How to Obtain a General Maintenance License in Ajman

by Zaara 16, Aug 2019

Ajman is the smallest Emirate in the UAE and is situated in the Arabian Gulf Coast. Investors are looking forward to investing in Ajman due to the opportunities that the Emirates provide. If an individual wants to start a business in Ajman, they require elaborate planning and decision-making to kick-start a new venture.

The primary industries in Ajman are construction, manufacturing, real estate, retail, transport, and business services. Currently, Transport Company and Maintenance Company in Ajman are reaching at its peak and businesses who want to set up this type of business needs to have a General Maintenance License. Maintenance people work in different fields including heating and air, electronics and mechanical and woodworking. They decide when the compositions and tools need to be replaced. The United Arab Emirates has a rule where the maintenance workers should obtain training and general maintenance license before performing the maintenance duties.

Procedure to Obtain the Maintenance License in Ajman

For anyone wanting to start maintenance business in Ajman, having a general maintenance license is a mandate. The main work of individuals in a maintenance business is to make repairs and performs regular maintenance duties to keep buildings in good shape. Currently, maintenance workers are required in every building and hence the need for this license. The exact process of obtaining this license may vary, but the basic process is the same. The requirements for getting your Ajman Maintenance License are as follows;

1.Ajman Company Registration

Before obtaining any license, you will have to register your business. Once you register your company with the concerned authorities in Ajman, they will give you a Certificate of Registration. This registration certificate is required by the Secretary of State or the Department of Licensing.

2.Necessary Training

Once you get the license, the workers need to go through proper training. Maintaining a building requires you to hang from a big building to clean the outer area or make other repairs with a lot of physical strength. The state of Ajman requires you to have maintenance training before getting the maintenance license. Though the exact training requirements vary from state to state, you must receive a certificate or some other authorized recognition to show them the quality and eligibility for a general maintenance license in Ajman.


You must have valid insurance as a liability in case of any damage or harm that you may create to a customer's property while performing the maintenance duty. Ajman requires liability insurance to ensure that the customers will receive payment for the repairs. You may communicate with the business licensing unit in your state to regulate the least amount of coverage you must obtain and to have a list of insurance companies that are offering policies in your area or country.

4.Obtain License

Fill out an application form with all the required information that includes your name, date of birth, the name of your business, the type of business structure, the address of your specific business and all kind of maintenance activities that you are going to perform. Apply to the relevant authority. The documents required in the form include, proof of the training, proof of liability insurance and the fee that has been incurred during the submission process. After the submission of the application, the state will review your application and all the documentation. After reviewing, in the next 30-days, the state will issue you the license.

Benefits of a General Maintenance License in Ajman

Ajman continues to be one of the top locations for the investors. Whether it is a small or a sizeable general maintenance license in Ajman; people are regularly supporting monetarily in this business in the Emirate. This is just because of the interest in the form of return that they will receive in the near future. The benefits of obtaining this license are;

  • You can rent office anywhere for a General Maintenance License in the UAE
  • No currency restrictions for this type of license in Ajman
  • No yearly audit check
  • Can carry out business in the local market
  • Zero capital requirement
  • No limit on the number of activities
  • No limit on visas
  • Tax-free license

Main Activities in General Maintenance License in Ajman

You can start any Maintenance Business in Ajman or UAE. The list of businesses related to the maintenance that you can begin in Dubai is as under:

  • Reactive and Precautionary Maintenance
  • Repair and Adjustment works
  • Sanitation and repair works
  • Maintenance and repair of A/C works
  • Exterior paint, and Interior Paintworks
  • Electrical and repair work
  • All kind of woodworking (gypsum and partition works)
  • Garden design like prettification and preservation
  • Gypsum streamers and decorations in offices, shops, and hospitals
  • Fitting and changing of new locks
  • Locket changing of the wire switches
  • All type of electrical wiring works
  • Placing frame and pictures on the wall
  • Installing and fittings of all lights
  • Fitting blinds, fitting of Bathrooms and all rooms
  • All types of Wallpaper decoration
  • Putting up railings of the curtains
  • Installation of home appliances
  • Flooring and roofing tasks
  • Flooring works including vinyl floor, wooden flooring, altar floor, gulper flooring, Carpet flooring and more.
  • Wood floor wax removal and painting
  • Silicon resealing of the bathroom and kitchen
  • Soaking tap and Putting up shelves
  • Substituting bulbs and Furniture assembly

Now that you know the business opportunities to excel in Ajman, what are you waiting for?

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