How to Obtain a License in Dubai South Free Zone (DSFZ)

by Zaara 10, Dec 2019

How to Obtain a License in Dubai South Free Zone (DSFZ)

Dubai is the land of dreams and is home to over 120 'Fortune 500' Companies. The numerous opportunities, Dubai's tax benefits and hassle-free government processes make it extremely simple to start a business in Dubai without any delay. With the introduction of Free Zones, the concept of 100 per cent ownership is now in place, thereby giving you all the autonomy you need.                                  

The Dubai South Zone which was previously known as Dubai World Central (DWC), Dubai's subsequent aeroplane terminal and the world's future focus genuinely coming to fruition, built south of the city close to the rapidly developing areas of "New Dubai". DWC lies at the centre of an entire aeroplane terminal city. It's one of the best initiatives taken by the Government of Dubai that places the emirate as a prime trade centre of the world. A standout amongst the best-perceived projects on the planet, the largest free zone located on 140 kilometres of the area very close to the Jebel Ali Sea Port which has a massive number of activities including logistics, aviation, residential private and a lot increasingly related businesses. Before starting any of these businesses; however, a DSFZ license is a must.

Today, DWC is the world's trade and aviation hub. The DWC HQ is close enough to Al Maktoum International Airport, Exhibition District, Logistics District, Humanitarian District, Commercial District, Golf District, Residential District, Aviation District and Business Park Aviation which on the whole fill in a vital stage for the development of, aeronautics, logistics, light industry and different business administrations. DWC is strategically located to give coordination and shipment around the Middle East thereby making it a perfect place to start a company in Dubai

Types of Licenses in the DSFZ

These are the few types of licenses available in the Dubai South Free-zone.

Commercial License

 This license allows a firm or an enterprise to engage in general trade. Any business that’s categorised as a commercial business has to obtain this license to do any trade activity.

Industrial License

Manufacturing and large scale production activities come under this license. This  license is ideal for those who wish to start a factory in the Dubai South Free Zone

Service License

Professionals who convert their passion into a full business required this license. This license is mainly for a service providing activity.

Freelance License

To do any freelance activity, a freelance license is advisable.  A freelancer is identified as someone who works alone. There is no need to have a separate business name, and the said freelancer can start a business in their name.

Education License

An Educational Institution is mandatorily required to have an education license. (Schools, Colleges)



1. Application Submission with Specified Legal Documents

Before starting any business in the Dubai South Free Zone, An application form can be submitted to the free zone authorities or submitted online, after which the necessary documents prescribed in the way also have to be provided.

2.  Trade Name Reservation and Approvals

The name of the business should always relate to the business activity intended to be performed in should in no way  resemble other existing trade names. Also, a No-Objection Certificate (NOC) is a mandate for certain business activities that may require further approvals from secondary authorities.

3. Company Registration

 Register your company in the government portal once the documents are approved and an invoice  mentioning the dues needed to be paid will be provided. The said amount can be paid, and the license can be collected. The annual Dubai free zone license fees vary between AED 3,000-7,000.

4. Collecting Relevant Documents

An Approval Form needs to be signed, and documents along with the license need to be collected. Depending on the kind of office, a lease agreement needs to be collected too.

Documents Required to Put the License to Use in Dubai South Free Zone

For a Branch

  • Documents of other languages need to be translated into English/Arabic should be done by legal translators along with the notarisation and attestation.
  • A Certificate of Incorporation is also required and has to be notarised, attested and legalised.
  • The MOA (Memorandum of Association) and the AOA (Articles of Association) of the parent company notarised, attested and legalised.
  • A board resolution approving of establishing a branch
  • A board resolution giving power of attorney or representative power to a third party
  • A certificate of good standing is a requisite and the newly acquired trade license or the appropriate license notarised, attested and legalised.
  • A copy of the passport of the General Manager

·For an LLC (Limited Liability Company)

  • Foreign language documents  to translated into English/Arabic by legal translators and these documents need to notarised and attested
  • Certificate of Incorporation (notarised, attested and legalised)
  • Board Resolution to establish a company (signed)
  • A board resolution approving of creating a branch
  • A board resolution giving power of attorney or representative power to a third party
  • A certificate of good standing is  mandatory and the newly acquired trade license or the appropriate license notarised, attested and legalised.
  • Passport copy of the Manager / Director/ Secretary.

With all these formalities completed, you can start your business at DSFZ.

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Why Dubai South Freezone is the right place for a business opportunity?

Dubai South Freezone is the right place for business opportunities because it provides

  • A Multimodal Platform

  • Strategic Location

  • Business Hub

  • 100% Ownership

  • Flexible Office Solutions

  • Fewer Nationality Restrictions

Why does Dubai South Freezone provide a Flexi desk service?

Dubai South Free Zone has a Flexi desk service, allowing investors to get up to two visas.

How much does a Smart Desk License cost?

A Smart Desk License costs around 39,900 AED.

What activities are not permitted in Dubai South Freezone?

Banking business and any financial or investment operations carried out on behalf of third parties.

How many shareholders does a company with a shared desk need?

A company with a shared desk must have 1-3 shareholders.

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