How to Get an Instant License - Abu Dhabi?

by Zaara 03, Apr 2020

Abu Dhabi, the UAE's capital, aspires to establish and organize enterprises that will contribute to the nation's long-term economic growth, and the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry works tirelessly to promote investment in the Emirate.

Let us discuss one of the most in-demand licenses in Instant License - Abu Dhabi 

The Department of Economic Development's (DED) Instant License program is a service that allows businesses to get their commercial license in one step in five minutes without having a company's lease or location for the first year only.

Since the launch of the Abu Dhabi instant License, there is a huge demand for it. So, let's dive deep into the nuances of the instant license.

What is Abu Dhabi Instant License?

The Abu Dhabi government established a new licensing mechanism that offers permissions for business setup in Abu Dhabi virtually and instantly, without the requirement for a physical premise. With larger licensing categories, Abu Dhabi Instant License provides access to free zone and investment licenses in the Emirate.

The project was developed by the Department of Economic Development (DED) to stimulate private-sector investment. The effort was part of 'Ghadan 21,' a three-year program announced in June 2018 and began in January 2019.

Procedure to Obtain Instant License – Abu Dhabi

Instant business license in the UAE saves people time and offers much more benefits. The same goes for the nation’s capital. Obtaining the Instant license – in Abu Dhabi involves certain steps.  They are as follows:

  • Be clear on the Business Activity

Select a business activity from the list of Instant License DED activities.

  • Select a Business Structure

Select a legal structure for your Abu Dhabi company. Determine the business's ownership structure, including corporate management.

  • Finalize the Trade Name

Choose three business names Keep in mind that the business names should abide by the naming regulations of the UAE government.

  • Decide the Share Capital.

Determine the company's entire share capital.

  • Fill and Submit the Application Form

Complete the necessary application forms.

  • Submit all the Documents

Submit all the necessary papers works. Make sure that the documents are foolproof.

  • Pay the Fees

A payment coupon will be sent. Fees must be paid.

  • Get your license

A license will be issued immediately.

Documents Required to Obtain Instant License- Abu Dhabi

To obtain Instant License – Abu Dhabi, the following documents are required:

  • All shareholders' passport copies - All shareholders must be present throughout the formal application procedure.

  • Copy Emirates IDNOC from existing sponsor/employer for a residence visa (if required for foreign shareholder)

  • Individuals seeking a General Trading license in Dubai will need to use DED e-services and receive a Dubai Smart Pass ID.

Cost of Abu Dhabi Instant License

Abu Dhabi Instant License cost may vary based on your requirements. However, here are some of the common areas where you are required to pay

  • Voucher for Payment: Application fees, initial approval fees, trade name reservation fees, and license issuance are all included. The price varies according to the activity.

  • Fee for Outsourced Centre

  • Fees for Sponsorship: For any mainland license in the UAE, a local sponsor (a National Service Agent (NSA) for Civil Business or Sole Establishment or a 51% local partner for LLCs) is required; sponsor costs vary depending on your arrangement with them.

Commitbiz Management Consultant may help you acquire your Abu Dhabi Instant License and advise you on the appropriate strategy and activities for your specific incorporation. Our professionals may also serve as your secure local sponsor / local partner for quick licensing, ensuring that you completely own and manage the business. Please contact us for additional information about Instant Licenses in Dubai or Abu Dhabi, or any other company formation issues in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.


Does Abu Dhabi provide instant license?

Yes, Abu Dhabi has an instant license scheme through which it provides an instant license.

When was instance license Abu Dhabi Scheme launched?

Launched in 2018 and commenced in 2019.

Who developed the Abu Dhabi Instant license Scheme?

It was developed by the Department of Economic Development, and it was a part of Ghadan 21.

What are the fees to be paid for instant licence – Abu Dhabi?

  • Voucher for Payment: Application fees, initial approval fees, trade name reservation fees, and licence issuance are all included. The price varies according on the activity.

  • Fee for Outsourced Centre

  • Fees for Sponsorship

How long will it take to get instant license Abu Dhabi?

Once the application is properly submitted, you will get it instantly.