How to Grow Your Construction Business in Dubai?

by Zaara 20, Sep 2019

Unlike other emirates, Dubai has major advantages in terms of construction business the government of Dubai has taken major decisions by showing much reliability on non-oil and petroleum sector in the state. The cost of construction business in Dubai is lower than most of the developed countries. The reason being due to the intense competition and low wages in construction sector.

One of the reasons due to the increase in the construction business in Dubai is due to the rise in the number of foreign investors and entrepreneurs from all around the world. This has therefore led to the sharp increase in the construction sector and thereby increasing the value of the properties. Starting a construction business in Dubai can be a technical task involving various legalities and approvals but the process doesn’t end mere on establishment. The real process begins after the company establishment. The post incorporation process is usually the more important stage where the tactics of growing the business are developed. The following steps provides for the ways by which you can grow your construction company in Dubai:

1.Finding Your Niche

Construction sector is huge in Dubai. For the purpose of making your construction business in Dubai successful, you need to find your niche in the construction business. There are many areas of contracting, find the one in which you specialize. Whether it be installing windows or repairs or providing end to end construction services. Even if you are a general contractor, you can still provide a major broad spectrum of services while branding your company as the best.


Market, market, market! For growing any kind of business, it is very important that one advertise the said business. Hence, in a field of huge competition, you would always want your business to be marketed properly. Although it’s always great when you get clients through word of mouth (this will happen only when you provide top level services), developing a proper marketing strategy is one of the best ways to grow the business further.

Marketing provides backbone to the brand and has to be done inappropriate manner as per the marketing practices which are prevailing in Dubai.


Every kind of business requires proper relationship with the one’s involved. Be it employees or third parties. In case of the construction business, networking plays a major role. One of the best ways to network is to be active in the local chapter of the trade association in Dubai. Networking helps in building brands as well as helps in providing awareness about your business to the people in general. Once people are provided with proper awareness it thus helps in generating leads and getting vendors. Business setup in Dubai requires a lot of networking and communicating with the proper agents and sponsors.

4.Being Proactive rather than Reactive

One of the very essence of a successful business is being proactive. You just can’t sit back and expect work to just fall on your lap. You have to seek out the opportunities to grow and retain your construction business. The business owners are required to be constantly aware about the available opportunities suitable for their business. It is important to reach out constantly to the owners and likewise general contractors to find out the projects they have on the horizon.

5.Employee and Customer Satisfaction

A good business should be able to satisfy their customers. Also, a good business always cares about the needs of their employees as well. Talking about the employees, it should always be a two-way street. Your employee always wants to be led and not managed. A great business owner in Dubai will always try to manage every aspect of the employees. A good relationship is essential for the growth of the business in Dubai as well as anywhere in the world. Hence it is very important for the business owners of a construction company to build a great team, retain the best employees by promoting as well as rewarding them at the same time. Relationships with the customers is as important as the relationship with the employees. Customers are the one who will build the brand if provided with proper service.

Hence, the above-mentioned considerations should be kept in mind by all the business owners and investors in the construction sector in Dubai. Construction business in Dubai is one of the most beneficial businesses which the foreign investors can start. But with the growing demand in the construction sector it is very important to follow the compliance requirements and have a proper branding strategy to make your business a success in the competition prevailing in Dubai.

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