How To Get a Building Maintenance License in Dubai

by Vidhya Sethuraman 26, Dec 2022

Dubai is a land of tall buildings of all categories. Be it commercial parks, office buildings, hotels, and other structures share a common characteristic. Each of them needs maintenance, for which a building maintenance license in Dubai is mandatory. 

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Process of Obtaining a Building Maintenance License in Dubai?

In the UAE, the facilities management industry was valued at over USD 14 billion last year, and between now and 2030, it is anticipated to rise by 10%. Therefore, there is a massive opportunity for business owners with the desire and know-how to satisfy this demand. We have listed the process of getting a building maintenance license in Dubai.

  • Choosing Company Name

Select a trading name for your business. Name guidelines must be followed for trade name registration in Dubai. In general, you should refrain from using offensive or profane words or names of well-known organizations.

  • Documents

Prepare all the necessary documents and submit them to DED

  • Look For an Office Space

Choose an office space for your building maintenance company in Dubai. It could either be a virtual office or a physical office. 

  • Local Service Agent

Depending on the structure of your building maintenance company in Dubai, you may need to look for a local service agent. 

  • Get Your License

Once the formalities are done, pay the fees and you will receive your license.

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Starting a Building Maintenance Company in Dubai

Before starting your building maintenance company in Dubai, you should become familiar with the local business climate. Although the corporate environment in the UAE is friendly and entry restrictions are low, there are several aspects in which it is unique from other nations.

Defining your targeted company activities before beginning any venture in the UAE is important. For example, the maintenance business has various subsectors, including plumbing, heating, cleaning, and many others, so you must be particular about the activities you want to complete.

Your license will include a list of your chosen activities. Most importantly, you are prohibited from performing any actions besides these. You may, however, add several activities to your license.

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How Much Does It Cost to Establish a Building Maintenance Company In Dubai? 

To Start a building maintenance company in Dubai for around AED 14,000. This will include form, registration fees, license and other formalities. 

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How can a building maintenance business be established in Dubai?

It would be best if you looked into the following

  • Documentation
  • Looking for office space
  • Looking for a local service agent
  • Getting your license

Can I establish a building maintenance company in Dubai with 100% ownership?

Yes, you can possess 100% of the shares.

Is a building maintenance company profitable in Dubai?

Yes, Dubai is a land of huge buildings, many of which are left for maintenance. So, it is definitely a profitable business.

How much does opening a building maintenance company cost in Dubai?

It will cost around AED 14000.