How to Establish a Small Shop in Dubai?

by Zaara 21, May 2021

How to Establish a Small Shop in Dubai?

Dubai is now strongly known as the Middle East's international, industry, and business center, widely respected for its excellent service and rich cultural heritage. Convenient market opportunities and ingenious investment options have resulted in Dubai becoming one of the Gulf’s fastest rising economies. One of the fastest-growing sectors in Dubai is stores, or souks, called in the Middle East. Consequently, it is quite a lucrative opportunity to set up a shop in Dubai.

Retail shops, beauty salons, and restaurants are the most popular in Dubai. Let's look at how one can launch a store in these fields in Dubai.

1. Retail Shop

A significant flourishing sector is particularly the retail sector in Dubai. Opening a shop in Dubai could be very profitable for the Dubai shopping festival and other such events.

Here is the procedure for opening a retail shop in Dubai.

Support of a Local Partner

In Dubai and other UAE places, obtaining a local partner (sleeping partner) has no less than 51% share in the business. This procedure is a must unless you own a shop in the free zone or sign an investor-protected contract.

Obtaining Dubai Commercial License

After determining the type of store, a company must be licensed under the Company Registry to receive a Dubai trade license. Following this move, only a few documents have to be submitted to the Dubai Department of Economic Growth and the UAE Federal Ministry of Economy for the issuance of a commercial license:

  • An application listed in English and Arabic with the company's name
  • The initial leasing deal for the company's registered address
  • A license produced by the department of Building of the Municipality of Dubai to clear up the use of storage capacity as a retail store business address
  • Evidence of payment of the trade license issuance fee

Store on Rent

Hiring a rental shop often requires some forms of permits to receive from the Municipality of Dubai and other government departments.

2. Beauty Salon

Every men and women want to look appealing in front of others. Dubai, being branded a nation of young population, beauty salons’ potential always remains at the top.  Beauty disappears, until and unless there are no beauty salons.

 The procedure to follow while establishing the beauty salons are listed below.

Obtaining a Professional Licence

Whoever wants to establish a skill-based company in Dubai should acquire a professional license from Dubai’s Municipality.

Here is the necessary documentation to acquire a professional license:

  • A specified application form
  • Owner's or partner's visa copies
  • Copy of the naturalization document of a local collaborator
  • Letter with No objection from the Global Partners supporter
  • Foreign investors must submit a copy of the visit, tourist, or transit visa.
  • For the undertaking to be performed, the competent authorities must have formal clearance.

Industry Location

To run the beauty salon, find an inexpensive and elevated traffic area. Having a shop near schools or tech parks is better to attract more young people's footfalls in your salon.

3. Restaurant

Dubai is a favorite holiday destination for many, attracting millions of users each year. So, establishing a restaurant in Dubai with innovative strategies could be an industry-worthy decision.

Here are the main points for getting your Dubai restaurant established.

Obtaining a Food and Trade License in Dubai

A restaurant license in Dubai is a requirement for opening a restaurant. Food licenses should be acquired from the Department of Food & Safety. In contrast, business licenses can be received from the Department of Economic Growth (DED) and the Department of Marketing for Tourism and Commerce. Suppose you are interested in providing your clients with advertising for choices. In that case, there is a range of special licenses that you may apply for, including a delivery permit, liquor permit, etc.

To acquire a food and trade license in Dubai, the documents needed are:

  • First permission from the Ministry of Economic Development (DED)
  • The model of the premises
  • Planning Department permission is required if the store is situated outside a shopping center.

Best Location

When starting a company in Dubai, location becomes the essential criteria. The Dubai government has established many business areas, such as Media City, Education City, Internet City, and Tourism Areas. According to your targeted clients and operation in your restaurants, it is up to you to choose the right region.

Besides all this, according to your budget and target buyers, you must set your business strategy. Nevertheless, by making market policies mo and more available, the Dubai government is making investors' lives easier.

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Do small businesses in the UAE require a license?

 Companies require a license to operate lawfully, from small and medium-sized businesses to international corporations.

What type of license is required for an e-commerce license in Dubai?

E trader license

How much is a salon license in Dubai?

It costs around AED 10,000 to AED 12,000.

Is the salon business profitable in Dubai?


How much does a restaurant license cost in Dubai?

 The restaurant license cost in Dubai is between AED 24000 to 29000.

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