Starting an Advertising Agency in Abu Dhabi

by Zaara 15, Oct 2020

UAE with its friendly laws and policies has attracted many brands from all around the world—both big and small. All these brands are doing well and Abu Dhabi, being the capital, has a huge weight on business setup. 

All these brands to have huge growth and capture the international market rely mostly on advertising increasing the advertising opportunities in the UAE. Thus, starting an advertising agency in Abu Dhabi is a profitable business. 

Laws Advertising Companies in Abu Dhabi Must Abide by

Anyone looking for a business set up in Abu Dhabi has a variety of industries to select from. To compete with the continuous competition and reach a greater number of prospective consumers, businesses must have an efficient advertising and marketing plan in place. Both local and international advertising companies in Abu Dhabi must follow the requirements outlined below 

  • They must respect religious views.

  • People's privacy must be respected.

  • They should not be offensive.

  • They must include the name of the organization that created them.

  • They must be objective.

  • They must provide accurate information.

How friendly the nation is in business setup, that strict it is in following the laws. This makes the nation unique and also regulates the business sector. So be careful when it comes to laws and policies. 

Penalties Imposed on Advertising Companies in Abu Dhabi -  For Violating Advertising Laws

Companies spend much too much time and money on their advertisements. Financial penalties will undoubtedly inhibit such attempts, therefore marketers should avoid accidentally violating restrictions. Failure to do so may result in the expenditure of funds and creative effort on advertisements that may be rejected by media outlets.

Especially in the digital era where digital advertising opportunities are seeing a huge rise, laws and regulations must be carried out genuinely. In the case of a breach of the Act, a variety of sanctions are available; the National Media Council has the authority to take certain actions.

  • Warning

  • Ad suspension and retraction

  • The removal of the harm caused by the breach

  • Apply to have the business or store closed down.

  • Suspension of media outlet licenses for a time determined by the Council, and/or revocation of a media outlet license.

Steps to Obtain Licence for Advertising Agency - Abu Dhabi 

The process for acquiring an ad license is significantly more convenient, although it is time-consuming. The steps are outlined below.

1. Certificate of Initial Approval

Company owners are expected to send the relevant documents to DED, Department of Economic Development, and the Initial Approval Certificate includes initial approval by submitting the relevant documents to DED, Department of Economic Development, including copies of the owners' passports and all other expected documents.

2. Certificate of Trade Name

The second significant stage in establishing a company in Abu Dhabi is obtaining a trade name certificate, which grants a trade name and payment reservation. Choose a unique trade name abiding by the rules and regulations. 

3. Requirement for the Office

After completing the IAC and TNC requirements, the company's name requires an office leasing contract. The minimal office space required under the licensing setup is around 200 square feet. The rent for such an office setting varies according to location.

4. Memorandum

The signature on the memorandum is required to complete the licensing process. These signatures must be collected in court.

5. Issuance of License

After receiving all necessary documents and approvals, it will be submitted to the Department of Economic Development (DED), and the license will be issued following the final payment.

Business setup in UAE is a considerable risk, and launching an advertising agency in today's competitive market is even riskier. Do not worry!

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Who issues advertising agency license in Abu Dhabi?

The Department of Economic development is responsible for issuing advertising license.

Should advertisements contain the name of the agency in UAE?

Yes, the advertisements should hold the creator's name.

Is opening an advertising agency in Abu Dhabi profitable?

Yes, since UAE has attracted many brands, there are huge opportunities for advertising agencies.

How much will it cost to open an advertising agency in Abu Dhabi?

The cost depends on the area you choose, the scale of the business, etc.

How long will it take to open an advertising agency in Abu Dhabi?

An advertising agency in Abu Dhabi can be opened in 3 to 4 business days.