How To Get Oman Visa

by Zaara 08, Jun 2020

Whether one wants to visit Oman for its vast culture and heritage or its business opportunities or even if one wants to visit the country for its UNESCO heritage sites’ beauty, these are the following steps to be considered before and after applying for an Oman Visa.

Where can you Apply for Oman Visa?

Royal Oman Police website has complete detailed information to apply for an Oman Visa. Or, for easy assistance, visit Commitbiz.

Steps to get an Oman Visa for Dubai Resident

  1. The first step is to fill up the online visa application form for Oman
  2. Submit the filled application
  3. Enclose all the documents mentioned above and courier the same along with the application to the nearest Visa office
  4. Pay the necessary fee through a Debit card or credit card, or internet banking
  5. Then the application can be tracked online
  6. The passport will be sent back to the applicant through a registered courier service once the process finishes

Documents Required to Apply for Oman Visa

For any tourist to visit Oman, the following documents are required.

  1. A valid passport
  2. Details of the stay in Oman: Address of the host or hotel the applicant is staying at
  3. Scanned copies of
    • The first and last pages of the applicant’s passport
    • Coloured passport-sized photograph of the applicant taken against a blue background
    • Confirmed air tickets
    • The official ID card of the Guarantor in Oman (if any)
    • ID proof of the applicant
  4. Name, phone number, and address of the Guarantor in Oman (if any)
  5. Name, phone number, and address of at least two guarantors from the applicant’s home country

Documents for an e-Visa

  • Passport with at least six months validity on it
  • Scanned copy of the passport
  • A passport-sized photo taken in the last six months
  • Email address where the applicant receives the visa
  • Some nationalities might need to show proof of residency

For information and assistance on Visa services in Oman, read through our blog on the topic.

Fee and fines


  1. Twenty Omani Rials for the application process of any type of Oman visa except for student and multiple-entry visas
  2. Thirty Omani Rials for a student visa
  3. Fifty Omani Rials for a multiple-entry visa


  1. RO 50 per month for delayed renewal of work visa
  2. RO 10 per day for overstay on employment contracting visa
  3. RO 50 for late renewal or registration of residence permit for family joining visa

Who doesn’t need a Visa to visit Oman?

A few countries are exempt from the visa procedure to visit Oman.

Qatar, UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Bahrain, and New Zealand are exempted from this process.

Citizens of these countries can stay in Oman indefinitely, with New Zealand being the exception where its citizens can stay in Oman for up to three months.

A Russian or South Korean diplomatic and official passport holder can be exempt from the visa procedure and stay for upward of 3 months in Oman.

Every other nationality citizen needs a visa before reaching Oman.

What visa should a Tourist get to enter Oman?

This depends on the criteria of which means one enters the country; for tourists from GCC Countries, they need to apply for a Oman Tourist Visa for GCC Residents, and for other tourists, they need to apply for a Non-sponsored Tourist Visa.

e-Visa Oman

Citizens of about 71 countries and territories have the facility to obtain a single or multiple entry Oman e-Visa valid for 30 days online. The list includes countries like Argentina, Australia, China, Cambodia, South Korea, New Zealand, the United States, etc.

Visa on arrival

In February 2019, Oman stopped issuing visas on arrival, so it is advisable to apply for an e-Visa before reaching Oman.

Conditional e-Visa

Including spouse and children of citizens of 25 listed countries can obtain an e-Visa on condition that they hold a valid Schengen visa, a valid visa from Australia, Canada, Japan or the UK or the US or a residence permit from one of these countries.

The list of these 25 countries includes Albania, Armenia, Bhutan, Georgia, Mexico, and many others.

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