How to Obtain an Entry/Permit Visa to Enter the UAE?

by Zaara 27, Dec 2021

Visa is an overseas travel document that allows people who want to travel outside national borders. It is a compulsory document that every person has to obtain, whether for business or travel. Visas have been classified into different categories and are paid accordingly based on their use and needs. We can come across the various ways and uses of each one of them to step forward.

UAE Free Zone Visa

Free trade zones are one of the magnetic forces that draw foreign investors to invest and to set up business in the UAE. The zone provides investors with access to the advantages of tax exemption and 100% foreign ownership. In addition, they also have the flexibility to repatriate the accumulated capital along with income made during the lifetime of the company. After the establishment of a business in the UAE, the owners have the flexibility to opt for a residency visa.

Types of Visas and Their Purposes

Let's take a look at the various visa forms in the UAE.

1. Visit Visa

The visit visa enables a person to visit the UAE and is valid for 60 days and can be extended for up to 90 days. The fee for a visiting visa is AED 165.

2. Visitors Visa

Tourist visas are issued to visitors who want to get an opportunity to explore the United Emirates. The term of validity shall be 58 days from the date of issue. The tourist visa fee is AED 69.

3. Mission Visa

It is a temporary work visa and is validated for 60 days, but by paying an AED 500 renewal fee, it can be extended to 90 days.

4. Special Mission Visa

This form of visa is used in urgent cases and in special cases and is validated for a fee of AED 200 for 16 days.

5. Transit Visa

These visas are given to holders only for the purpose of moving through a nation and not living there. By paying AED 44, it is possible to obtain a 96-hour transit visa from Dubai International Airport (DXB). There is a minimum transit time of eight hours.

6. Multiple Visa  Entry

This visa enables the holder to be free to enter a country several times. By paying the amount of AED 1655, the holder can visit the UAE many times for a period of 90 days.

7. Investor Visa

This visa enables a person in Dubai to form a business. An initial deposit of AED 10,000 or AED 20,000 is a prerequisite for applying for such a visa. It is valid for a 3-year term.

8. Residency Visa

Once the business setup phase in Dubai is completed, a residency visa can be selected by an investor. The key conditions for obtaining a UAE residence visa are the validity of the passport for a minimum period of 6 months. For 1 year, it corresponds to AED 120 and for 3 years, AED 360.

9. Jobs Visa

The Dubai Work Visa serves as an entry permit for foreign employees. The minimum age limit for receiving such a visa is 18. The free work permit is approx. 1200 AED.

Expansion or establishment of a company in Dubai is a choice to attract many investors due to the multiples offered by this region. Now, along with the visa process, it is also important to clear up the company registration process in Dubai by submitting the core registration documents.

Requirements for an Entry Permit

Those are the conditions of a permit for entry:

  1. To apply for your entrance permit, you need a sponsor. The sponsor could be:
    1. A member of the Emirates
    2. An expatriate living in the UAE with a valid residency permit
    3. A UAE-based aviation business
    4. A hotel or tour agent based in the UAE
    5. A governmental body
    6. Private sector businesses or free zones.
  2. A genuine passport, valid for at least six months, is required for potential tourists who request entry permits.
  3. A visa ban prevents a person from entering or taking up a new job in the country. Prospective tourists must not be deported or barred from entering the UAE, in which case special permission to re-enter must be sought.

Entry Authorization and Visa Policies

The visa and permit scheme operates in compliance with the rules and regulations laid down in each emirate by the Federal Authority for Identification and Citizenship (ICA) and its associated Nationality and Foreign Affairs Directorates.

Check whether you are eligible for visa-free entry or to receive a visa upon arrival before applying for a visa or entry permit, or if you need a eVisa prior to travel or an entry permit pre-arranged by a UAE-based sponsor.

Validity of Entry Permits

Depending on the type of permit issued, the validity of the entry permits and the time frame during which the visitor should enter the country. A visit visa, visitor visa and/or work visa validity permit is 60 days from the date of issue. The validity of GCC residents' entry permits, however, is 30 days from the date of issue.

The 96-hour transit visas are valid only for a duration of 14 days from the date of issue. For multiple entry visas and temporary work permits, various validity periods apply.

Registration Records of the UAE Tax-Free Zone Business

  • The new version of the form for registration
  • A strategic plan depicting the scenario to be developed for the whole organisation
  • Passport Copies
  • Attested copies of the critical papers
  • Declaration of the bank
  • It is appropriate to waive registration fees

A UAE Free Trade Zone License is given upon request.

How to Apply for an Investor Visa in Dubai?

The opportunities that an investor is eligible for by keeping an investor visa have been seen by us. In order to get approved, a UAE immigrant must offer approval for an investor visa. Now, let's look at the method of securing a visa for investors:

  1. Send an application form for an investor visa, along with necessary documents.
  2. Charge the fees for visas.
  3. The visa will be sent to you via email after thorough inspection.
  4. As a part of visa processing, the visa applicant has to go through a regular medical check-up.
  5. The final step involves the process of having the passport stamped on the visa.

Advantages of Holding a UAE Visa

Residency Visa

  • Enables a bank account to be owned by you
  • Provides the capacity for your family to sponsor
  • Easing the process of obtaining a driver's licence and even owning a car
  • Provides the versatility of land renting

Investor Visa

  • Provides facilities for living and working in the UAE
  • Comes with the right to invest in another UAE firm
  • Broadens the reach of real sector investment
  • Releases you from paying any tax on property or capital gains

In a nutshell, in order to raise foreign investors, we may conclude that Dubai has expanded at a massive pace and offers multiple benefits for various types of visas. Business creation in Dubai offers many advantages, from tax-free zones to 100% repatriation of money. Not only is the city restricted to multinational corporations, but it also offers a forum for small and medium-sized enterprises to obtain international recognition.

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What is the validity of the UAE Visa for visiting purposes?

It is valid for 60 days and can be extended to 90 days.

Do we require a sponsor for an entry permit in the UAE?

Yes, you need a sponsor for your entry permit into the country.

How does a Visa ban work in the Emirates?

It prevents a person from taking up a new job in the country and living there.

From where can we obtain the 96-hour transit Visa in the UAE?

We can get it from the Dubai International Airport.

What is the validity of a GCC resident’s entry permit Visa to enter UAE?

The validity is 30 days from the date of issue.