How to Establish a Web Design Company in Dubai? (Updated)

by Zaara 10, Nov 2022

Companies can't continue neglecting websites' importance in this modern century. A well-designed website can give an old company a fresh lease on life and is an equally important investment for a new company as it helps them gain a broad scope.

We are a leading UAE website designing company providing custom web design and web development services to global customers in the Middle East, the United States, London, India, etc. Our web design experts use sophisticated web development tools to deliver various cost-effective and customer-friendly modern web design solutions.

Steps to Start a Website Design Company in Dubai

1. Building the Website Design Company Portfolio

You can start by reaching out to charitable organizations if you don't have examples of your work to showcase. At the same time, you can do pro-bono work and demonstrate your talents to the world. Perform market research to discover what kind of prices you should charge for the services you offer. To determine your rates upfront, you need to have a structure. Otherwise, you would end up operating at costs that are not sustainable. And your web design business would take even longer to get off the ground.

2. Understand the Method of Sales

You need to make sure that how to attract customers before you think about integrating your firm. Establish a simple process to locate consumers, build a partnership, inform them about your services, and meet their standards. Do you want a one-time benefit to be provided? Will you like to be on retainer so that you can satisfy their long-term needs?

Think about the ideal client for you. Who are the clients, what are they doing, and where will they likely get a web designer's advice? Why should they recruit you over a contractor willing to charge a fraction of what you are asking and focus on your elevator pitch?

3. Choose the Best Jurisdiction

Web designers often tell us that affordability is essential when launching their projects. Since most don't need an office and are happy to work wherever they can get an internet connection, the best option is always to set up in a free zone.

Many free zones offer freelance permits or have packages targeting web design professionals. Remember that you must trade under your name for some of these. You would also lack the guarantees of a limited liability corporation. If your primary concern is bringing costs down, opting for this option might be best for you.

The preferred choice is to set up a free-zone company. Not only are you offered the additional advantage of trading under the business name, but the right to recruit employees is also extended to you. We will provide you with data on how it can be the right choice for you to integrate into Meydan Free Zone, Fujairah Free Zone (Creative City), Umm Al Quwain Free Zone, or Dubai South Free Zone.

Need Help Designing Your Ambitious Project for Web Design & Development?

If you have an excellent idea but don't know how to implement it or want someone to build a fully personalized, user-friendly, and impressive website for you from scratch, we at Commitbiz can help! We have the skills, experience, technology, and capital to develop the best plan for the shortest time and a modest budget to get your web project off the ground.

We help create a fully operational plan and execute your project within the deadline by simply sharing your ideas and outlining your goals. In the virtual mode, your website is your corporate identity. Use it to make a lasting impression efficiently, and give your customers a reason to return.

In conclusion, with their dream of setting up a business, we have helped hundreds of web designers, and we can help you set up your web design company in Dubai. We give free consultations without obligation and will help you to sift through all the options open to you.

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Who issues a license for starting a web design company in Dubai?

The Department of Economic Development provides a license for starting a web designing company in Dubai.

If I want to start a web design company in Dubai freezone, where can I acquire a license?

If you want to start a web design business in the Dubai freezone, you must first obtain a license from the freezone authorities.

How much does a small and simple website design in Dubai cost?

The cost of a small and simple website will be around AED 15,000.

List out any four reasons that make web design a favourable business.

  • The demand for specialists is always high
  • Web design provides higher margins
  • You can tap other opportunities
  • Not all competitors are keeping up with the times

What are the most significant factors to consider when establishing a web design business?

  • Make a business plan.
  • Analyze your target audience.
  • Current ongoing expense of a web development company

Whether setting up a web design company profitable in Dubai?