How to Create an Office that Reflects Your Brand

by Zaara 15, Mar 2018

Branding is not limited to advertising mediums such as the internet, through social media and video posting platforms. Creating a workspace that reflects your brand plays a vital role in marketing it successfully. Here’s how.

Let your office speak out for you

Your office design speaks volumes about what your company is about and what it is trying to achieve. The color schemes and palettes, choice of furniture, and other furnishings inside your office should not only be aesthetically good, but they should also be a blow up the physical representation of your company’s identity.
If your brand is eco-centered, then touches of green and incorporation of wood in the design are great ways to create an earthy environment in the office. Low-maintenance indoor plants and lots of sunlight can be perfectly added to the feel you want to achieve. On the other hand, if your brand is offering services to corporate offices, you would need to create a more elegant ambiance by using darker and plainer tones. Furnishing may also need to be sleek to achieve a sophisticated look all over. Conference rooms or private meeting rooms provide potential customers a feeling of security and trustworthiness from your company. You can add in a few flowers in elegant vases so as to retain the sophisticated feel with a soft touch to keep the environment from turning still.

Stand by your brand core values

What core values does your brand have? It cannot be helped that people have a tendency to make initial impressions and base their verdict on them. With this, it is important to always remember that your office tells the story of where your company values lie and should not portray otherwise. If your brand wants to highlight the importance of employee collaboration, having low cubicles that allow employees to maintain their privacy, and an open space with a large table set up for collaborative meetings, help customers see how your employees are working together and effectively. If your brand pushes the advocacy of healthy living and proactive lifestyle, you could create a small space intended for indoor recreational activities which customers and clients can use if they wish to. Additionally, employees become more productive when you create a space for them that supports the work they need to accomplish.

Get the help you need from the right people

Industry-specific experts are hired for a reason. They are best at what they are schooled and trained to do. Architects and interior designers are the people you run to when you need to get a space designed. They bring out the best possible designs you want and maximize every inch of your space. You will need their expertise to create a functional workspace. However, to take branding to a higher level and incorporate it into your office, you will need the skills of brand experts. While the architects and interior designers work on the functionality of a space, decide how to properly execute aesthetic elements, and what furnishings to use, brand experts can help by giving them ideas about the values and statements that reflect the image of your brand. Provide for them the time and space they will need to sort through and put in all the elements needed for your office.

Invest in your furniture

Good seating is a must in an office. Invest in good furniture where your customer may be seated comfortably. Also, when your customers see that your employees are given ergonomic office furniture to do their work in, it would imply that you care about the comfort of your employees, and this translates for them to trust you in the business.

In conclusion, when setting up an office, you can use it to market your brand and products to potential customers. Make sure that you are able to put in all the needed elements in your office because re-designing and re-decorating can take a lot of time, money, and effort. You would not do that again and again.