How to Get DED E-Commerce License?

by Vidhya Sethuraman 23, Jan 2023

In Dubai, e-commerce businesses must obtain a license from the Department of Economic Development (DED). This license is known as an "e-commerce license" or "e-commerce permit."

A DED E-Commerce License allows a business to conduct various activities online. The specific activities permitted under an e-commerce license can vary depending on the type of license issued and the nature of the business.

Process of Getting a DED E-Commerce License

To obtain a DED e-commerce license, you will need to follow these general steps:

Choose A Business Structure - Decide on the business entity you want to establish, such as a sole proprietorship, limited liability company (LLC), etc.

Register Your Business with The DED - Submit the necessary paperwork, such as the application form and business plan, to the DED to register your business.

Documentation – Submit all the necessary documents. The documents required are mentioned below.

Obtain An E-Commerce Permit - The e-commerce permit is required for all e-commerce businesses in Dubai. This permit will be issued by DED's e-commerce department, and it is an electronic permit that enables e-commerce companies to conduct their business activities online.

Pay the Necessary Fees - There will be fees associated with obtaining the e-commerce permit, such as application fees, trade name reservation fees, and annual renewal fees.

Register With Dubai Customs - All e-commerce businesses must proceed with Dubai customs registration to clear the goods they import, export or re-export through Dubai.

Documents Required to get E-Commerce License DED.

Other documents required to be submitted in the process of obtaining an e-commerce license DED are

•  Duly filled application form

•  Passport/visa copies of the shareholders

•  Identity and address proof of the business investors and shareholders

•  Copy of sponsors passport/ Emirates ID

•  NOC from the relevant authority

•  Memorandum & Articles of Association


It's worth noting that the process of obtaining an e-commerce license in Dubai can vary depending on the type of business and its size; it's always a good idea to check with the DED or consult with a legal or business consultancy firm for more accurate and updated information.

DED E-Commerce License Dubai Fees

Before knowing the DED E-Commerce license fees in Dubai, let us know what comes under the package.

  •  Incorporation Certificate
  • License
  • Memorandum & Article of Association
  • Company Stamp
  • Bank Introduction
  • Lease Agreement
  • Initial Financial/VAT Consultation

With all this, the e-commerce trade license in Dubai costs around 12,900 AED

Activities Permitted Under DED E-Commerce License Dubai

After obtaining the DED E-Commerce license Dubai, you will be allowed to perform the following activities.

  • Sell Products and Services Online
  • Provide Online Payment Gateway 
  • Facilitate Online Transactions 
  • Offer Online Marketplaces
  • Use Of Online Advertising 
  • Offer Online Customer Service and Support
  • Offer Online Subscriptions
  • Operate Affiliate Marketing

Benefits of having a Dubai DED E-Commerce License

Obtaining Dubai DED e-commerce license provides several benefits for businesses operating in the emirate, including:

Streamlined Processes: The DED e-commerce license simplifies the business process in Dubai, making it easier for businesses to navigate regulations and procedures.

Legal Recognition: An e-commerce license from Dubai DED grants legal recognition to a business and allows it to operate within the nation's e-commerce market. Dubai has dedicated freezones for e-commerce businesses.

Flexibility: E-commerce license holders can work from anywhere, enabling them to have more control over their work schedule and their businesses

Cost-Effective: Obtaining an e-commerce license from Dubai DED is relatively less costly than other DED licenses.

Online Presence: Obtaining a DED e-commerce license allows the company to establish an online presence and expand its reach through digital platforms, which is increasingly essential in today's digital landscape.

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How is the e-commerce industry in UAE?

It is booming and is estimated to grow 65% more by 2025.

Can I start an e-commerce business in Dubai free zone?

Yes, you can. Dubai CommerCity is the dedicated zone for e-commerce business.

Is it easy to obtain a DED e-commerce license?

Yes, the process is quite simple. You can register your business with DED, pay the fees and obtain the permit.

Can foreigners get a DED e-commerce license in Dubai?

Yes, foreigners can get DED e-commerce license.