to the Department of Economic Development
  3. Once the regulatory body approves the business name, you need to draft the LSA and MOA
  4. Rent the physical space for the salon, get tenancy along with Ejari number
  5. Proceed towards getting approval from planning Section and Health and Safety Section of Municipality
  6. Once you have approval on every point noted over, you can proceed towards the last step that is obtaining a business license from the Department of Economic Development

There are mainly two kinds of beauty salons that can be opened in the United Arabs Emirates, Men's Beauty Salon and Women's Beauty Salon. A ladies beauty salon license allows you to provide a plethora of services such as hair styling, cutting, skin treatments, henna application and many such services. Simultaneously, a men's beauty salon allows you to offer similar kind of services to your customers.

Beauty Salon Requirements

Now that you are aware of the steps that you need to follow to obtain a business license, you must know the requirements of opening a beauty salon.

  • The Planning Department of the governing body must approve the location of the salon
  • You need a physical signboard outside of the salon
  • There must be proper lighting and hygiene at the salon.
  • The dressing chairs must reach a compulsory size of 3 meters wide and 3.5-meter length, and it must be no less than these specific details at any cost
  • There must be a separate or designated area for services like pedicure, manicure, skin treatments etc. with a proper partition between the different area and central area.
  • Your salon must have a washbasin in its premises for washing oneself after skin treatments.
  • The area where hair removal activities will be performed must have fireproof materials around.

Why You Should Start and Open Branches of Your Beauty Salon Across the UAE?

If you are a professional beauty artist or have a knack for beauty artistry, this is the perfect time to open your beauty salon in the mainland of the UAE. The UAE is one of the most promising destinations for starting a beauty salon business. Further coming up with more branches of the same is equally easy to come up with as we have discussed in the very beginning of the article how beauty services are in demand these days in the UAE because of high lifestyle and huge ex-pat population.

Moreover, the cost subjected to open a beauty salon in the UAE is nominal as compared to other countries. The cost can be bifurcated into two parts. Primarily cost related to obtaining a license and all other legal activities. Secondarily the cost subjected to physical set up of the beauty salon in the UAE.

The government of the UAE is very positive when it comes to foreign investors. A beauty salon might be a passion or your next business plan, but it undoubtedly gives you the status of an investor in the UAE. UAE is also famous worldwide for its tax-free economy. Also, it is effortless to obtain a residential visa in the UAE for foreign investors which will, on the other hand, helps you to rent or lease an apartment in the UAE.

Now that you are sure about the demand for beauty services in the UAE think no more and take a step towards opening a beauty salon and its branches across the UAE. Once you have a beauty salon registered, it is a cake-walk to open a branch of a beauty salon in UAE. You will already be having a business license and a registered business name.

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