How to Get an Advertising License in Abu Dhabi?

by Zaara 15, Oct 2020

How to Get an Advertising License in Abu Dhabi?

The UAE's Out Of Home (OOH) advertisement industry is estimated at approximately Dh1.2 billion including malls, airports, metro, roadside, large formats, DOOH, taxis and buses and Dubai Out Of Home (OOH) advertisement field is the pioneer in the region, setting standards for the rest of the country to be followed.

Starting a company in UAE has considerable risk, especially starting up an advertising agency in today's dynamic and rapidly developing digital environment has its own unique set of challenges to take into consideration.

If you're working in advertising, you've had those moments where you were disappointed with how things are and messed around with the thought of just starting your ad agency. While that's an excellent idea, it takes guts to go for it.

Tips to Start an Ad Agency

Here are some things to note before setting up an ad agency.

1. It's Not For The Faint of Heart

Make sure you understand the strength it takes to see through. Make sure you are strong enough because you will have a lot of rises and falls, so when you're down you have to get back up again, so when you're up you have to show some modesty and realize that it's cyclical.

2. But Be Optimistic Too, And Have a Perspective

You have to be optimistic. Optimism takes you halfway there, and then, of course, you have to work your butt off and be courageous enough to give an opinion about what you're doing, because the world isn't looking for another agency, but it's looking for good ones.

Be pretty good at recovering from failure, which is an important characteristic when starting an agency, you should know when to move on from no's to find a better yes, and you have to have thick skin. Being optimistic is the right choice, but be ready for upcoming attacks of the competitors.

3. Don't Recruit or Fire at The Cost of Culture

Finding good people is hard, and sometimes it is easier not to take the job if you can't recruit great people for it. Never compromise on your interests, and this happens a lot in advertising companies. You win two or three pitches, and you need to recruit a bunch of people, but at one point there are not 100 great people to recruit. This can be dangerous if you get greedy on that line.

4. Balance Creative And Business

Hire people who are good at both creativity and a good idea of business management and who understands the business side very quickly. You need potent leaders in every department, and a lot of agencies put too much effort into hiring for the creative department.

5. Don't Wait Too Long

If you're passionate to start your own business, don't wait too long! Instead, do proper research and go for it. Start a business in the UAE is involved in some risk. Take up all your courage and achieve your dream.

Laws Imposed to Marketing And Advertising Businesses in Abu Dhabi

Anybody who wants to set up companies in Abu Dhabi has various options about the industries they choose. However, to obtain the desired attention and reach, they must have an effective advertising and marketing strategy to cope with the ongoing competition and achieve a higher number of potential customers. In order to start a company in Abu Dhabi, both local and foreign enterprises must comply with specific rules which are listed below.

  • They must show respect for religious beliefs;
  • They must respect people's privacy;
  • They must not be offensive;
  • They must contain the name of the agency creating them;
  • They must be impartial;
  • They must present the correct information.

Steps to Get Advertising License In Abu Dhabi

Steps to get a license to advertise in Abu Dhabi. The procedure for obtaining an ad license is much more comfortable, but it is a time-consuming process. The steps are indicated below,

1. Initial Approval Certificate

Company owners are expected to send the relevant documents to DED, Department of Economic Development, and the Initial Approval Certificate includes initial approval by submitting to the Department of Economic Development (DED) the relevant documents including copies of the owners' passports and all other expected documents.

2. Trade Name Certificate

Trade name certificate is a certificate granting trade name and payment reservation; it is regarded as the second major step in setting up a company in Abu Dhabi.

3. Office Requirement

After completing the formalities mentioned under the IAC and TNC, the company's name requires an office rental contract. The minimum office requirement under the license set up is approx. 200 sq/ft. The rent for such office setup also varies depending upon the location.

4. Memorandum

The completion of the process of obtaining a license requires the signature on the memorandum. Such signatures are to be obtained in the court.

5. License Issuance

After getting all Documents and Approvals, it will be submitted to the Department of Economic Development (DED) and License can be obtained after the final payment.

Penalties For Violating The Advertisement Laws And Regulations

Companies spend too much time and money promoting their products in their ads. Financial fines would inevitably hamper such efforts, and therefore marketers should avoid unintentionally breaching regulations. Failure to do so may mean spending capital and imaginative effort on ads that could be excluded from media outlets. Variety of penalties are available in the event of a violation of the legislation; the National Media Council has the right to take the actions.

  • Warning
  • Ad suspension and apology
  • The elimination of the damage emerged from the violation
  • Apply to close down the establishment or shop
  • Suspension of media outlet licenses for the period considered appropriate by the Council; and/or cancellation of a media outlet licence.

Also, all content available to the general public must be scrutinized rigorously to ensure that it complies with the rules, legislation, and as the values and expectations of the wider community. Anything less would potentially cripple the advertiser and could hurt the credibility of the brand on the marketplace.

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