Add or change your business activity in Dubai

How to Add/Change the Business Activity in Dubai - A Complete Guide

by Vishakha Agarwal 14, Dec 2023

Dubai is an international centre for businesses and offers a diverse and growing environment for entrepreneurs and investors from all around the world. As the economy, policies, and landscapes grow and develop in the market, the need to add/change Dubai business activities to stay competitive increases. 

Change is the only constant in the world, so accepting and implementing the change is essential for any business type. There is a procedure to add/change the business activity in Dubai, so let’s understand each step and function hassle-free for the business.

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Steps to Add/Change Business Activity in Dubai

There are specific steps to follow and documents to update to add/change a business activity in Dubai. They are submitted to The Department of Economic Development (DED) to obtain their approval and continue to work in the company.

  1. Research and Planning:

The first step must be thorough research and planning before making changes or additions to the business activity. It is essential to understand the market, the demand, the competition, the taste and preferences. The entrepreneur must consider the business objectives and goals and add/change Dubai business activities accordingly. 

  1. Legalities of the Business:

Dubai has a regulatory framework with various rules and regulations that ensure business transparency and fairness. It is essential to comply with legal requirements to add/change activities for a business setup in Dubai.

  1. Obtain Approvals from Relevant Authorities:

Some approvals are required from specific authorities depending on the nature of the business and the additions/changes needed. The company must ensure compliance, update documents, acquire licenses, etc.

  1. Update Necessary Licenses:

The DED issues a business license, specifying its approval for business activities. To reflect any changes, you must update the license accordingly. Submit necessary documents, prepare application forms, existing license, and additional documents required for the modified business activity in Dubai.

Read all about adding activity to trade licenses in Dubai.

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Documents Required to Add/Change the Business Activity in Dubai

To follow these steps and obtain approval for changing or adding an activity, there are some documents required, which are as follows –

  1. Registration and the licensing application.
  2. Proof of the reserved trade name.
  3. Original License.
  4. Original Certificate of Registration.
  5. Support from the DED (for foreign company branches registered with the Ministry).
  6. Board Resolution of Parent companies to change the activity (for departments of foreign companies not registered with the Ministry of Economy).
  7. Office lease agreement copy.

After submitting the documents, the management of the company should ensure the following steps–

  • You must amend the Memorandum of Association (MoA) mentioning the changes in the business's activities. 
  • You must obtain initial approval from The Department of Economic Development (DED) or Tas’heel Centre. 
  • The entrepreneur must prepare the BR1 form, get the signature of the Managing Director and submit it to the DED.
  • All the partners' names must be mentioned in the required document; their signatures are not required.
  • The officer of DED will issue a non-objection certificate for adding an activity.
  • Write an additional document to the LLC agreement from a legal translator and get it attested by a notary public at DED.
  • A legal translator is needed only if the agreement is in Arabic.
  • All company partners must attend the notary to sign the court agreement. If any existing partner is outside the country, he/she can send Power of Attorney (POA) authorising another Partner to represent him/her at the Court.
  • Submit the needed documents and the attested additional documents at any branch of DED.
  • Get the new business license with new activity after the payment at DED.

Once you complete these steps, you can resume your company operations.

Any company considering adding/changing activities in Dubai requires planning, accurate documentation, and compliance set by the DED. Getting in touch with a consultancy firm like Commitbiz is highly beneficial. They help you understand regulations, utilise resources, and effectively position your business in the market. Our firm provides top-quality services and professional guidance to add/change a business activity in Dubai. Contact us today!

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Is it possible to run many businesses in Dubai?

Business owners, including foreign investors, can operate many firms under one license as long as the activities are related.

What is the main factor needed for adding or changing the business activity?

The main factor for adding/changing activities is that they should connect with the existing activity group.

When it comes to adding or deleting activity, who should a client contact?

If the client wants to remove or add an activity, they should contact the Department of Economic Development.

Whom should a client submit a request for adding partners to their business?

The client should submit a request for adding partners in their business to Dubai Trade Portal.

What is a NOC in Dubai?

A NOC is a legal document issued by any agency, corporation, organisation, or institution.