How to Obtain Specific License to Set up a Business in KIZAD

by Zaara 29, Sep 2021

How to Obtain Specific License to Set up a Business in KIZAD

The capital of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, may not be get noticed much when we talk about setting up a company or company registration but do not consider it to be weaker in any aspect. It is usually overshadowed by Dubai in terms of business opportunities but setting up a company in Abu Dhabi has its pros and cons.

Keeping in mind the increasing number of business opportunities in the capital and the vision of diversification of the UAE economy, the Government of Abu Dhabi made plans to establish an industrial park nearby the newly built Khalifa Port. This industrial zone was given the name of KIZAD of Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi.

Khalifa Industrial Zone Abu Dhabi

The Details of this industrial free zone were announced in November of 2010, and the free zone officially came into existence in September of 2012. This free zone is located at almost equal distances from both Abu Dhabi and Dubai and is connected to both the cities via the E11 highway.

One of the main objectives of the formation of KIZAD free zone is to attract foreign companies to come and set up their companies in the country which in turn will create more job opportunities for both the locals as well as expatriates. Companies that are into the trading industry, manufacturing industry, logistics industry, and many other industries will find the free zone suitable as this free zone consists of state of the art infrastructure, secure connectivity around the world and pre-built warehouses.

KIZAD covers an area of almost 417 square kilometres, and because of this enormous size it is divided into two parts, Area A and Area B. Area A will be a bit smaller in comparison to Area B and this part will give attention to the businessmen who are interested in working in a particular industry. Area B will focus its attention on the light, heavy and other logistic companies, retail infrastructures, residential complexes, and various other infrastructures.

Licenses Available in KIZAD

There are mainly three different types of grants available in the KIZAD free zone. These are granted are given below:

  1. Industrial License

An industrial license is the most common type of license available in the KIZAD Free Zone. This type of permit is mostly used for the import of raw materials, packaging, and assembling of products and exporting packaged and finished goods from the free zone.

  1. General or Trading License

If a company is involved in trading activities, it needs to obtain a trading license. Obtaining this license will permit a company to trade in 17 different product categories, which are categorized under three different product groups. 

  1. Service License

If a company registered in the free zone deals in any service, it needs to acquire a service license. The activities such as management, logistics, marketing, tourism and hospitality, warehousing, and many others will fall under the category of services.

Obtain Licenses in KIZAD

If a company or individual requires a license, the free zone will provide individual assistance to the entity. Dedicate Client Relationship Executives are provided to each object which will ensure that the process of registration and licensing of a company remains very streamlined. The dedicated help will take care that there is no confusion about the documents required to be submitted and will also take care of the fact that the license is available to the entity within a week.

Recently, KIZAD has also presented a Dual Licensing concept which will allow the companies registered under this concept to get another license from the Mainland Department of Economic Development (DED). If a company obtains this license, the company will not have to take up any physical office or any tenancy agreement from the mainland.

To obtain the licenses, the company has to apply on the online portal of KIZAD. In case the company wants to purchase a dual permit, the company needs to produce a No Objection Certificate (NOC) after getting a free zone license. The free zone license needs to be renewed every year.

Thus, we can see that setting up a company in the KIZAD free zone will not only assist in the quick and easy company incorporating in Abu Dhabi but will also ensure the growth of the company. these processes need much understanding, and even a small mistake can lead up to a massive effect on the company. This is why it is always recommended that you should take the help of a Business Setup Consultancy. One of these management consultancy firms is "Commitbiz."

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