Get your personal trainer license in Dubai

How to Obtain a Personal Trainer License in Dubai?

by Sweta Bose 17, Nov 2023

A large component of Dubai's culture and way of life is healthy living. In the UAE, there are now roughly 1,000 health clubs, fitness centres, and training facilities. Within the next two years, this number is expected to increase to approximately 1,500.

These health and fitness facilities are primarily located in Dubai. This blog provides an in-depth how-to for obtaining a personal trainer license in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Since more and more people are choosing flexibility and personalisation in their fitness journeys, becoming a personal trainer is a common way to launch your own fitness instructing and training business in Dubai.

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Requirements to Start Personal Training in Dubai

In order to apply for permission to work as a personal trainer in Dubai, you must consider some of the requirements. You must possess a level 3 diploma in personal training because there are many personal trainers in Dubai. That is the entry-level position for personal trainers in Dubai. This presents the possibility of working at a gym one-on-one with a client or as a self-employed personal trainer.

You need to work hard on yourself as a person and develop yourself into one of the best trainers out there, in addition to having all the necessary education and a valid visa. Being competent alone is not sufficient; you must also be good at what you do in order to provide your clients with tangible value, which your business abilities will supplement.

Once you complete the required course, you must register with the Register of Exercise Professionals UAE (REPs UAE). The registration contains a list of all UAE-licensed personal trainers who work in the fitness industry. 

According to the Dubai Sports Council, all fitness practitioners must be members of REPs UAE.

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How to Obtain a Personal Trainer License in Dubai?

The following steps will guide you towards obtaining a personal trainer license in Dubai and thus setting up a company in Dubai - 

1) Choose a Corporate Structure:

To receive the most benefits and support, pick the appropriate business structure that will enable you to apply for a business license in a certain free zone. For instance, certain free zones provide freelancer licenses in Dubai that let you establish your own business and receive all the advantages of a typical business setup, including visa eligibility.

2) Decide on a Trade Name:

The UAE government is very particular regarding the trade names; therefore, it's critical to be informed of the rules. In order to register your chosen trade name, you must first make sure that it is still accessible. 

Therefore, you must refrain from picking a name already associated with a reputable organisation. Additionally, you want to stay away from giving your company a name that contains any profane, blasphemous, or Allah- or Islam-related allusions. 

Do not shorten your name while calling your business after yourself. Once you've made a choice, register your business name with the Registry Office in the UAE.

3) Get the Documents Notarized:

You must apply to have your company's documentation notarised with the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai after the Registry Office has approved the name of your business.

  • A copy of the directors' and shareholders' identification and addresses.
  • A copy of each director's and shareholder's passport.
  • Application for a Business License.
  • Confirmation of the Trade Name.
  • Memorandum of Association.
  • Beginning Business Plan.
  • Articles of Association.

You will pay the licensing fee along with submitting your application.

4) Apply for Your Personal Trainer License:

You should apply for your personal trainer license in Dubai with the General Authority of Youth and Sports Welfare of the UAE at the same time as your company license application. To do this, you must submit a completely filled-out application form, a copy of your passport, and two passport-size colour images of the applicant.

5) Apply for the Personal Trainer Visa:

The following step is to submit the application for a personal trainer visa and avail of the visa services in Dubai after you have received permission. You must supply a few specifics with some fundamental paperwork, specifically:

  • Filled-out Visa Application.
  • Two colour passport-sized photographs.
  • A copy of the proposed business owner's passport.

From application until passport stamping, the procedures are the same. The application procedure is quick, and a visa is typically obtained within a week. 

With your freelance personal trainer visa, you can sponsor visas for your dependents, such as a spouse, children, or domestic help.

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Become One of the Best Personal Trainers in Dubai with Us

Contrary to many other businesses, personal trainers in Dubai are not required to submit books to the government or have their financial records examined. But, at the same time, owning a fitness centre can be difficult and time-consuming to set up. 

Therefore, think of collaborating with a local business establishment company like Commitbiz to prevent all the worry and difficulty. Our professionals in business formation will take care of all parts of your company registration and business licensing procedures, and they will walk you through each stage so that you may begin giving clients health, fitness instruction and personal training in Dubai.

Contact us right away to discuss with a company formation expert!

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Do the personal trainers in Dubai require to provide audit reports?

Contrary to many other businesses in the UAE, personal trainers are not required to submit books to the government or have their financial records examined.

What are the fundamental documents required to apply for a personal trainer visa in Dubai?

The fundamental documents are as follows:

  • Filled-out visa application
  • A copy of the proposed business owner's passport
  • Two color passport-sized photographs.

Which authority is responsible for a personal trainer license in Dubai?

You should apply for your personal trainer license with the General Authority of Youth and Sports Welfare of the UAE in Dubai at the same time as your company license application.

What is the primary qualification required to become a personal trainer in Dubai?

You must possess a Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training.