How to Grow Your Export/Import Business in Dubai?

by Zaara 12, Sep 2019

How to Grow Your Export/Import Business in Dubai?

Exporting and Importing is excellent, but growing the business outside the homeland faces significant challenges. With the rise in geographical problems, trade wars with a constant need to keep your finger on the pulse, taking a more strategic approach to grow your export-import business is a crucial aspect.

Imports and Exports in Dubai

Until very recently, the primary trade commodities in Dubai were crude oil as well as natural gas, but the Emirate has been on a remarkable growth in the development of other non-oil sectors. In the past years, there has been massive development in the non-trade sector in the country. The companies that perform such activities in the trading sector and which all deal with the import and export in Dubai have got a considerable advantage in terms of their business. Dubai has a significant power wherein apt incentives are being provided to the entrepreneurs and foreign investors from worldwide doing business in the said Emirate.

Growing your Export/Import Business

1.Research and Then Research More

There are many approaches which can be very helpful in growing the export-import business in Dubai. Such criteria cannot be applied without proper research. To find the appropriate way of improving your construction business in Dubai, you need to research from the core. Researching is a technique which is not as easy as it sounds. There are multiple ways for every solution. All you should do is to research on the respective aspect until you find a perfect solution. You can also hire a professional management company in relation to the technical export and import details.


Starting with the obvious. We all know that business is built on good relationships, but somehow what happens is it gets overloaded. You particularly are required to build on relations with the people majorly in the countries wherein you wish you to export and import. In terms of relationships, the very foremost way to form good relationship worldwide is social media. Many people are finding success on social media sites like LinkedIn for building relationships. However, there are countries wherein issue occurs with such websites. In China, as well as some countries, LinkedIn and Facebook get blocked. Henceforth, it is much better to personally meet with the potential distributors or the clients with whom you want to export and import.

Don't forget to build a relationship with the suppliers as well as the third parties which are majorly crucial for the smooth running of your business.

3.Considering the Culture

Every country has its own distinct culture and practices. Dubai, on the other hand, has got traditional cultural values which are strict about following. One will mingle with traditional Gulf Arabs in their dishdashi’s and abayas. To run your business smoothly, learn as much as you can about the culture of Dubai. And for trading in various parts of the world, you need to learn about the cultural practices prevailing in that particular country.

Culture doesn't always mean traditional practices; it also means the type of rule followed in that specific country. The business investors, as well as the entrepreneurs, are required to follow the essential business customs and practices for the said country wherein they are trading.

4.Explore routes for entry

One important thing which business investors are required to do is to develop the inter-cultural awareness and then to locate the proposition appropriately for targeting the particular set of audience. As mentioned earlier, communication is the key to a good relationship; henceforth, the investors should get involved with the various international business network to get the important and needful business connections. For improving your sales without the loss. Just getting business individuals isn't important what is important is to maintain a proper professional relationship with such business individuals as well as companies.

5.To Focus Instead of Expanding

One primary term to grow any business be it trading or be it industrial is to expand. There is a difference between focusing as well as expanding. Focusing implies how you take care of your current customers in a better way and also how you can be more effective in a country wherein you have already traded. In simple terms, how much more profit can you get from the same place wherein you have already traded. Expanding is changing your basic pattern of the business. It implies wherein a business investor focus on the weak spots and tries to expand the activity in a new area. Proper focusing on your business can result in increasing your general client base in a particular area as well as making it much easier for exporting in other areas as well.

Conceptualizing an import/export business is not the only thing the business investors have got, setting up such a company with proper technical base is significant .in relation to the setting up of a construction business in Dubai, it is very important to take care of every other legal formality. Hence it is advisable to appoint a business setup expert in this field. Such professional expert would be taking care of your needs. We at Commitbiz provide end to end business solutions for your needs. We are professional having experience for more than 15 years. For any queries, Contact us.