How to Obtain an Investor Visa in Dubai?

by Zaara 09, Mar 2021

How to Obtain an Investor Visa in Dubai?

Funds are among the most important things that a business organization wants to stabilize itself. No organization can settle or have a strong foundation without adequate financing, and this is where an investor comes into the picture. One of the prominent stakeholders behind forming a corporate company that provides a corporate lifeline is investors. The concept of globalization offered business companies an opportunity to go beyond national borders and extend their organizations in other regions.

Today, the United Arab Emirates, the gold land, is seen as a flourishing stage for corporate entities regarding their formation and growth. The country's free trade zones make it an industry magnet that draws foreign investors to invest and set up business in the UAE. If you are an investor and seek investment opportunities, then as your investment vehicle, you rely on the UAE. The country helps foreign investors to resettle all the resources and income gained.

First and foremost, all you need is a valid passport and visa to give your investment choices in the UAE a green go. There are various forms of passes, but an investor visa is the one you will require. You will get a precise understanding of what an investor visa is all about in this blog and how to obtain it. Keep reading

What Is an Investor Visa?

A visa for investors is a type of visa that enables a foreign investor to enter, operate, engage in business activities, and leave a country. It is a pass that allows the investor to carry out various company operations. International investments carry a high risk, but they also have a high return.

The UAE Ministry must require an investor visa for three years and must be stamped by UAE Consulate. If an investor requires an investor visa for Dubai (also known as Partner Visa Dubai) and then obtain it, an investor needs to deposit AED 10,000 and Dubai’s visa charges. Once it is closer to the expiry date, it must be replaced at a future date to carry out business operations.

If the investor learns that the investment made is not worthwhile and does not match the required return, he can decide to withdraw the investor visa.

Dubai Visa Process

Since Amer centers commence, obtaining a Dubai visa or updating its status has become relatively easy. Amer centers are found at different locations in the city, and all the visa services in Dubai are offered.

AED 3500 ( Visa + Medical + Emirates Id )

In addition to the fees mentioned above for Dubai business visa, no extra fees for medical or Emirates Id

It is also possible to obtain a Dubai business visa if one plans to set up a company in any Dubai-based Freezones. The visa procedure is quite similar to acquiring a visa for a mainland company, but the only difference that may creep up is that the costs vary with the freezone in which a company is planned to be set up.

Fees Involved in Investor Visa

Description Fee
Investor Visa Entry License Application AED 360
To obtain the visa inside the Nation AED 680
Visa Location Amendment AED 510
Medical AED 300
Emirates ID for the three years AED 370
Visa stamping for three years AED 760

Documents Required

For Visa Entries

  • Copy of passport
  • Photograph for visa registration
  • Copy of Memorandum of Association
  • Company License copy
  • Partner’s List
  • Copy of Service Agent Agreement (for a professional license)
  • Copy of Partnership Agreement (for a professional license)
  • Emirates ID of other partners
  • Immigration Incorporation Document copy
  • Bank statement for last six months

For Medical

  • Written application
  • Passport and visa copy along with the photographs

For Visa Stamping

  • Photograph with white background
  • Emirates ID application
  • Original Visa, Medical Certificate, Passport, Immigration Incorporation Document, LLC Contract, Partner’s List and License Copy

Advantages of Holding an Investor Visa

An investor visa offers the visa holder with specific incentives. Let's have a glance at them:

  • 100% resettlement of savings and income earned
  • There are no corporate taxes to be collected,
  • The investor has the advantage of recruiting foreign employees
  • It is necessary to elongate the validity of the visa period
  • The UAE Investor Visa also offers an easy way to acquire a residency visa.
  • Holding an investor visa facilitates the opening of a UAE corporate bank account.
  • The investor has the option of holding an Emirates ID.

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Which are the top 7 business oppurtunities in Dubai for an Investor?

These are the sectors for high-return investment in Dubai -

  • Travel & Tourism

  • Construction Business

  • Restaurant Business

  • Event Management Business

  • Import Export Business

  • E-commerce Business

  • Health Sector

How long is the Dubai Investor Visa valid?

The visa can stay active for 3 to 5 years. The Visa is valid for as long as the investor owns the property.

What are the requirements for Dubai golden visa for an Investor?

These are the requirements for an Angel Investor in Dubai -

  • Investors with a minimum public investment of at least AED 10 Million ($ 27,22,596), either in the form of an investment fund or a company.

  • The amount that’ll get invested shouldn’t be a loan.

  • Partnering with an existing or a new company with equity not less than AED 10 Million.

  • Investment in real estate shouldn’t be more than 60%.

What is the Dubai Golden visa price?

It varies depending on the validity of the visa -

  • For a 5 year Visa plan, the charges are - AED 650 + AED 150 (for application) + AED 500 (for the issuance). 

Total AED 1300

  • For a 10-year Golden visa plan, the charges are - AED 1150 + AED 150 (for application) + AED 1000 (for the issuance purpose) 

Total AED 2300.


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