How to Get a SIRA Approval for Your Business

How to Get a SIRA Approval for Your Business

by Zaara 07, May 2019

Declared as the City of Gold, Dubai has been continuously evolving as a land of business in all aspects, serving as a home to millions of industries. When it comes to business, the scenario is like; you name it, Dubai has a ground for it. Along with the growing demand of companies, the need for technology has been exponentially growing, and today technology has become the ultimate lifeline of a business. Company confidential information ranging from company formation to profit-making, bearing losses and liquidation etc., gets stored in the computer systems in the form of soft copy. Being a business owner, you need to understand that your company’s confidential documents and activities demand protection.

As mentioned above, the city of Dubai dwells in gold business that a separate space has been built named Dubai Gold and Diamond Park. If you are planning to set up a company in Dubai to grab the gold market, then your business needs proper planning and protection, which can lead to a significant loss if overlooked. According to the Government of Emirates, to start a gold company in Dubai, approvals are to be obtained from the SIRA. This body deals with the security industry in the UAE. This treatise will give you a piece of in-depth information regarding the same.

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What is SIRA?

Securities Industry Regulatory Authority (SIRA) stands as a governing body that regulates the Security Industry in the United Arab Emirates, stands on the values of Sustainability, Safety, Quality and Innovation, aiming to build Dubai as a safe and secure city. When it comes to business setup in Dubai, certain businesses require external approvals to conduct business activities.

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Approvals Provided by SIRA

When it comes to providing approvals, the authorized body approves licenses for the following business categories:

Security Specification

Companies Security Licenses

Individual Services

Event Security Guard

Management Office Only

Security Dog Training Centre

Cash-in-Transit Guard

Precious Commodities Store (Merchandise Value Less Than 100,000)

Self-Transportation Vehicles Trading

Security Guard

Precious Commodities Store (Merchandise Value More Than 100,000)

Preparation of Vehicles for Safe Transport

CCTV Operator

Precious Metals & Gemstones Trading & Manufacturing

Security Studies and Consultancies

Security Systems Engineer

Gold Offices

Centre for Operations and Monitoring Services

Security Systems Technician


Security and Surveillance Systems Installation & Maintenance

Security Consultant

Precious Metals Warehouse

Guard Property Services

Security Auditor

Monetary Financial Institutions

Party Security & Private Guarding Services

Security Manager


Security Control & Alarm Equipment Trading

Security Trainer


Money & Valuables Transport Services

Security Supervisor


Security Control and Measuring Services

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How to Get SIRA Approval in Dubai?

Suppose you are planning to deal with any business activities, coping with the above-stated industries. In that case, it is a mandate for you to acquire approvals from the Securities industry Regulatory Agency. At this point, dealing with the process in-house could turn out to be troublesome. The intelligent way is to have a word with a professional business consultant who is an expert in the business establishment process and possesses in-depth knowledge of the UAE’s legal proceedings.

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Qualities and Experience Needed for SIRA Dubai

The good thing about some SIRA courses and other vocational courses in the UAE is that you can apply for most of them on tourist visas then use them as an added certificate to search for a job. In the case of security, you do not require any qualification to do some entry-level courses. But to take some higher license, you need experience. Security Supervisor, CCTV Operator, Security Manager requires you have security experience to acquire a permit. However, you can start with the entry-level like the SIRA security guard license. The security industry in the UAE requires you to be physically fit, and the acceptable age is between 21 to 55. It is a reasonable age bracket. If you are within the age bracket and physically fit, you can apply for SIRA on a tourist visa in Dubai.

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Benefits of Hiring Professional Experts

Suppose you are planning to start a gold business or any of the mentioned companies above in Dubai; in that case, by hiring professional experts, you will be able to gain the following benefits:

  • Market insights as professionals are well-equipped with the competition.
  • An execution of easy and secure company formation process.
  • Proper planning and streamlining of the necessary steps.
  • Customized solutions according to the business needs.
  • In-depth analysis and on-time delivery of reports.
  • Expert’s guidance at every step.

At Commitbiz, we are dedicated to providing the benefits above to our clients. Since its inception, we have been dealing with multiple business persons ranging from entrepreneurs to well-established owners to establish and expand their business across the UAE. Our well-experienced business experts will take care of your business requirements and will help you to obtain SIRA approval at the earliest. To have a word, do contact us- we’d be glad to assist.

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