How the UAE Retail Business Owner Boosted its Sales Despite Coronavirus?

by Zaara 01, Feb 2021

The Covid-19 has engulfed Emiratis in its clutches; the number of citizens tested positive has increased rapidly in the UAE. The deadly virus has left no stone unturned; it has hampered the growth somewhat negatively depleted the evolution of all sectors of the economy. Despite Covid situation, Coralie Francois flourished in her retail business. Wondering how? Let's spill the beans!

Business sectors that play a vital role in the supply of money in an economy were struck hard. As to overcome the negative impact of the Coronavirus the Dubai Department of Economic Development announced measures and instruction to be followed by private and government sectors-

  • Maintain social distancing in the workplace; around 80% of private-sector employees have to work remotely.
  • Persuade companies to utilize the latent potential of digital media and marketing.
  • The United Arab Emirates government is aimed to achieve digital transformation by encouraging sectors to contribute to the usage of this tactic.

How Maison Clad Tackled Dropped Sales?

Entrepreneurs who have incorporated a company in UAE faced difficulty in coping up with the change in mode opted by customers for shopping. To tackle the dropped sale rate, it was a prerequisite for entrepreneurs to do market research and understand the needs of their targeted potential customer segments.

We would discuss how Maison Clad Dubai-based boutique owned and run by Coralie Francois boosted their sales despite the spread of coronavirus.

Maison Clad was cajoled instead left with no other option than utilizing the revenue channels via digital retail to tangible shops. All branches of Maison Clad were shut down during the pandemic; it resulted in the loss of customers and brand awareness possibilities.

What Differentiated Maison Clad?

Coralie Francois decided to launch an e-commerce platform, i.e. brands' website with well-structured web- pages for different product variants. An SEO-optimised website made it easier for the visitor to navigate through the website with ease.

The owner being an entrepreneur had taken the risk of relying on a website for its sale despite the business model being the in-store service. She also faced the challenge of providing customised service to each client, the way it was done in the store.

The store services included staff and sales ladies advising and resolving queries of customers on-

·      How to style clothes?

·      What to match them with?

E-commerce: A Supporting Pillar

Maison Clad, a women's apparel concept store with three branches in the UAE, had surprisingly grown to an unexpected growth rate because of the digital retail platform.

E-commerce made it possible for Maison Clad to reach a wider audience and thus, cover a massive global market. They started receiving orders from across the UAE and other countries. Their policy of delivering orders to clients worldwide within two days, enriched customer experience. They were shipping the order to Lebanon, KSA, Kuwait etc. Indeed, it was a massive victory for them.

Customer Base Expansion

When analyzed, it comes to the notice of Coralie Francois that traffic on their website was primarily from existing customers, as all citizens across UAE were restricted to step out due to lockdown and were unable to move freely in the UAE region.

The customized services of Maison Clad despite intangible platform, enriched customer experience, and buyer's journey. The same persuaded the clients to contribute to brand awareness by bringing new customers via a referral channel.

It is crucial for every entrepreneur, who wants to establish a business in UAE to understand and target their customer segment.

Marketing Strategy of Maison Clad

  •  Francois thought of a unique idea of delivering additional items based on clients' preference and taste along with the product the customer ordered.
  •  She also kept her potential customers engaged by keeping them updated about the newest in-store items. She usually WhatsApp photos to customers.
  •  Francois focused on the personalized facility to clients; she thought of sending them a suggestion on how to style the outfits ordered by them.
  • She had smartly expanded the product variety by analyzing the needs and demand from the buyer's side. She added to more variants- Maison Clad Lingerie and Home Wear.

The Benefit of Market and Customer Analysis

Maison Clad was smart enough to utilize hidden opportunities created by coronavirus impacts. Change in the way companies switched to work from home because of the pandemic resulted in a lot of her clients who used to buy office-wear demanding for comfortable clothes.

She included lingerie items as often her clients used to ask for a suggestion for what would work best with the outfits. As a result, Maison Clad enjoyed an upper edge because of these marketing tactics in comparison to retail platforms out in the UAE market.


The efforts and marketing strategy were the reason behind the survival of the Maison Clad during the lockdown. Fortunately, retail stores are permitted to open stores while following specific guidelines and rules stated by the UAE's government. Buyers have both options of visiting the physical shop and ordering from the website of Maison Clad.

We can learn from the story of Maison Clad that every entrepreneur who has established a company in the UAE, has to adapt to the changing environment.

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