How to become Uber driver in Dubai?

How to Drive for Uber in Dubai?

by Zaara 30, Apr 2021

To become a driver for Uber in Dubai, job seekers need a clean driving record. In comparison, be hired by a limousine company or car service. 

And meet the required age requirement of 21 years. The required documentation is needed for a legal Dubai driving license in the United Arab Emirates and an Emirates ID or proof of residency. 

The Emirate is a perfect spot for any businessman to set up a business due to the robust tax system. But one needs a legal license to set up a business in Dubai. 

It provides three different forms of licenses for various companies:

  • Commercial license, provided to a company involved in trading activities.
  • Industrial license, provided to a company involved in manufacturing activities.
  • Professional license, provided to service providers, artisans, and craftsmen.


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How to Start an Uber Business in Dubai?

The following procedure should be followed:

  1. Get a Professional License

UBER needs a professional license in Dubai from each driver issued by RTA (Road and Transport Authority), Dubai, to qualify an individual to work with his or her vehicle under the UBER app. But according to RTA, no person is directly qualified to hold a professional license. 

  1. Get a Business Visa

It can be achieved only through a premium commercial vehicle service supplier. The single driver must have a business visa. 

  1. Get a Limousine License

The vehicle is also to be registered with the name of the luxury motor vehicle company. Under a limousine license, the licensed driver can drive a car using UBER’s platform.

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How Does Uber Work in Dubai?

To use Uber, quickly download the app, check for your fare, and pick the kind of Uber rides you'd like in Dubai. Payment will be made via the app and directly transferred. 

In Dubai, there are three different types of Uber – Consumer select is a premium service providing high-end cars at a higher rate; Uber black, which is the first Uber service; Uber XL, which is for big groups or merely the need a large vehicle. That implies Uber Dubai is offering a range from standard to premium traveling.

Uber is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. By utilizing the app, riders can apply for an Uber at any time of the day or evening. 

The app will show the rider an image of their driver and the vehicle details, ensuring both parties' safety. Also, there's the ability to track the driver in real-time to see when they arrive.

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How to Pick an Uber Driver?

The Uber Phone app sends your transport request to local drivers. Then one of those drivers accepts the job and picks you up from your destination. 

Because of this system, Uber can't match specific drivers to you. There's the opportunity to rate your driver by providing anonymous feedback after your ride. 

Uber can then use this information to ensure its service remains at the required standard. It is worthwhile being an Uber Driver in Dubai.

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The Limousine Business in Dubai

Due to the final regulation that Uber drivers have to work for a limousine business and obtain a limousine license in Dubai, drivers have to share their fees with their employer and Uber, which means that they may not do as much as they could if this is not in place. It also means that Uber drivers are typically hired to operate as an Indian ex-pat and turn to Uber at slower times. It means Uber isn't the only income they can make, making it more profitable for the drivers in general.

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How is Being an Uber driver?

There are a lot of jobs for the Emirates in Dubai. Uber is probably the best option for flexibility and autonomy. 

Visit the Uber website to get Uber Jobs in Dubai. Sign-up is as easy as completing online registration. 

In some cases, it takes time to become an Uber Driver in Dubai. On the other side, you'll be paid less than the minimum salary for some hours. 

Uber has grown substantially in the United Arab Emirates. Though the information that is publicly accessible online indicates that Uber is expected to charge 30 percent more than regular taxis, other data also accessible online indicates that Uber's actual tariffs are compatible with other parts of the world and cheaper than 'usual' taxis, which is something that Uber focuses its business model on and is proud.

Compared to traditional taxi services, Uber drivers don't have to pay Uber a rental price for work, nor are they required to work fixed hours. 

Drivers have their schedules for Uber, and then they can work as much or as little as they want.

The Uber company has a fast and easy way to get started with their best service. Sign in to their website, and you can go! Uber in Dubai is a perfect way to be your boss and make money in a very challenging market like the UAE.

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If you have any suspicion, you can contact us. We will be delighted to help you.

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Whose approval is required to obtain a limousine license in the city of Dubai?

You require approval from the Road and Transport Authority, Dubai.

Which department approves the license for a limousine business in Dubai?

The license is approved by the Dubai Department of Economic Development.

How many vehicles are required to start an Uber business in Dubai?

At least 20 vehicles are required to initiate an uber company.

Which type of license does an Uber driver in the Dubai Emirate require to operate?

An Uber driver requires a professional trade license to proceed further.

Which type of Visa does a single driver require for an Uber company in Dubai?

A single driver requires a business VISA to carry out the business activity.